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  • Wow! This is an awesome list!

    • Whitney, what’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Julien

    Great sales!! Thanks for listing! Xx!

    • Heck yes, Julien – you’re so welcome! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Mary mozingo

    Yes! Yes! Yes to cyber shopping, so i can do it all in the comfort of my bed… and yes to great deals!!

    • Oh absolutely. What’d you snag in this year’s sales, Mary??

  • Great curated list. I saw another blogger do this last year and loved it. Sadly I’m Canadian so when you factor in the exchange rate, most of the “good deals” are no longer. I work next to the mall and it is INSANE today!
    I hope you get some great goodies for yourself! 🙂

    • SO GLAD, Lindsay! And oh nooooo that’s a bummer. But do you at least get some good deals near you??

      • Hey girl, I guess there are some things and I say that lightly… but I feel like much of the things on display is recycled from months past and it often looks like they’re just trying to liquidate junk that hasn’t sold the rest of the year.

  • Holly

    Love this! The bar cart items form Mintwood Home are absolutely adorable — makes me wish I had my own house already 🙂 xx

    • RIGHT?!! Which is your favorite, Holly??

  • Love all of these! I haven’t had any issues with SheIn either… love them!

    Xo Makayla

    • Absolutely!! What’ve been the best things you’ve gotten from them, Makayla??

  • Sarah Lindner

    Love all the picks! Hope you scored some amazing black friday deals 🙂

    Sarah Lindner

    • Oh absolutely – you too girlfriend!!

  • Adriana

    You weren’t kidding when you said you rounded up a LOT of sales!!! These are all sooo great! I did so much shopping today already but I’m so excited to sit down with a glass of wine and my wallet! ; )

    • Oh HECK YES GIRL. I mean business. 😉 hahaha! What’d you end up buying???

  • Neely

    I took advantage of a lot of sales but I think I kept it pretty tame! Great and HELPFUL roundup!

    • What all did you score this past year, Neely??
      Also SO glad you found it helpful!!!

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    How I love to shop on cyber Monday! Thanks for the info!

    • Oh totally…it’s addicting! What’d you end up buying this past Cyber Monday, Kimberly??

  • Can’t wait to shop throughout this entire weekend! I love how it’s not just one day anymore!

    • What’d you end up buying, Kasey??? I feel like I spent ALLLLL weekend shopping…haha!

  • These are all great sales! Love your picks, lady!


    • WOO so glad, Hill! What’d you end up buying???

  • wow your sale picks are seriously too good!! Now I gotta go shopping!

    • Hey thanks babe! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Angelle Marix

    Loving all of the great deals that you shared!! I am adding more to my shopping cart!! Lol


    • Oh girl…”add to cart” is my biggest talent. 😉 hahaha!

  • Taylor Smith

    Well. I THOUGHT I was done with shopping this weekend. Guess I am not. LOL. I love all of these. I have already taken advantage of American Eagle + Target, now time for Banana Republic and J. Crew! Whoops!

    • HAHAHA.

      What’d you end up buying this past BF/CM????

  • lexi

    You have SO many good picks! This is my fave shopping weekend. <3
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    • YAAAAS GIRL you and me both sistah! What’d you end up scoring??

  • Ashley

    This is a great round up! I love that you included a few that I wasn’t even aware of! Uh oh…time to do some more shopping…

    xo Ashley

    • Thanks girlfriend! I tried to include *errrrthaaaaaang* I could possibly find…#hourslater, and this resulted. Ha!


    Thanks for sharing this list Erica!! I definitely need to check out the J. Crew sale!!



    • Heck yes girl – it was so good! What’d you end up buying???

  • Dylan

    Wow, that Kate Spade sale is something else. Too bad no one on my xmas list is asking for a purse!

    • RIGHT?!?!??!! Did YOU end up getting a KS for Christmas??

  • OnceUponADollhouse

    Checking out Mintwood home NOW! looks so awesome!

    • They’re SO STINKING CUTE. Do you have any pieces from their shop??

  • Great round up!

    xx Sam | The Heart of the House

    • Thanks, Sam! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Audrey Stowe

    Ahhh I can’t get over all of the sales! SO great!

    • OH GIRL, they were so so good! What’d you end up scoring? Anything good??

  • Gotta love all the awesome sales. I’m ready for Cyber Monday.

    • Absolutely. My wallet was not prepared. HA. What’d you end up buying?

  • Leah Lowe

    ahhh so many great sales! Headed to Minted for that bar cart now!

    x – Leah

    • RIGHT?!?! Have you checked out the bar carts at Mintwood yet???

  • Ahhh these deals are so awesome! And I love that JCrew vest–I have one in grey and it is my absolute favorite.

    • RIGHT?!?!?! I bought this vest in multiple prints/colors because obvi necessary. haha!

  • Lauren Ashley

    Oh hey girl hey!! Such a great roundup! These are amazing sales!

    • Girl, you and me both…your roundup was similarly fab!

  • This list was JUST what I was looking for! Thank you for putting this list together. It saves me a lot of time. 🙂

    • SO GLAD, Bethany! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • stefanie schoen

    Holy crap this is a great roundup! Good for you for getting this done so early this morning!


    • HOLLAH!!! I woke up early for that – haha! Stefanie didja end up shopping at all during the weekend??

  • William Snelling

    If you know someone who is into bicycling, there are two good companies that are having great deals right now: – serious cycling apparel and accessories – more casual and lifestyle apparel

    • Thanks for sharing these, Mr. Snelling!! These are awesome!

  • Anna Hubbard

    So many deals! Thanks for sharing, Erica!
    -Anna |

    • Heck yes, Anna!! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Awesome finds! I need to grab a coffee mug!

    • OH YAAAAS GIRL. What’d you end up scoring this year??

  • Great round up girl!!! That coffee mug is too cute! Xo, Roselyn

    • Thanks, Roselyn!! Isn’t it fun?!

  • Stefanie Eadie

    so many amazing sales I don’t even know where to begin! I need to shop for others but keep getting distracted for myself… haha
    xoxo, Stefanie /

    • RIGHT??!!? I got way too distracted on shopping for my own self this year – ha!

  • What a stellar round up! I’ve decided to not take part in the deals this year to save (moving!!) but my oh my seeing all of these is making me regret my decision!!!

    • Thanks, Robin! GOOD FOR YOU for the self-control…teach me how to do it!?

  • Lauren Kunin

    I’m going to have to check out Lord and Taylor, American Eagle, NastyGal, and TopShop. I also entered your giveaway! Great post! Thank you!


    • Oh YAAAAAS girl, did you get good deals at any of the above??

  • Oooo! Thank you for reminding me to check out Old Navy. They have some great deals around this time of year so I am sure today will be awesome!

    • Heck yes girlfriend! What’d you end up finding from them??

      • I ended up with a thermal tee. Nothing too exciting but I really like it!

  • Can’t wait for BossPitch! And the sales are killing my credit card, but I’m very excited about all the things 🙂


  • Happy Holiday Shopping to you! These are some great deals you’ve found!


    Lee Anne

    • What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Lee Anne???

  • Mary

    SO many sales NOT enough cash!! Haha, thanks rounding up so many deals for reference.

    XO //

    • EXACTLY. hhahaha girl the struggle was real! Didja end up buying anything good??

  • Greta Hollar

    My credit card is wore out from all the great deals today! SO many good sales!

    Greta |

    • Oh yes. My card is dead. RIP.

  • So many great sales!!!! I need to get shopping.


    • RIGHT?! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Girl you had ALL of the sales – LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing gorgeous!

    • YAAAAS girl, I gotchu!

  • Woohoo – love this guide! Totally shopping for Christmas presents today!

    Cristina /

    • Absolutely. Didja get it all done in one fell swoop this year, Cristina??

  • Collectively Bee

    This is such a great guide! This is definitely going to help me with some shopping this evening!

    • Heck yaaaasa, so glad to hear that, girlfriend!

  • Brie

    This was super helpful! I always get overwhelmed with all the craziness and all the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so thanks for putting this together!

    xoxo Brie

    • I’m so glad you found it super helpful, Brie!! What’d you end up buying??

  • Love love love your sale picks! Happy shopping!!

    • HOLLAH! So glad to hear that girlfriend!

  • I never hear of ILY couture before but their stuff looks amazinggg! Thanks for putting this together dear!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • DUDE it’s so good…definitely worth a poke around their site!

  • Tanya Salemme

    Holy moly, this is like the mother of all deals!!!! Thank you so much for putting this all together!! I am going to have some serious shopping to do before midnight! LOL <3

    • HOLLAH! You’re so very welcome, Tanya…I hope it was super helpful for you! Didja get a lot of deals?

  • Ahh so many good sales!! Love this!

    • WOO! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Great to read your experience with SheIn! I’ve been thinking about buying from them 🙂

  • Alex Lo

    love all of your picks!! and i got some of them! 🙂

    • Hollah! What’d you end up getting of them, Alex???

  • I think this year’s Black Friday sales are the best I’ve ever seen!

    • Absolutely…they were just too good. Too good!

  • Sharon Glascoe

    Woah! What amazing deals. I really didn’t think they were going to be much better than Black Friday. Loft and Old Navy here I come!

    • Didja score good things from Loft and Old Navy, Sharon???

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    I love love love how these are all in one place for us bargain shoppers to find! I’ve been cleaning house with some great deals on maternity clothes 🙂

    • Oh girl, I’ve gotcha covered!
      Where has been your fave place for maternity stuff?

  • Serious question – how in the hellllll are you supposed to know about all these amazing deals & not buy for yourself? I HAD to get a bracelet and earrings from BaubleBar cause it’s my absolute favorite and well, #TreatYoSelf. Thanks for putting this together, super helpful as I sit here Christmas shopping online for the fam!

    • Serious question…who says I’m not buying for myself?!?!?!

      Girl, my wallet feels these sales on a personal level. It’s DEEP.

  • Amazing post! I’m so obsessed with all things SALE! But seriously can that twist front dress from Topshop just jump in my closet now?! Thanks! 😉

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    • RIGHT?!?! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Totally forgot about Steve Madden which means my shopping isn’t finished! Thanks for reminding me!


    • RIGHT?!?!?! Their shoes are some of my favorites!

  • Hoppie Nguyen

    omg!! the clothes from chic wish are so cute!! just discovered them from this article! Thanks! Checking them out now…

    – Hop

    • RIGHT?! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Hop???

  • Such great deals, thank you for the roundup! I’m so sad to have missed a couple of these. Hope you had a great time shopping!

    • You’re so very welcome, Jiawun! What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • Very impressive list! So many good deals!

    Clothes & Quotes

    • Oh totally. All about ‘dem sales!

  • Love this list! I surprisingly didn’t take advantage of the sales so much this year, with the exception of some skincare goodies!

    • WHAT?!?!?! GIRL. HOW.

      Also what skincare didja snag??

  • SO many amazing clothing deals this year! I’m so a cyber monday girl- no pushing through crowds for me!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?! What’d you end up buying for Cyber Monday???

  • So many great deals this year! I did some major damage yesterday lol!

    • What all didja score?!?!?!

  • Michelle mink

    I am a big black friday shopper and not so much cyber monday due to my preference for shopping in stores. I love all the dvd deals I can find on black friday.

    • Do you go out super early Friday morning, Michelle??

  • Sooo many good sales lately! I picked up a ton of stuff for my family members over the weekend. I’m relieved that most of my Christmas shopping is finished!

    Kayla |

    • Oh absolutely. What’d you end up buying for Black Friday/Cyber Monday???

  • The sales are still going! I absolutely love them!

    • I feel like sales are still happening 2 months later. LOL.

  • Some of these picks are so cute! I snagged a couple Kate Spade items for friends and family, and lots of new ski gear for me!

    • RIGHT?! Where’s your favorite place for ski gear, Tiffani??

  • There were SO many deals this year! I love SheIn too, so many great finds!

    • Oh totally…they’re everywhere!! What do you like best from SheIn, Kirsten?

  • Sami Mast

    I loved all the deals this year! Although I didn’t actually get anything on Cyber Monday!


    • Oh totally. Did you go out in store on Friday instead, Sami??

  • I have been buying a lot of Shein lately .. I loved that they offered a discount too!

    How 2 Wear It []

    • Aren’t they fabulous?!?! I’m typically totally impressed!

  • Victoria Stacey

    I’ve been eyeing some things at the GAP! But have yet to purchase – mostly taking advantage of Amazon, and the Bay in Canada 🙂

    • What’s the Bay?????

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