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Holy cannoli, one second it was fall and the next they’re calling for snow on Saturday. What is this? I think I’ll stick with views like this for awhile still thankyoukindly.


Yeah, soak that in for a second.


I’m promising to myself – and all of you – that I’ll actually post in November on the regular MWF routine instead of this when-I-get-to-it Tuesday/Thursday/whenever routine that isn’t really routine. If I don’t, send the encouragement and pick-me-ups, because it means I’m drowning in life. Whoops.

But it’s a happy drowning, I assure you.

Before I get into some deep discussion on life balance and busy-ness, I’m going to let this month’s fabulous web finds cut in.

October. Featuring, in no particular order, some seriously passionate inspiration (pun intended), some T. Swift outside of 1989, a one-of-a-kind guide to blogging, how to keep your friendship above your love, the coolest techie things maybe ever, 8 productivity hacks to try right now, the next thing on my shopping wishlist, and OK Go’s newest viral video.

link i love october


1. It’s time to stop looking for your passion. Instead, unlock it. (


“Living life with passion isn’t about pursuing the one thing you love, it’s about finding love in everything you do.”


2. Your must-have guide to blogging 101. There’s everything from setting it up, to managing content and making some dollah dollah bills. (


Ever want to get lost in invaluable information? #thetimeisnow Get started with an intro video to have your own Eureka! moment.


3. Because you’ve listened to 1989 on repeat one too many times now. #mixitup (

4. Enchanted objects (technology):


This glowing purple orb actually tracks real-time data for the stock market, pollen count, traffic congestion, and more, and glows specific colors to let you know if the data looks good or bad.


5. This Lace cut Flippy playsuit is everything I could want in a flippy playsuit. (

flippy playsuit

Dear Santa, I want a flippy playsuit.


6. This beautifully expressed blog post explains why being best friends is key to firing up a love. (


Throwing it back to two Halloween’s ago. Time flies when you’re with your pumpkin-guts-hatin’ best friend.


7. 8 surprising productivity hacks. List-making made the cut, but not how you might’ve thought. (

levo league

“Research suggests that exposure to bright colors in the early morning lifts your spirits and energy.” And that’s not all, folks.


8. The song is catchy, but the music video? Out. Of. This. World.

As usual, send any fabulous, must-see picks my way…I love hearing from you!

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Last chance to win $300 to Kate Spade here.

What’s your favorite pick from above? Where do you go to find the best inspiration from the web?

Did I mention I love hearing from you? Keep commenting and telling me what you love to see on Coming Up Roses, so I can make it happen for y-o-u. Have a beautiful day!


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*This post is sponsored by Qmee. All opinions and experiences are my own.


2 million Google searches happen every minute.

In this world of crazy-fast innovation and technological advancement, it’s about time you get paid to browse the web, don’t you think?

(Yeah, I think so, too).

Start-up web browser application Qmee is here, so whether you’re looking to start your future kids’ college fund or just cover your last-Friday-of-the-month cup o’ Joe, listen up.

Qmee is designed to reward you for the searching you already do (and it’s secure!). Upon signing up for the application, a little lime green Q will nestle in at the top of the right of your browser screen.

From there, you can easily keep track of the cents (and dollars) you earn through your regular web activity. Then, you literally just do yo’ thang per usual. As you ask Google questions as you normally do, Qmee will occasionally pop up on the left of your screen with a few suggested search results; each result will have a price tag on it, and it’ll pay you accordingly if you click. No worries though – Qmee doesn’t change search results at all. It’s still what would normally pop up on an otherwise normal and boring search query, but there are price tags involved. You might make anywhere from $0.05 to $1.00 on any given search, but over time, it adds up. And it’s all tracked in your nice little virtual Piggybank.

qmee icon

By the end of a month, your regular searches on the web could get you an extra $5 for a Starbucks treat, sent right to your PayPal account (so no bank account information is needed!). And Qmee is smart; only certain searches will earn you money, and there’s no set formula to let you in on which ones. This means that people can’t just sit around all day conning the system and making it big (sorry to all you big-time conmen and women out there…), and more Qmee money can be put in your bank at the end of the day.

My favorite part about Qmee? Qmee cares.

Instead of fueling your caffeinated fix, you can opt to have Qmee send your earnings to your choice charity, turning your routine Internet work into a do-good donation.

If you’re still not convinced, Qmee’s got the 411 on how they really work, with graphics and arrows and everything, so check it out and add it to your Chrome extensions pronto.

And if you’re not into coffee or charity, you could always revamp your desk space, right?

I’ve teamed up with Sydney and Rebecca to bring you a fun little giveaway, giving you the chance to win some sweet Kate Spade get-up for your work area (courtesy of Swoozies!).

The new partnership line has some waaaaaay pretty things, so I’ve collected a few of my faves below.

ks collage

Now, get to winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND FINALLY. Regardless of whether or not you’re into coffee, charity, or pretty things, you’re going to be into this girl. I’m so happy to introduce you to Kriselle from Livin’ and Lovin’, one of my sweet sponsors from the past month!


Say hi to Kriselle here!

I am a 20-year-old from Southern California with a wide range of interests–makeup, clothes, food, and Jesus–and Livin’ and Lovin’ Blog encompasses all of those interests into one place. It’s where I document my life and what I’m going through or loving (or hating) at the moment.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to write and I love to share my opinions with others. It’s also a nice place for me to be myself and use it as a way for me to relax.

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?

The best moments I’ve had as a blogger are definitely when I get to meet and become friends with other bloggers in real life! I love the relationships I’ve developed as a result.

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this season.

I’m going to road trip with my friends, I’m also going to a good friend’s wedding during said road trip, I want to be in the mountains and witness snowfall in California, and I just want to spend the holidays with my boyfriend! (We’ve been together 4 years but still haven’t had the chance!)

Alright, dish out some recommendations for rookie bloggers.

Don’t focus on the business aspect of blogging so early. Focus on just writing and connecting with other people and bloggers and growth will happen naturally.


If you’re in the spirit of Halloween and plan on celebrating this week, Kriselle has some mad makeup skills and just so happens to look like Snow White. Just sayin’.

Are you going to hit download on Qmee? What will you get if you score the Kate Spade-Swoozies giveaway? Have you said hello to Kriselle yet?

Shout-outs to Kriselle, Sydney, Rebecca, Swoozies and Qmee for today’s mash-up shindig!


Are you happy today? If not, make it so.


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One of the many reasons why I love going to Wharton is the total privilege of getting to see extraordinarily successful men and woman on the reg. One day it’s the founder of Twitter, then it’s the Executive VP of Google, and then it’s the friggin’ Vice President of the United States.
Almost a year ago, I heard an intimate speech with Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso, and she proved yet again what an unbelievably inspirational woman – professionally and personally – she is.
The other day, I hit up a chat with the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, Sharen Turney. I was hoping she would throw out free bras and panties into the crowd, but much to everyone’s dismay, she did not.
That being said, she did give us all the ultimate sneak peek into the 2014 Christmas commercials for VS, which – up until that moment – weren’t seen outside her own office doors. Ooooh, exclusive! In case you were wondering, they were phenomenal. And I can’t tell you much more than that if I ever hope to have free lingerie sent my way.
Her words of wisdom were solid, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share them with you now.

1. It’s not a forever decision. It’s a for now decision. So often, we wig out over every decision regarding our careers or futures, because to some degree, we feel like the decisions we make have everlasting impact on any other decision there on out. That’s just not true. We’re human, and we’re allowed to change our minds. You can make a choice based on your current status, and you can make a new choice if things don’t work out. Or, if they do work out, you’re can still make a new choice again.

2. You’re only as smart as the ground you grew up on. Sharen grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, so she made this statement in reference to her apparent lack of knowledge when it came to the retail industry back in the day. Here’s where I’d like to add on to Sharen’s insight. You might start out as smart as the ground you grew up on, since your foundation as a person was rooted in your immediate surroundings – the people and places that helped you become yourself. But, that doesn’t serve to limit you. It’s a starting block, so plant yourself in that and blossom accordingly.

3. Be open to all opportunities. You may end up in the best job you never knew you wanted. Don’t pass something over because you think it’s just not good enough. Be willing to take risks and walk through open doors. You don’t know what’s through each one yet.

4. Feedback is a gift. Seek it out, appreciate it, be willing to give it back.

5. Great brands are stories well told. When you’re in the business of branding, it’s about being authentic and saying what you know. Tell your own story, and let people connect with you through theirs.

6. Leadership is all about listening, connecting, and inspiring. So start there and you’re one step ahead of the rest.

7. An inspired person sees past the obstacles and accomplishes a lot of things with the help of a lot of people. Obstacles will always be there. They don’t go away, and sometimes they find route into every avenue of your life. Let them stay there. Just find a way to get the heck around them and leave them behind.

8. Wherever you are in life and in your career, do it with passion and do it with purpose. And that one…it doesn’t get much simpler than that.



What do you think makes for a really great leader? What would you want to ask the VS CEO if you had the chance? (Besides “Can I have a free push-up? Kaythanks). And have you entered to win $300 to Kate Spade yet?

Happy Sunday to you and to all a good night.