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Yesterday was my second to last first day of school. What? Yeah, me too. I cannot believe that I’m already in my third year of college. I used to think that “time flies” was the biggest load of cliche BS in all the land, but now I’m proven wrong once more as I watch my life zooming past on this metaphorical little television in my head. Since I’ve been in back-to-college mode for awhile now IRL, the blog followed suit. There’s been advice to my freshman year self, with unexpected tidbits of wisdom and analogies to Superman. There’ve been lessons on how to do your makeup in 3 minutes or less, because applying mascara at the speed of light is always useful. There’s been a series within a series, with Part 1 of LinkedIn 101 helping you all transform your virtual professional presence.

Now, it’s time for the usual favorites to close out the month, and they’re all – you guessed it! – related to the world of university in some way or another. Because healthy chocolate recipes and truths about love and deciphering your procrastination style all count. And for all you aspiring professionals out there, creative resume examples may help you land the job, but “100 Ways to Make Today Epic” will have you re-charged and motivated when the job (or class!) gets to be a bit much. Plus, there’s everything you need to DIY college, GIF hair tutorials, how your name affects your success, and the best song to get ready to when you’re prepping for a hotter than hot (I’m talkin’ Adam Levine worthy) date.


links i love august


1. Chocolate recipes that are actually good for you. And they only mention kale once. (


In the words of Robin Thicke, you know you want it.


2. If you’re like me, you try hair tutorials through pictures online and your ‘do almost never looks like the final photo at the end. GIF hair tutorials may be the answer to that. Or to just mastering a salon-style blow-out. (


Beachy waves just got a whole lot easier to comprehend. Twist as you dry sounds about right.


3. Sometimes, creating interactive videos or passport-style portfolios while applying to jobs is exactly the thing you need to land the dream gig. The top 10 most creative resumes of all time, according to Levo League, might help get you started. (


For the record, major props to the chica who sent in a Birchbox application IN A BOX. You go, Glen Coco. You go.


4. Am I the only one who thinks this song is beyond h-o-t? Get ready for a date with this in the background and you’ve got yourself a great night.

5. I think the best advice can come from people who’ve been there done that. Even as we want to “learn for ourselves,” knowing these love truths could save a lot for everyone. (


You know what they say if your heart is bigger than your head?


6. For all you Pinaholics out there (I feel you, follow me here) and DIY junkies who are also in college…well, it’s your lucky day. This board has ideas for maxing out your dorm room or apartment, and they’re all easy peasy lemon squeezy. (


I knew 9th grade Geometry class would come in handy one day…


7. 100 Ways to Make Today Epic. For all the times when binge-eating Chips Ahoy just won’t cut it. (


#33. Tip your server 100%, and resist the urge not to hang around to see his/her reaction.


8. Apparently, your name might end up affecting your success. Thank mom and pop for that one. But for the record, I don’t necessarily agree with all of this. Because if I did, I’d be working somewhere with the initials E.L. and Boyfriend would’ve been suspended from school a long time ago. (


Pick a name, any name…


9. *BONUS LINK! Because I got way too excited over this, and today feels like a great day for an odd number. Which procrastinator are you? Ten points if you’re A Cleaner, A List Maker, or A Watcher like me! (


But sometimes, I’m all 12 at the same time. Which I’d say is more just pure talent than anything else amiright?



What fabulous finds (college or no) did you stumble upon this month? Any tips for organization, achieving balance, finding your soul mate…it’s all welcome here. So, be sure to comment below with your own additions, or any thoughts on this month’s picks. Stay tuned for the second installment of LinkedIn 101, happening before the weekend starts, so you can end the week on a bang with your increasingly awesome LinkedIn profile.

For now, deuces augusto. You’ve been grand.


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linkedin homepage1

Once upon a time, you’d be licking a paper envelope shut and mailing it off (yes, through the Postal Service…#RIPsnailmail) to a potential employer. He or she would open it up and find a copy of your resume, and – if you knew your stuff – a well-worded cover letter expressing your interest in the business and your relevant skills and qualifications.

That time is over and done.

It’s apparently the age of leaning in; it’s also the age of linking in.

I received quite a few messages asking me to do a full post on how to best utilize and maximize LinkedIn to kickstart (or just rev up) your online professional presence. You want to be a boss, in the cool sense and job sense. I’m going to help you become an All-Star.

What better way to keep up this Back-to-College fun, amiright?

Today, I’m giving you LinkedIn 101, Part 1. You’ll learn how to make your profile stand out among the sea of 300 millions folks already gunning for jobs.

We’re going to work our way top to bottom on your profile, since a few key things up top are determining factors when employers head hunt. No worries – by the time this mini-series is complete, you’ll be more-than-ready to kickstart your career in a whole new way. So stick with me on this one.

On LinkedIn, head hunting is literally that. They’re sifting through virtual headshots, so yours has to stand out (in the best sense).



1. Your profile picture should be:

- Close up. That killer dress can wait until the interview. Unless you plan on wearing the exact same outfit TO said interview, it’s really knowing your face that becomes key here, folks.

- Appropriate. (that means Business casual/professional attire, no alcohol, etc.)

- Angling inward. This one is interesting. By choosing a picture where your body is positioned or looking AWAY from your page, a viewer’s eyes go that way, too. So, select a photo that features you turned in slightly, into your profile. It’s like bookending your LinkedIn with a darling snapshot of yourself, and it gets everyone happy (subconsciously, but that still counts).

- If you don’t have professional headshots, no need to break the bank and hire externally. Have a camera-savvy friend snap some pics of you in front of a solid, neutral background. If there are no suitable backgrounds in your everyday environment, consider picking up a white science fair board from Wal-Mart and using it as a professional photo backdrop. (Spoiler alert: My photo was done in front of a chalk board in a lecture hall at Wharton!)
2. Even if you’re a student, don’t be a ‘student’.
Get creative with your self-titling. I designated myself to be a ‘brand enthusiast,’ because that’s what I am. (And I’ve received direct messages from head hunters because of it!) I love the science behind building a brand and creating an essence that easily incorporates into the everyday lifestyle of innumerable people. I love studying brand management and how it relates to marketing directly. I love thinking strategically, but with a creative flair. And I love experimenting with my own personal brand, both in real life and on this rosy space. I plan on going into brand consulting. Even though I don’t have the degree yet, I’m taking matters into my own hands here. (I’ll be offering free initial consultations for your brand, blog, or business, soon…comment below if you’d be interested in learning more!)

If you’re an aspiring doctor, say that. If you’re a freelance writer, say that. Whether you’re an activist for a social cause or for increasing happiness, say that. Just keep your title professional and relevant, directly correlating to either what you consider yourself to already be, or what you aspire to be.


3. Personalize your profile URL.

            This handy dandy graphic that I made in half a second should be helpful in figuring out HOW exactly to go about personalizing your URL. Simply click “edit” and change the random number and letter laden code to something indicative of YOU. So, your name. Go with that. That way, anytime you’re sharing your profile (or anytime someone else is trying to share your profile), you’re more than a barcode-esque sequence…you’re a real live virtual person.




4. When you can upload content, upload content.
Pictures, screengrabs, videos, documents…anything that shows off your skill without providing confidential information. Don’t give away all of your discoveries or work findings here, because you still want interview talking points for later on, and credit for your genius! If you’ve designed your own website, don’t just include a hyperlink; include screenshot images of your design. Not only do you make for easy perusal, but you break up huge blocks of text with fun, maybe even interactive graphics that showcase your talent even more.


5. Keep your profile up to date!

Maybe this sounds like a no-brainer to some of you, but regular maintenance of your own page is a must. I know time is tight and I’m 100% guilty of this, too, but be sure to update your jobs, responsibilities, achievements, and skills as you work. Think of it this way: If your dream date knocked on your door to take you out, you’d want to look and feel your best to be ready for whatever – you never know, this could be something magical! Same goes for your career. You never know when a big shot from your dream company or a recruiter from a place that’s a perfect fit for you just happens to find your profile. Be memorable in the best sense, and be prepared!


Now, you’re already off to a great start, revamping your profile to really show off your stuff and get you noticed by those people who troll LinkedIn like it’s Facebook for the office. Seriously, though, I think that happens?

Next up, Part 2…learning how to turn those all-too-easy “connect” buttons into valuable, genuine connections. Stay tuned for that, and be sure to leave any questions or comments below!

What are your best tips for making your LinkedIn profile stand out? What would you love to learn more about on LinkedIn?

Happy Saturday! Stay rosy.


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Happy first Hump Day post from school! In case you haven’t heard, Coming Up Roses is in Back-to-College mode. Since I’m an RA for 26 wild n’ crazy (just kidding, they won’t be wild n’ crazy in MY hall…) frosh, these past two weeks have been jam packed with trainings and hall decorations and writing notes to my freshman year self.

Going back to school is so rough when you’re a kid. When it’s college…it can be rougher. Your late night bonfires and Netflix marathons are over, and you’re lucky if you have one totally free weekend to spare on binge-watching a new OITNB series (priorities, people).

But, I’m a fan of the –ism, “Life can be rough, but throw on some red lipstick and it’s a party.”

I just made that up. Catchy, right?

Really though, I think one of the easiest ways to feel better instantly (and get a quick brain break!) is by playing with some new makeup.

Time is of the essence in college, though, and going through a full beauty regimen everyday just isn’t possible.

But, do you have 3 minutes?

As I always seem to be running on the brink of lateness anymore (sorry, mom), I’ve mastered fast makeup.

And I timed myself to prove it.

2:39.65 later, I’m ready to go tackle this day.

The key? Stick to the essentials. Figure out what you need to cover, what you want to emphasize, and what will have lasting power. I got right to concealing my problem spots (i.e. T-Zone blemishes), making my eyes pop (since they’re my favorite feature), and adding a touch of moisturizing shine to my lips.

The clock is ticking…


3 minute makeup



Fresh-faced, first thing in the morning.


Start the clock!


First up, some acne-fighting concealer.


I use a makeup sponge for any preliminary concealing. Note my blurry hand. That’s called SPEED, baby.


This is my new all-time favorite when it comes to face goop. It’s Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer, and it’s a gift from God.


Next, I dab spots of tinted moisturizer all over and blend it in via brushing. It’s like painting on a canvas, and I like it. Faster, faster…


WOO! The skin is d-o-n-e.


0:28.91. On the fast track.


Quick makeup needs to be easy, so a three-in-one palette is the way to go! This one is part of the MaryKay at Play line, which I’ve been absolutely loving thanks to my friend, Ashley. (She can get you 10% off of your next order, too! Just click on her ad on the right sidebar.) My baked eye trio is in On the Horizon.


When ain’t nobody got time fo’ liquid liners and winged cateyes galore, a palette with a darker pigment works wonders. Swipe your darker shade of choice along your lashlines for a more muted look that doesn’t need to be perfect to still look en pointe.


And the clock keeps running…


I can curl my eyelashes in 7 seconds flat, wanna see?


My Falsies mascara has taken a beating this summer, obvi. Not my favorite, but gets the job done.


Sidenote: This whole thing would be so much cooler in video form, wouldn’t you agree. Comment below if I should just go for it and start a YouTube channel.


2:13.23 and going strong. Next up, eyeliner and a finishing touch!


I’m a hauuuuuge fan of Maybelline’s black eyeliner. I apply directly onto my lower waterline, and it’s one of the few I’ve found that actually go on smoothly and last down there!


Waterline: That innermost part right above your lower lashes. It’s wet (hence, waterline), so finding the right liner that stays is tricky.


My peepers are done! On to my pucker…


I bought tinted Burt’s Bees on a whim after hearing this flavor/tint recommended highly by one of my favorite beauty vloggers. So I’m giving it a go…




Ze finished product. To give you some perspective, refer back to picture numero uno.


And VOILA! 2 minutes and 39 seconds later, I’m ready to run out the door.


And there you have it, ladies! Your makeup is done…time to pick out a killer outfit for a comfy and chic day.

How do you get ready when there’s seemingly no time to spare? What makeup products go on easy and FAST?

In other news, a lot of you have requested that I do a post on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile, and this series seems like just the perfect time to do it! Be sure to check back in on Friday (yup, FRIDAY!) to find out how you can get that “All-Star” rating on your LinkedIn and make genuine connections that lead to something more.

Adios, amigos! It’s been a fun 3 minutes.