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*For as long as I get responses, Operation Beautiful will be a regular weekend thing, because you’re all beautiful and I just can’t get enough of sharing these with you. (So encourage the beautiful women in your life to send in responses!

For 2015 and for always, you need to change.

But I’m not talking about changing your weight or your love of chocolate – I’m talking about your love of yourself. So often, we fill ourselves with self-deprecating thoughts. I’m not pretty. I’m not that smart. I’m just not that great. And I’m definitely not beautiful.

You’re wrong.

First things first: you are beautiful. And this is an operation to prove it. Introducing: Operation Beautiful. Where we celebrate the beauty in each and every one of us. Now let’s hop to it – these girlies are fan-freakin-tastic.


Operation Beautiful

Do you see this woman Relaying in, like, FIVE INCH HEELS?!?! You go, Glen Coco. Say hi to Heather on her blog, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife!

I feel most beautiful when…I’m focusing on my health and body. There was a time I was told I wouldn’t be here for another birthday so the fact I get to be a swearty mess after a workout- that’s pretty awesome! Without our health, we can do nothing. Taking care of myself, seeing and feeling the effort I’ve put in – yeah, that’s beautiful.

My favorite physical features are my…Belly-button and my smile. This is a tie! My surgeon and I made history with my belly-button when he performed surgery that changed my life. And my smile – you will always know it’s genuine. It comes from the heart.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My generosity. A very close friend of mine once told me, “Heather, you are the most giving person I know,” and that was one of the best compliments I could have ever received. I truly believe in living the “gift is in the giving.” I am here today because others have given of themselves. Now I get to pay it forward. That is beautiful.

I’m happiest when…I am traveling with my husband. I love learning about new places, people and cultures. Who better to share the world with than the man who means the world to me?


Operation Beautiful

Check out Ilaria’s blog, Flair for Life!


I feel most beautiful when…When I feel connected with others, when I feel that I’m really sharing something with someone else. No matter how I look, I’m REAL in that moment, and that’s better than being perfect.

My favorite physical features are my…Eyes ad my little waist. Eyes because they’re dark green on the outside and brown on the inside..but you only see it if you really look at me.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…I’m working on myself, trying to live a better life, and to feel more aware of my vulnerability and my emotions. I would say that I love my openness to change.

I’m happiest when…I do things I love: researching and communicating findings, connecting and sharing ideas with other people, spending some quality time with people I love.


operation beautiful

One of my favorite series that Sierra does is on gratefulness – how GREAT the impact can be when we consciously count our blessings. See it all here!


I feel most beautiful when…I am purely happy, healthy and active. When I am laughing and just living in a way that even though life may be hard I’m content and happy with where I’m at. There is something beautiful about just being yourself and being happy with that.

My favorite physical feature is my…My smile, but not just any smile, my real smile. My real smile usually comes when I’m laughing. I get compliments on it all the time.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My ability to bounce back really quickly after a rough moment. To recognize the good and be happy.

I’m happiest when…I’m living a life without excuses. When I’m with others. Loving others, serving others and making them smile.


Join the movement.

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This series is all about you. So, it only happens when you join in the fun! Take a lesson from these ladies – writing your own answers to Operation Beautiful will make you think about yourself in a new, happier and beautiful light. If you want to be featured on Coming Up Roses as part of Operation Beautiful, just fill out this quick form, and you’ll find yourself on the blog in an upcoming Operation. And if you love the mission as much as I do, I’d love if you would send the form to two of your best girlfriends who you think are beautiful inside and out. Spread the love – the more the merrier! Happy Sunday.

Ten ways to wear a blue dress

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Alright, alright – I admit it. This is just too much fun. Thank the heavens you were digging this series the first time around, because I think it’s here to stick around for awhile!

Welcome to One Piece, Ten Ways, where I’m digging out some of my personal favorites and styling each and every thing ten different ways for (hopefully) easy inspiration. This way, the next time you’re mulling over a dress purchase, or just feel hopeless when it comes to printed booties, you’ve got something to look back on and use as a resource! Ya feel?

So kick back with a cup of coffee and an eye on your wardrobe, because today I’ve got this super sweet chiffon petal dress from the cutest blossoming boutique, Filly Flair.

(Leave a comment with what you bought if you’ve already used your exclusive discount code!)

how to wear a dress ten ways

Now let’s talk the ten, from top to bottom, left to right.

First. I’ll call it, Prepped Edge. I threw on a basic black cardigan to balance out these rocker chic booties from Rebekah Craig. (Did you see this? AND use code “cominguproses” to get 15% off your own if you love!) I love this as a fun way to dress down an otherwise fancier piece…it feels low key enough while still being datenight-worthy!

Second. All dolled up and ready to go. Simplistic, with the statement solely on the dress and shoes. I love these sparkly gold heels with it, because they’re essentially infused with my personality.

Third. Grown up Teen Vogue, where you throw a cool tee overtop and it’s “edgy.” Really though, I love the sleeve detailing on this fun striped top, and the dress is really perfect for layering with how lightweight and versatile it is! Adding a shirt overtop turns your dress into a skirt, and strappy wedge sandals with a zipper…#yaaaaaas

Fourth. I’m reaaaaaally feeling bold solids being mixed and matched together this spring. I think this blazer brings a neat textured element to the table, with the lace print contrasting sweetly to the super smooth and flowy chiffon.

Fifth. Coral Crushing. These shoes are the epitome of spring and summer stepping. They’re uber bright and poppy, and they play up all of the fun elements of the swing in the dress. This is the type of outfit I’d envision for running around in a field of flowers before grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend. It’s just versatile and animated in and of itself.

Sixth. Still on Chambray. Because you’ve been high on chambray for the past two seasons, so why not keep it going, right? Throwing on a denim shirt makes for an easy cover-up when it gets cooler at night still, besides being the perfect piece to go insta-casual. I added this fun statement seedbead bracelet, because both the light blue and darker teal colors are in it. Getting all matchy matchy and color coordinated and schtuff.

Seventh. Heavy set sweatering. This is by far one of my favorite sweater in my closet. It’s big and heavy and snuggly, but still perfect for summer nights that are just a little bit on the cool side!

Eighth. The distressed boyfriend (jean). The best thing about this dress? Did I mention how versatile it is. Normally, I would’ve picked it out of my closet and thought to myself, “Welp, that’ll be for a wedding or fancy schmancy event.” BUT NO. It tucks flawlessly into my looser boyfriends, just like my striped tee laid flawlessly over it in numero tres. This means you have practically a dress, skirt, AND top in one piece. I’m all about that.

Ninth. Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a sock bun and major bling. I love this iridescent necklace from Sparkle & Whim, and I wore dainty silver strapped heels to complete the look. But that necklace though amiright.

Tenth. A lot to say. I wore these boots here and y’all flipped out…they’re so fierce and make me feel slightly like a real life Catwoman. I stacked up some black bangles to balance out the black tights.

P.S. Use shopping code ROSES to get $5 your whole regular-price order online. Hollah for five dollahs.

Now, you asked and I’m answering…some closer, bigger shots. And then bloopers.

navy chiffon dress fashion blogger philadelphia DSC02723 navy chiffon dress fashion blogger philadelphia navy chiffon dress fashion blogger philadelphia DSC02731



Derp derp derp aaaaaand the wrist flick.



More tongue is always good, just ask Miley.



Werk it girlfriend.



And for my next act, I will make my hand and face completely disappear.

How would you style a chiffon swing dress?

And I’ll leave you with a quote, because sometimes quotes are just too good not to share.

“When you feel like quitting, remind yourself why you started.”

Not exactly pertinent to fashion, but I hope that for at least one of you, it was exactly what you needed to hear right now.

how to take your wardrobe from winter to spring

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I had such a blast style collaborating with my friend Ashliegh this past winter, I’m thinking of just getting some trend-related tag teaming trending!

Today I’m partnering up with one of my nearest and dearest blog friends, southern sweetheart Tiffany of Endless Bliss. I don’t even know how or why we got to talking, because she’s also one of my oldest bloggy sistahs, but what I do know is that we share a mutual love for bright manis, talking on camera, notebooks with quotes on the covers, our adorable men (not like we’re biased), and sweet wine in springtime. Needless to say, the IRL meetup is in the works, so hold onto your gotchies, folks.

We each took to styling our favorite pieces in our wardrobes and taking them from winter to spring. With Tiff being down south, she’s a bit luckier when it comes to weather, and I’m still dealing with the whole It’s-not-really-always-sunny-in-Philadelphia bi-polar vortex climate thing. Global warming, people. That’s all I’m sayin’.

how to take your wardrobe from winter to spring

Can we talk about how caaaaaute Tiff’s skater skirt is?? Can we also talk about how we BOTH WORE BLACK TIGHTS. I swear this girl and I are sometimes way too much on the same brain wave to not be secretly related or something. The resemblance is striking, is it not?

I’m working around a favorite pair of wedge ankle booties: these gems from Rebekah Craig. I kid you not, the most COMFORTABLE heeled shoe in my closet. And I have over 120 pairs of shoes - absurd, I know – so I know me a comfy heel. What I love about them? Besides the ridiculously cool snakeskin/gold design and 2.5 inch wedge, these shoes actually have engineer-designed insoles to maximize comfort and work with your foot, and they’re coming to you as part of an exclusive collection based out of New Zealand.

(Use code “cominguproses” for 15% off your own pair!)

For my first look, I’m going for a classier day-to-night look, pairing my long-sleeve leopard-print sweater dress (you all know how I love me some leopard) with a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan and basic black tights. I’ve got on my two-tone metal boyfriend watch as a finishing preppy touch, and I’m good to go! The key to mile-long legs? Wearing black tights with your iconiK booties. The black from your tights runs right into your shoes, so you’re just long and lean with some gold polish.


iconiK Booties: Rebekah Craig // Cardigan: Target // Leopard dress: Ross // Black tights: Kushyfoot

winter fashion booties leopard print DSC02693 winter fashion booties leopard print

Next, time to shed layers and embrace SPRINGTIME HALLELUJAH THANK THE SWEET LORD BABY JESUS IS THAT A FLOWER. Bring on the iced lattes and aviators, because it *might* not actually snow anymore. I kept it simple by throwing my booties on with a strapless babydoll dress and my favorite neon statement piece from Baublebar.

iconiK Booties: Rebekah Craig // Dress: An oldie but goodie! // Necklace: Baublebar (similar here)

DSC02699 spring fashion black dress with neon necklace and booties rebekah craig iconik boots spring fashion black dress with neon necklace and black booties

Tiffany’s style is so perfectly sweet and feminine. From the heart sweater to the flower crown, she’s got it goin’ ON every season amiright??? But I don’t want to steal your thunder, since I’m sure you’re loving her look, too. Be sure to head on over to her post here and leave her some love!

How do you style ankle booties into springtime?

Let me know down below, then head on over to Instagram for your chance to win $150 to Nordstrom, an Electric Pink Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch, and the cutest tassel necklace. #winning