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*Today’s post is a collaboration with one of my favorite chicas on the planet, Taylor. We hope you thoroughly enjoy hanging out with us.

19 things every blogger knows


When people think of “bloggers,” they usually think of glam girls wearing pearls and chunky knits, Instagramming their perfect lattes while filing their freshly-manicured nails. When people usually think of “Taylor and Erica,” they (should) think of us as a hot mess on the loose, with glitter everywhere and a total lack of hand-eye-foot coordination. Yes, that’s us.


I have a feeling we’re not the only ones. Behind every blogger is a messy desk, ten unfinished “to do” lists, and way too much caffeine. Blogging is not always as glamorous as it seems. There are 19 things every blogger knows to be true:


1. Instagram is a lie. It might look like you all have your you-know-what together, all wrapped up in a metaphorical bow of fresh flowers and designer sunglasses and strolls to get iced lattes and more fresh flowers. But you don’t. The flowers are fake. And that’s ok.

2. If you don’t wake up and do yoga before getting aforementioned iced lattes and fresh flowers, you’re not fetch. (You’re just a normal human being on an average Tuesday morning. No shame there, folks.).

3. You know the difference between Passionfruit and that tropical purple and yellow fruit thing otherwise known as a passionfruit.

4. Anytime anything interesting happens, your family/friends/significant other look at you and ask, “Are you going to blog about that?” Of course you are.

5. Blogging has made you love statistics. You salivate over things like “conversion rate” and “acquisition.” Why couldn’t Stats class be this interesting?

6. When you enter a new relationship, you struggle with when is the right time to have the “Can I blog about you?” talk. This is almost more important to you than the “Are we serious?” talk.

7. Sometimes you get all excited and post something so insightful and deep and change-the-world-esque. Most people won’t actually find it so deep and insightful and change-the-world-esque. Disappointment may ensue, but don’t worry, there’s ice cream for that.

8. When you get said ice cream, you’ll Instagram it obviously, with at least ten hashtags for good measure.

9. Bigger bloggers’ lives are probably a thousand times more unorganized and crazy than they let on. Don’t let them fool you with their fancy web design and mega-following.

10. You also totally set up shop to create those “look how organized and peony-filled my desk is” Insta shots. It’s like building a still-life in art class. #busted

11. You know you can’t physically ride a “follow train.”

12.  Posh coffee shops only happen ⅕ of the time.The other 80% of our time is blogging on a mobile device at a random bus stop or train station as you live your real life and procrastinate on your online one. Or you’re in purple fuzzy slipper-socks. Sometimes you’re not even wearing a bra. #realtalk (Or is that just us? Awk.)

13. When you’re posting, you’re in pajamas. Or just your underwear.

14. You know the difference between “roflcopter” and “rafflecopter.”

15. Every series of moments has a “I should blog about this” moment somewhere in there. And you always find it.

16. You sometimes work tirelessly to come up with these ridiculously creative posts that are bound for virality and reposts on Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed. But, as noted in the classic romcom He’s Just Not That Into You, virality is “an exception, not the rule.”

17. Your mom takes your fashion pictures.

18. To bee an “official blogger,” you need a floppy hat. You just do. And you need at least ten pictures of you wearing it, preferably in a field of blossoming flowers in rural ‘Murica.

19. You end up writing an absurd amount of to-do lists which you never finish. These are usually written in ten different colors of pen, and contain at least one vanilla latte stain.


For those of you whose lives look just like what you post on Instagram, you go, Glen Coco. For the rest of you – the ones who stay up too late catching up on life and laundry while eating B&J’s from the pint and indulging in late night caffeine – we get you. Even if your blog is as big as Gretchen Weiner’s secret-filled hair, it’s ok; we all know the truth.


Shout out to Tay for being awesome; be sure to grab a tea and check out her newly re-branded site. And just in case you wondering, yes, we were actually sitting in a coffee shop and wearing bras while writing together. 

What do you find to be universal truths in blog world? Do you like seeing collaborations on Coming Up Roses? 

Be sure to check out this post about how CVS is like Target, minus the addictive houseware and apparel sections, and this post in case you feel like winning $75 and walking down memory lane with me.

Have a happy weekend!


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CVS-pharmacy pixlr


My name is Erica, and I’m addicted to CVS.

But, I don’t need help I swear. It’s a happy addiction, always ending in too many products that I don’t really need and other random things that bring in quick bursts of bliss. The story starts the same. I go into CVS for one thing – just one. Should take me 7 minutes. But 40 minutes later, I’m checking out with 13 things, and I may or may not have remembered to grab the item I actually needed. This story starts no differently.

I went into CVS for 1 thing: a bag of fun size candy bars. I thought I was being super crafty in adding Hershey bars and Krackels in amidst college-house-provided condoms for my residents. Wrapped chocolate goes really well with wrapped protection apparently. But, back to binge drugstore shopping. While the following escapade was just one moment in time, I assure you, every time is the same. Not the same novelty items and unnecessary beauty products, but same game, same story.
We know the whole ill-just-go-grab-one-thing is never how the story ends. It’s never as quick and easy as it seems.

I had to check out the makeup aisle. I mean, I already have 7 unopened lipsticks, 3 mascaras and 42 and a half sparkly eye things, but there might be some heaven sent something that literally transforms my face. Like bronzing serum.
Ooooh look, bronzing serum. So I can put oil on my skin and get a sun kissed shine simultaneously, because even under my fall sweaters, why wouldn’t I want a beach goddess glow?

Next I spotted nail pens. Oh, nail pens.
I love gel pens and I love nail polish, so this is like my birthday 7 months early.

Picked up one of those, because nail art is in.
“Maybe I’ll get another color, too, just to diversify my collection,” I thought to myself. Yup, not even a debate there. Finally, I’ve gotten out of nail land. On to other random body products in the back of the store, because that’s where the best random weird fun stuff is stashed. Does it have a purpose? Do I really truly need it?

Who knows, who cares, can’t stop won’t stop.
Do I need razor less shaving pads? What does that even mean?.

Then I struck gold…a citrus fruit wristlet. It’s the next best trend in clutch-like carry-alls, and I need to be hip with my phone, cards and keys. Fruit is hip. No price tag, though…I didn’t care, this is vogue. Impulse shopping at its finest, ladies and the occasional gent.
Now, the most important question of the week: Cotton pads or balls?
Both. And swabs, too. All the cotton.
Time to get girly. Obviously I had to pick up more tampons, to ensure 24/7 preparedness. Deodorant for the same reason, but in travel size AND full size.
At this point, I felt myself tingling with this painful urge to just buy all the things.
FOCUS, ERICA. Remember the mission.

So it’s almost the weekend, And I worked so hard during syllabus week. I deserve Brook side dark chocolate goji berries. Don’t we all?
I also deserve beef jerky. And a candle.
This candle says “balance”, so I think it’ll really help me achieve that optimum level this semester. The time is now. Lavender patchouli, get in my basket.
Now I’ve wandered into the health aisle right before magazines and food, and I think  to myself, ‘preparation will be key this season.’
I’m still not 100% over my head cold, and I definitely don’t want the flu. Need vitamin C.
Naked juice it is. Chia peach has 0% vitamin c. But chia. And peach. The struggle is real. I’ll just get a boosted one, too.
Does anyone else see $0.99 cards and just NEED them all?
CVS has $0.99 cards. And this one has sparkly cupcakes on it…
I’ll take 5. I have a few friends birthdays coming up in December anyway. #earlybirdgetstheworm #orjustallthecards
I just avoid the Pepperidge Farm area altogether. That, and Fudge Shoppe. And you know why. (If you don’t, your hips do.)
I came in for a $11 supersized bag of mini candy bars. Clearly, my $49 bill says otherwise, and I’m already half regretting the jerky as I self check-out and break into the beef now just because.
Cheers to the women who reach for that extra pack of gum and 20-pack of rainbow sparkly scunci ties. This one’s for you. And for everyone else…there’s always Target.


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Today, two of my freshmen saw a squirrel jump through the open window of another resident’s uninhabited room. They didn’t teach us about squirrel removal in training, but I’m thinking peanut butter and the sticky pads used on cockroaches should do the trick. So there’s that.

In other news, COMING UP ROSES IS ONE YEAR OLD NOW. Raise the roof and pass the ice cream, it’s time to party.


Vitamin C+


This post is gonna be sweet n’ sappy n’ sassy, like all of my favorite things in life.

I’m so obnoxiously grateful for everything this virtual space has brought in the past year.

I’ve gotten to share my thoughts with you on so many things, on everything from the crap I found in my closet circa twelve years after primetime, to my struggle with anxiety.

It’s not a long walk on the beach at sunset, but let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

To be romantic, we’ll start with love. There was that time I started out by laying down some ground rules for the dating scene. Then, we progressed to finding your soulmate 101 and what to do when you think you’ve found “the one” (What can I say? I’m impatient). But some general ways to know if your person is a keeper were thrown in there, too.

Speaking of love, I love my mom, so I fangirled over her while relating to a bunch of you over our shared best friendships with our mamas. I also love my boyfriend, so much that I let him take over the blog once or twice. That’s bound to happen in the near future, so stay tuned and get stoked now. It’s bound to be an adventure.

Speaking of Boyfriend, he hasn’t always lived in the best area. We had an almost-too-close encounter with what may or may not have been (but was) a gang, that may or may not have been the friendly type. Oopsies. While staying with Boyfriend and working at a fashion boutique, I had another less-than-stellar experience that I blogged about here, and gave a follow-up defense of my story here. I also learned to parallel park (let me help you with that one: when in doubt, go all the way…).

Oh yeah, and speaking of fashion boutiques, I like fashion a lot. Anything of the stylish variety will do. But, as many of you know by now, I’m not exactly model material, so bloopers just become the real deal. I was considering turning that into a whole new fashion blog niche, but I decided to save myself the embarrassment and just post the reallllllly good bloopers. And every season, I do some fun fashion haul where I buy a lot of things for not a lot of money (here and here).

Then there’s that thing called college. I had the ridiculously awesome opportunity to hear a presentation by the CEO of Gilt, who just happens to be the biggest sweetheart businesswoman badass. She’s absolutely fabulous, so I blogged about her talk here. Then there was that time I redefined success (sorry, Google) and made a cute lil’ mini-series on how to maximize LinkedIn, for all of you professional social media junkies out there. But really though, you should be linking in. Like, now.

But before that, take a second to enjoy some baby pictures. There may or may not be pink feathers and indie umbrella pics. #killinit


This photo interlude is just to say hey girl hey.

You know who else is killin’ it? All of the people and things featured in Links I Love every month. On the last hump day of the month, I post a little collection of all of the fabulous findings from the web. Always open to suggestions, so pretty please send me goodies with a cherry on top.

And if you wanna be killin’ it yourself, take the time to clean out your makeup bag. Seriously, it’ll do wonders. Once you’ve cleaned it out, you can get done to mastering the 3-minute makeup look.

Finally, in the spirit of fall, enjoy last fall’s obsessions. In the spirit of off-season Bachelor nation, enjoy reading thoughts that could’ve been your own this past season of The Bachelorette. And in the spirit of love and marriage and everything that is good, enjoy reading my rebuttal to “why happily married people have affairs.”


Now, in the true spirit of birthdays, I’m giving YOU things.

NOTE: In return, I will accept cupcakes on my blog’s behalf, and/or bouquets of flowers. Specifically, roses. You get the drift.

I think you should win a $75 Visa gift card. And you’ll be getting that in a cutesy tumbler, because tea-filled tumblers are always at my side. Other goodies will be stuffed inside too…because you can never get too many goodies. Especially when said goodies are of the bath&body&beauty varieties. S’all I’m sayin’.

Shout-out to all of the lovely ladies who opted to get in on the birthday action. Because there’s no birthday party like a blog birthday party.

In all honesty, I had to try so hard to not go all sappy mush for this post. Blogging continues to change my life, for better or for worse, every single week, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the support and love that so many of you have shown to me.

I started this as a means to inspire. I hope you’ve been inspired on some day or another. I hope you’ve gotten a laugh here or there, or you’ve found motivation to try something new or reach a little higher. I hope you’ve found and continue to find what you’re looking for and what you need, right in my happy little corner of the blogiverse.

Thank you.

Now go win your money and be a BO$$.

Note: Giveaway open to US residents only. All entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, if you fancy, let me know in the comments section what your favorite post(s) have been thus far. I’d love to hear from you (really, it’s almost like snail mail for me – a natural high), and I strive to make this blog as much for you as it is for me. Really though…thanks. Sending you infinite love and happiness today.