jewel toned fall outfit

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Happy hump, happy first day of classes at Penn, happy HAPPY. Man oh man, things have been a few degrees past nutso at Coming Up Roses headquarters lately (which rotates between my dorm room, my parent’s kitchen, my apartment with the fiancé, and Starbucks). I just really want to take a step back with all of you and *breathe*.

  • Today marks my last first day of classes ever. Like what. I spent my morning forcing myself to focus on solely classes (since a senior year’s resolution of mine is no technology in class! Friggin’ difficult, let me tell you.), and I’m overwhelmed in the best sense by my professors. One in particular is the epitome of a real life business rockstar, and I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be flocking to office hours just for general life advice by the end.
  • I’ve been juggling my new kids, living the RA life with 26 fabulously overeager and wide-eyed Penn freshmen; the perspective they bring into my life now is unlike any other.
  • I’m planning a wedding.
  • I’ve got introductory client projects coming up for my own consulting business.
  • I’ve got introductory client projects coming up for my own personal styling business.
  • …both of which I never even dreamed would be a reality…
  • My acapella family just filmed a music video, we’ve got an album dropping in a matter of months, and we’re recruiting new members in a week.
  • Aaaaaaand there’s Bachelor in Paradise every Sunday and Monday evenings (important things, people).

Excuse me as I go drown myself in coffee.

Do you know the feeling?…that weird middle-ground between being completely excited by possibilities and completely overwhelmed with anxieties? Butterflies of both kinds, a constant back and forth of emotions and thoughts, and the constant tug of dreams when you’re halfway there to acknowledging that maybe – just maybe! – you can make. it. happen.

It’s the hump and we’re all busy and crazy right now from the looks of it, so imma keep the inspiration short and sweet today. I think I just want to tell you that you’re not alone.

Whatever crazies you’re trying to conquer, whatever bad thoughts you’re battling, whatever stress you’re feeling or excitement you’re embracing or overwhelm that you’re trying to nix…you’re not alone.

NOW, for the fun, way less serious, and still caffeinated part of this post, JEWEL TONES.

This is where my inner stylist comes out, because can I just say that I don’t think there is a soul on this planet that I’ve seen look bad in jewel tones??? Seriously people, you cannot go wrong with a great cobalt blue, deep fuchsia, kelly green, ruby red…they’re just punchy and pop on any skin tone, hair color, and body type. Da best. Some blogging besties and I decided to all talk about jewel tones today as a nice segue into fall fashion – although I swear these colors work any time, any season.

jewel tone fall outfit jewel tone fall outfit jewel tone fall outfit jewel tone fall outfit jewel tone fall outfit DSC03402 jewel tone fall outfit


jewel tone fall outfit

Shorts: Target // Top: Marshall’s // Bag: c/o Jordana Paige // Flats: Target

I’ve been living in these tie-dye blue shorts for the past week. Literally though. I took them off last night and promised myself I’d throw them in the wash, and yet here I am again in the same dang shorts. Can’t stop won’t stop. They’re essentially socially acceptable pajamas with how soft they are, and they just pack a punch of color that I love.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate jewel tones into your everyday wear?

Whatever happens in these rosy headquarters in the coming days, I can promise a few ridiculously fun projects in the works on these parts, and I can’t wait to share them with you and get your feedback!

Until then, I’d love to see you win $100 to Starbucks, or this hella gorgeous jewel toned necklace from Baublebar that I’m giving away with some of my best blogging gal pals.

Join the party?

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Pause to respond, not react

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This dose of Monday Mantra motivation has been brought to you by an inspirational chat with my momma, who is essentially my sage of wisdom besides being my blossoming photog, best friend, dressing room laughing buddy, and source for unparalleled homecooked meals. Coupled with the fact that I’ve seen so much on Pinterest lately about reactions, the following was inevitable.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” – Wayne Dyer

And then there’s:

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

Great quotes, right?

I think so, too. Except for one tiny detail: we don’t always have to react

We can:

Monday Mantra motivation from Coming Up Roses: "Pause to respond, not react."

We’re such chickens when it comes to silence sometimes.

Instead, we speak quickly to cover it up and mask the quiet, because it’s uncomfortable and awkward. But that silent pause can be a blessing in disguise. Once words are spoken, there’s no getting them back – they’re out there. We need to be OK with silence and take the time to get words right…but that’s oh so tough when we’re constantly surrounded by and bombarded with all of the unstoppable noise of the now.

We need to pause to respond, not react.

I’m super bad at this still, because I run like the Energizer Bunny and gogogo too much of the time; I need to chill the heck out and take a breather to really think about next steps.

Pause to respond, not react.

The pause may vary in length, because sometimes we don’t have the luxury of extra time. Here, the key is control – self control. Because when you hang onto control of your thoughts and emotions, you have a better chance of responding instead of knee-jerking your way to a reaction. And let’s face it: often, those snap reactions are not always the wisest. They’re the ones that leave us feeling crappy about how we handled a given situation, and wishing we could take something back.

It’s almost like we make the decision or choice or comment even before our brains have had a chance to engage – let alone drink some coffee amiright? – and that’s not a setup for standout response.

Society pushes for speed. Whether it’s how much you squeeze in a day or your Wifi connection, just get it done fast. Sometimes, it’s speed > quality. Pausing to respond and not react might even be a bit counterintuitive to society’s current clock.

It feels unnatural and forced and risk averse and slow.

But oh, how it is important. This one habit is worth the time and worth the effort and worth the Mantra.

If you do find yourself #blessed with extra time before needing to respond, I’m always a fan of the good ol’ fashioned Pro vs. Con list. Whether you’re using pen and paper (my personal favorite), your computer, tablet, iPhone notes app, or some techy holographic list that’s yet to exist (four for you Glen Coco), the trick is to just quickly and freely write whatever comes to mind, even if that means sorting out the list later. After you’ve poured out all of your thoughts, you can ponder and reflect on what you wrote and come to a well-considered decision and response. No reaction necessary.

Really, reactions are never really necessary. Don’t feel like you have to respond or answer questions quickly unless the circumstances truly dictate that kind of urgency! In this society nowadays, we’re addicted to instant gratification. We need to feel like our messages and interactions, especially digitally, are being instantly received and instantly handled.

Don’t let others pressure you or make you feel guilty when you want and need (and deserve!) time to think for a hot sec. Just because someone asks doesn’t mean you have to answer immediately; saying, “I need time to think about this” is a perfectly valid (and encouraged!) response. This approach cultivates more respect all the way around – and we know what Aretha says about respect.

Reactions can be useful – even life saving! – when they happen at the right time. A reaction at the wrong time or place, though, could do the total opposite.

So my general rule of thumb nowadays:



(Not react).

What helps you remember to respond before reacting to potentially sticky situations?

I hope your week is full of well thought-out responses that bring you peace and help clear and focus your mind. I also hope your week is full of #winning.

Caffeinated Body Products from Posh

$50 for fall clothes shopping at Mikarose

$100 to Starbucks

operation beautiful

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**Happy Sunday, chicas and chicos! How are you feeling? I’m feeling pretty darn pooped; the fiance is doing a 21-day fitness shred, and today I decided to join him for a double workout; I can’t feel my butt right now. Stay tuned for details on that one. And until then…1.) Pause for a sec and think about how far you’ve come 2.) Get on the list to receive some killer inspiration later on 3.) Enjoy another Operation Beautiful celebrating y-o-u and three fabulous babes. Are you ready?! I’m ready. Let’s do this!


For 2015 and for always, you need to change.

But I’m not talking about changing your weight or your love of chocolate – I’m talking about your love of yourself. So often, we fill ourselves with self-deprecating thoughts. I’m not pretty. I’m not that smart. I’m just not that great. And I’m definitely not beautiful.

You’re wrong.

First things first: you are beautiful. And this is an operation to prove it. Introducing: Operation Beautiful. Where we celebrate the beauty in each and every one of us. Now let’s hop to it – these girlies are fan-freakin-tastic.


Operation Beautiful on Coming Up Roses

I feel most beautiful when…I’m authentic. When I’m totally and completely unapologetically myself, I feel irreplaceably unique and truly believe that differences should be celebrated. Don’t worry about finding yourself or creating yourself; just be yourself. Nothing makes me feel more beautifully empowered.

My favorite physical features are my…Arms. As a female, I used to think that being slim was more feminine and more beautiful, but now I know that being healthy trumps all. I used to be self-conscious about the broad shoulders and muscle-y (I wouldn’t go as far as to call them muscular) arms I got through competitive swimming, but friends would always compliment me on how “toned” my arms were, and now I’ve come to love ’em, not because of other people’s approval (though they did help me get there to realize it), but because of how strong I feel.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…That I’m chill. I described myself as a “chill” kind of person to a friend once, but it turned out we had very different ideas about what “chill” meant, so to clarify, I mean something along the lines of my go-with-the-flow attitude. As a type-A personality, my ability to relax is something I’m quite proud of. Don’t make something bigger than it is. Put things in perspective. Breathe in; breathe out; everything will work out fine.

I’m happiest when…I stop worrying. I psych myself out too often and I care about what other people think more than I’d like to admit, but you’ll never be happy if you’re constantly looking to other people for validation, because for every yes you get, there’ll be someone somewhere giving a no. When I let go and stop worrying, I find freedom in blissful happiness.


Operation Beautiful on Coming Up Roses

I feel most beautiful when…I‘m wearing a cute outfit and my hair is behaving!

My favorite physical features is my…Hair. I love the natural blonde color of it.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My creativity. I’m always coming up with new ideas for things!

I’m happiest when…My husband is home. He spends many months at a time deployed through the Coast Guard that it’s a treat when he’s home.


Operation Beautiful on Coming Up Roses

I feel most beautiful when…I‘m helping others… I know it may sound cliche, but it is true! I’m working all the time these days, so it seems like the chances to reach out to others are not as plentiful as I would like. But when I get the chance, and realize that I’ve really made a difference in someone’s life, that’s when I feel the most beautiful. Whether I’m helping my husband, family, or even a stranger on the other side of the world, I love to know I made a difference. :)

My favorite physical feature is my…My eyes! My husband said that the first thing he noticed about me were my eyes. :)

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My creativity. I love to write screenplays and novels, bringing characters and mysterious plots to life. It’s like entering another world briefly. :)

I’m happiest when…It’s Christmas! :) The winter and fall holidays are my favorite time of year. I love Christmas time with my family and friends. There’s just something special in the air. :)

Join the movement.

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This series is all about you. So, it only happens when you join in the fun! Take a lesson from these ladies – writing your own answers to Operation Beautiful will make you think about yourself in a new, happier and beautiful light. If you want to be featured on Coming Up Roses as part of Operation Beautiful, just fill out this quick form, and you’ll find yourself on the blog in an upcoming Operation. And if you love the mission as much as I do, I’d love if you would send the form to two of your best girlfriends who you think are beautiful inside and out. Spread the love – the more the merrier! Happy Sunday.