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Come to think of it, I’ve never had a Christmas photo tradition. No “ugly Christmas sweaters”, no matching velvet and lace – nada. Sure, we’ve taken family pictures together at Christmas, but no “annual family Christmas photo” pains and struggles with the dog cat to look at the camera right. Is this bad? I think not. Instead, my brother and I (he’s really my real brother I swear) have our own fair share of memories via dolled up pictures. So we did what any college sibling duo would do upon being reunited – we recreated one. Might I note that even though I might now be shorter, I am – and will always be – the older and wiser gem of the lot.

boohoo christmas1

Circa 2001 to 2014.

funny family photo

Just a pair of cool (grumpy) cats.

funny family photo

I will always be older. Always.

christmas family photo

The real world of “fashion blogging.”


Now apparently, fashion bloggers think that no one has any clue what to wear for Christmas. (I thought “Christmas jammies” was the obvious choice). So I’m jumping on the fashion blogger bandwagon and giving you two looks for the big day. Maybe it’s a Christmas Eve – Christmas Day combo, maybe it’s day-to-night…you decide.

Look #1: A fun metallic party dress (which is currently on sale for 9 pounds – $12.50 – might I add?).

To glam up an already glam piece of statement clothing (can we talk about that back?), emphasize it with your accessorizing and hairstylin’ and make up. Since I wanted to showcase this back number, I went for a sock bun and simple statement studs from Forever 21. Swiped on some bright berry lippie, because I always love a bold lip.


boohoo party dress

Dress: c/o Boohoo // Earrings: Forever 21 (similar) // Lips: Ecco Bella in Passion via Orange Harp

boohoo party dress boohoo party dress boohoo party dress boohoo party dress


Look #2: A Christmas sweater that screams fun. (This one’s on sale for 12.50 pounds, or $19.53!)


boohoo christmas sweater

Reindeer sweater: c/o Boohoo // Earrings: Similar here

christmas sweater

christmas sweater christmas sweater

Christmas sweaters are just comfy and cozy and perfect, aren’t they? And even though you can’t see it here, I threw on burgundy jeans to match Rudolph’s nose and wore black moccasins from Target for some stylish, moveable comfort.


The point is, you need a metallic dress and you need a norm-defying Christmas sweater. “Norm” being “ugly.” Because who on this green earth could call this reindeer ugly???

So what about you? What’s your go-to look for the Christmas season? And the biggest question yet…do you have Christmas photo traditions???

Please please (seriously please) link to any/all below so that I can walk down your memory lane and enjoy these probably awesome tokens of Christmas history.

A few shout-outs are due…

First, to Taylor for getting engaged. Yeah. That happened. I screamed, and you should, too…so head on over here to start getting to know the happy fiancées.

Second, to BooHoo. Every single thing I have ever ordered and/or received from them is such a hit. #blessed. Check out their whole holiday collection here!

Third, to my mom, for being the closest thing to a twin I’ll ever have and for being the best photog in the planet. You know what that calls for? BLOOPERS.

blog bloopers

Note: Watch your hands.

fashion blog bloopers

Not quite sure what’s happening here.

fashion blog bloopers

Stop making me laugh, mom. (And for everyone who’s ever asked me, get an ear cuff like mine here). #yourewelcome

fashion blogger bloopers

Mom told me to pout. Am I doing it right?

fashion blogger bloopers

Swole, amiright? LOL NO ERICA.


Bloopers since the very beginning, folks. If you’re up for more personal Christmas shopping, treat yo-self to a dress and sweater and make that shipping rushed – it’s not even Christmas Eve yet so you’re good.

Santa and the Baby Jesus are both almost here. Are you ready?

christmas decoration

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**You might’ve seen this little blog number on Shane’s blog recently. But hey – it’s Friday, and I wanted to double dip to share it with all of you, too! Cheers to the weekend.


In my year (already? Where has time gone??) In Blog Land, I’ve noticed a few things about us. We’re like these strange and exotic (albeit fabulous) creatures that populate the blogiverse with fashionably en pointe and seasonally relevant trends, spiced (and spiked, amiright?) drinks, and Instagram-worthy snapshots of our laptops and mugs with inspirational quotes. But the greatest thing? I’ve never been more ready for the holidays. The total enslaught of festive pictures, posts and wishlists gets me in the spirit and basically ready for Santa before October has even ended. A few things make it a wee bit obvious on the web when Christmas is just around the corner. (And for the record, I’m guilty of 85% of ‘em. Just 85% I swear.)

  1. Swirly latte pics. Honestly, I still don’t know if it’s the luck of the barista or if people sit there swirling their spoons and forming foamy little leaves and hearts in their cappuccinos. Since I’m always on the go, my in-coffee-house drinks are nonexistent. Instead, to-go cups reign (especially the red kind).
starbucks red cup

Guess what’s inside? (Answer: bliss).


  1. Buffalo plaid and Hunter boots. With a fur vest over it all and a touch of statement necklace sparkle. And you obviously shot the #ootd pic from up above.
  2. Lots of lights. Everywhere, on everything. Taking a picture of your new Christmas decoration? Obviously you take it with your dorm room décor strategically placed in the background. Or else you’re not a blogger.
christmas decoration

Yup. What she said.


  1. Christmas trees. And they’re covered in lights. #lightslightslights My own Christmas tree is miniature and purple and shiny and oh so fabulous. It’s holding up its three ornaments quite nicely, too.
charlie brown tree

It’s like my very own bit of Charlie Brown.


  1. Pumpkin patches. Did you even do fall if you don’t have a documented pumpkin pic somewhere? I have a Pumpkin in the family, so she counts I think.
tortoiseshell cat

My Pumpkin baby.


  1. A PSL. If you didn’t recognize this acronym immediately (and see it coming), you might’ve been under a blogging rock.
  2. A SPM. That’s Skinny Peppermint Mocha. AKA, the Starbucks winter drink of choice once PSL is off the barista table.
  3. The aerial “these are my fuzzy socks and my coffee and my laptop” shot. Ten points for not managing to spill your coffee in the process (a talent I still lack…any pointers?). Twenty points for using wine instead.
    comfy ootd

    Comfy, cozy, and wine. #checkcheckandcheck


  4. A gift guide. For herself, for her best friend, for her boyfriend and her mom and her economically savvy gal pal and her dog. And her dog’s best doggy friend. So many gift guides, so little time (until Christmas). Like this one, this one, and this one.

What’s the telltale sign that the holidays are here for you? Bloggers, give a hollah if you agree with my telltale signs of the holidays on the web!

In other news, I just finished my LAST final this semester (!!!!). I did a 2 hour test in 20 minutes, so this takes “for better or for worse” to a whole new level.But now, I’m FREE, sipping a Chestnut Praline Latte and thinking about how much I love this little family here at Coming Up Roses. Hoping your holiday celebrations are already well under way…the countdown begins!

P.S. Still a few spots left for the first round of NYNB VIPS…if you’re among the first 15, you’ll be getting $3 back via PayPal from us as a big fat THANK YOU and to pay for your next seasonally appropriate beverage of choice. #thankyouandyourewelcome

Confused about NYNB (that’s New Year, New Blog)? Check out this post and stay tuned for more details on social media and beyond…


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**Hey hey hey! Happy Hump day! Way back in this post I promised you that some big things were in store for this little blog and company. Now presenting, Big Thing #1 (of many). I’m teaming up with one of my best friends (who also just happens to be a blogger), Taylor, to bring you a whole year of guaranteed happiness. WHAT. Guaranteed happiness? Yup. Because first things first: come January 1st, ain’t nobody got time for those “no more chocolate” resolutions. That’s just the devil. Instead, let us introduce: New Year, New Blog. (Fondly dubbed #NYNB).

new year new blog linkup

This year’s about to get blog #turnt.


You’ve made your list and you’ve checked it twice – oh wait, we’re not talking about the big man in red. We’re talking about that dreaded R-word: Resolution. Every January, we all make these ridiculous vows to nix the junk food and hit the gym every morning at 5 am while donating more to charity and learning a new language.

Isn’t it about time you make a resolution that will actually stick? Welcome to New Year, New Blog! New Year, New Blog (#NYNB) is a bi-monthly, year-long, fantastic series devoted to helping bloggers like you find their voice, master social media, rock analytics, improve content and organization, and more. Each month will have a separate theme, with two blog posts chock-full of tips, tricks, interviews with bloggers, and how-to’s. All you have to remember? The first and the third.

On the first and third Friday of the month, NYNB will be happening on Coming Up Roses and A Cup of Tay – and on your blog, too. For the whole year, we’re encouraging all of you fabulous lady bloggers (and male bloggers…mabloggers?) to link up your posts with us as you take our tips, add your own, and watch your blog grow.

NYNB is more than just a blog series, though. We want NYNB to kickstart your 2015 blogging year right. You’ll be networking with new bloggers, learning new tricks of the trade, hearing from seasoned pros, and receiving constructive feedback on your progress. Each month will have a challenge and a blog prompt to make it easy for you to jump right in and join us. AND, if you’re REALLY gung ho on taking your blog to the next level this year, we’ve got an NYNB VIP package with your name on it.

The quick version: For just $18, you’ll get quarterly updates – that’s every 3 months – aggregating all of your learnings into a cute little e-book and adding in some exclusive content worthy of VIPs (we’re talkin’ interviews, more how-to’s, a Facebook group, a package of blogger discount codes for ads, design and consulting services, a kickbutt Pinterest group board and some SURPRISES!).

Here’s the low-down.



So…are you in? We’re too high on cake and wine to swap for carrots and water now, so this year is one for the web. New Year, New Blog…forget that “new you” stuff. We like you just the way you are. So join us, and make 2015 the best blog year yet.

What are you hoping to do to your blog during the new year?

Look out January 2nd for the kickoff post on both Coming Up Roses and A Cup of Tay. Until then, relax, do your holiday baking, and make a resolution worth looking forward to.

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