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August? What? It’s like June and July were two teeeeeeeeensy specks on the calendar, and now we’re almost at back-to-college, and soon it’ll be December and that means CHRISTMAS. Now I’m getting ahead of myself.

In other news, today marked my second-to-last Friday of my internship at Burlington, which meant group strategy presentations to the exec leadership team. The most darling college recruiter of all time hooked me up with this oversized ceramic mug to celebrate my own apparent leadership skillz, so I’m on a cloud 9 of coffee right now. So. Caffeinated.


You know what they say when your mug is bigger than your head?


But if my words start to slur, it’s actually just because I’m in need of beauty sleep, and you’re in need of the best from the July web. Priorities, people. #fridaynight.

For any Coming Up Roses newbies, WELCOME. I’m so happy you’ve joined the fam. To bring you to speed, Links I Love happens during the last week of every month, and you’ll be getting a slue (read: 8) hotter than hot web finds. See last month’s here.

And now…

july links i love


1. One of the best girls on the planet happens to blog. She also happens to be from Wyoming and has a parrot that squawks louder than I don’t even know what and she has a sweeter than sweet blog re-design launching soon. These are her rules to live by, and they’re pretty stinkin’ stellar. (


The blonde bombshell herself, folks. And those pants amiright? Check. Her. Out.


2. Black tie affair? White tie? Cocktail? Does that mean we get free drinks? Dress code etiquette is essential, especially if you want to get invited again. (


Black tie, white tie…Black and white just make everything better.


3. I went all Barefoot Contessa and made these puppies (otherwise known as Crispy Smashed Potatoes) for a Superbowl Party way back when. Classy classy classy, yummy yummy yummy. (


Herbs always make it look gourmet. When in doubt, just add herbs.


4. Sometimes, you just need some inspiration. And sometimes, you need said inspiration from the funniest people on the planet. (


One of my best friends who I’ve known since 5th grade when we were ballers together…yeah, she’s second or third cousins with Tina. Which means we’re practically related.


5. This one goes out to all of you grammar gurus. Things are about to get weirdly awesome…



6. I don’t even care that we’re approaching fall fashion season because this dress. (


With a dark sweater and some tights n’ boots…Get into my closet.


7. 9 overnight beauty products for waking up flawless. Obviously all must haves. (


Because who has time to worry about intense beauty regimens? All you have to do is sleep and it all acts like pixie dust on your face and you wake up perfect. I think that’s about right.


8. The best wedding photos. Maybe ever. (




Wasn’t July fun??? I hope you had twice as much fun as I had and that you’re already stoked for August awesomeness. If you’re not, it’s ok…Scandal starts in September, and word on the street is that The Limited is coming out with an entirely Olivia Pope inspired line. Brace yourselves, Gladiators.

The happiest of day-after-birthdays to Michael. You rock every day, dude. And one day, I will get you to not be embarrassed to take a picture with me, I swear.


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I’m going to get back to my latte and nap now. Peace and blessins’. Cheers for the weekend…make it a rosy one.


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Monday nights mean Bachelor nights like Friday nights means Bride nights and Thursday nights mean Thirsty Thursday specials. In honor of tonight’s grand finale, which is sure to shock the nation (yeah right, Chris Harrison), it’s time for me to tune out the world and tune into ABC for “the most dramatic season yet.” Whether you can’t wait for it to end or can’t wait for the next season (#MarquelforBachelor), you know you’ve thought…

  1. Stop saying “Staaahhhhppppp.”
  2. A private concert? I’m so surprised.
  3. How creative and original and romantic. I would’ve never expected this and I’m so caught off guard by your obvious preference for me over the other 20 people in the house. HA.
  4. That’s ok, I don’t eat food on dates either.
  5. At least this guy doesn’t run away from pickles…
  6. Is stripping part of the casting process?
  7. Staring off into the distance and pretending to ponder your love life is clearly part of casting, too.
  8. You could be my Cookie Monster any day. #MarquelForBachelor
  9. “I have so many amazing guys.” You greedy biotch, you.
  10. Can my boyfriend and I get a private vacay on some island for just being awesome? Kaythanks.
  11. You get a rose, you get a rose, YOU get a rose!
  12. Is hair and makeup included in this deal?
  13. Wait, I don’t see a hot tub.
  14. Calling BS on the “we get alone time to talk all night” fantasy suite business. I mean, unless they talk between the sheets amiright?
  15. Are there just really awkward pauses during rose ceremonies between guys, or do they have dramatic orchestral music playing on a side speaker to set the mood?
  16. Maybe she’s just told to purse her lips, look serious, scan the crowd, count to 10, count to 10 again, then give a rose.
  17. 5 minutes have passed and she hasn’t kissed someone. Something’s wrong.
  18. Can I have that date?
  19. Can I have that dress?
  20. How about the guy? My girlfriend needs a date this weekend.
  21. Chris Harrison though.
  22. I’ll tweet that.
  23. Do you need a college education to be a “pantsapreneur”?
  24. What in the name of champagne is a “pantsapreneur”?
  25. Hello, helicopter. No one was expecting you and this is totally spontaneous and romantic. HA.
  26. Yup, it’s a 10 week show.
  27. If I hear “for the right reasons” one more time, I quit.
  28. If I hear “I think my husband/wife is in this room” one more time, I quit too.
  29. Abs.
  30. JPandAshley4evah.
  31. I’ll tweet that, too.
  32. 7 guys crammed into a hot tub together. Not weird at all.
  33. Why do I watch this?
  34. #drama.
  35. #moredrama.
  36. Because what’s better than living with 25 other people who are all vying for the same love with the same person while you have to look perfect and not eat for 10 weeks until you either get engaged or fly around the world by yourself after getting dumped on national television?
  37. Obviously nothing.

And if you’re not convinced yet, let The Bachelor franchise help you find your soul mate.

Add to this list in the comments so that I can distract myself from painfully awkward and unnecessarily dramatic prime time television with your hilarious wit.

If you need distractions of your own, start by digging into your old closet like I did. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inappropriate rainbow lollipops that are shaped like body parts, too.

Stay happy!


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Let me just get one thing straight first: I’m not a hoarder. At all, by any means, I don’t hoard. In fact, quite the opposite – I love going through stuff and giving things to charity, cleansing out, starting fresh. It’s basically cathartic to me, like listening to Britney while workin’ it on the Elliptical and finishing with a scoop o’ mint chocolate chip. (You know you do it, too).

The last time I was at my parents’ house, though, I decided to clear out more of my old room. Innocent enough, right? HA. Of course not.

I threw out oodles of butterfly notepads, fruit-shaped erasers, and old magazines. Out went the Soffe shorts with dry rot waistbands, and – best of all – a still-wrapped rainbow lollipop of male genitalia from my Sweet 16 birthday party. Sick 16-year-olds.

My blast into the past resulted in clothes from the Target Girls Department circa 2003 and brighter-than-bright oversized graphic tees circa the 80’s. I mean, they were mom hand-me-downs, so they were from the 80’s. You decide: charming-to-the-soul vintage, or harming-to-the-eyes vintage?

Either way, I found these goodies too good to not share.

Please note, the crappy iPhone pictures are supposed to metaphorically represent the caveman-esque time where quality technology was non-existant and anything went when it came to modeling.

I went through my childhood closet and found…


Was anyone else on the Happy Bunny train? It’s like a sassy 7-year-old crossed paths with a caution cone.



I knew these had to go when I found a photo from my 4th grade sleepover party where these were my kickass PJ’s of choice. Size 12 girls. Like what.



“No strings attached.” Get it? It’s Pinnochio? Gotta love punny cartoon t-shirt things from Kmart.



Aerospeed. 100% most definitely from my mother’s wardrobe’s past life. Maybe 70′s, maybe 80′s… All I know is it’s bright pink with purple polka dots and more color. Kaleidoscope shirt.



In honor of my 5th grade basketball superstar self. My collegiate intramural self would be proud. But really though, this shirt.



I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that this was a “crop top” tee back in the day, or that I duck-faced for this picture. And peace-signed it. Stop, Erica.



These sweatpant bermuda shorts were clearly only made better by adding a rhinestone butterfly in the season’s hottest creamsicle colors.



When all else fails, add more Happy Bunny. I mean, “Crazy on the Inside” is the best caption to wear out and about in today’s day and age, amiright?


AND NOW. My personal favorites. These are near and dear to my heart thought. Because, as I can’t believe I’m about to admit on the friggin’ INTERNET…I still wear these.

Mind you, they’re also from the Girls’ Department. In Target. From the clearance rack. Where I spent…wait for it…$1.74 per skirt.

$1.74. One dollar and 74 cents. I can’t make this up, guys.

So naturally, I bought one in each color.


Turquoise florals.


Summer white florals.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve found in your old closet?

I’m looking to unearth the ghosts of your closets past, so lay ‘em on me here, people! Most wacky trend, ridiculous fabric, crazy size or weirdest print, I. Want. Them. All. On the blog…not in real life. You can Goodwill those.

Lastly, have you joined the movement? Even if you’re “not a blogger,” have you thought about what YOU ARE? And you should enter to win a Yo Soy candle at least, because who couldn’t use more Rosemary Mint smelling things in their lives?