10 Things I’d Tell Teenage Girls {Pt. 2}

Happy…Thursday? Hope you’re enjoying this non-Hump-Day mix-up on Coming Up Roses – I’m finding this beyond fun. The countdown to 2-0 is set, but I know why you’re here. You’ve seen 10 Things I’d Tell Teenage Girls {Pt. 1}, and ‘Part 1’ means there’s a ‘Part 2’. Without further adieu, 10 Things I’d Tell Teenage Girls…Part 2.

10 things I'd tell

6. Stop saying how much you “hate drama.” The amount of times you post passive aggressive, “nameless” updates on 12 platforms of social media sums up how much you secretly-but-not-so-secretly love drama. Fix any issues with people face-to-face – it’ll make for a more rewarding friendship/relationship/etc. down the road (and less of a chance to be blocked from people’s newsfeeds). Promise.

7. Don’t let social media dictate the quality of your life. No matter your followers, friends, or “likes,” social media hype doesn’t equate with popularity. Internet popularity does not always indicate real-world popularity. We all feel twinges of happiness when we log on to 15 notifications, but the happiness is fleeting. We don’t usually walk around for the rest of the day boasting our new acquisition, like “Oh my gawdddd I got 10 new followers today MY LIFE IS AWESOME YAY MEEEE!!!!!” Why not focus on making new friendships in real life? Those happy moments aren’t fleeting – they’re concrete and are ready to be experienced time and time again.

8. Going back to guys. You are not allowed to express your desperation to attain a romantic male companion in the same week as expressing your strong sense of self and ability to be single. Being single isn’t actually a terrible thing. I mean, if anything, you can kiss whoever you want whenever you want. But seriously, you get totally vital “me” time to max out with ambitions towards your career, hobbies, and personal growth. If you feel like you need a guy to “complete” you, you’re not ready for a guy. Because you need to feel complete on your own. Guys are there to complement (and compliment!) you, not fill in holes (pun intended).

9. It’s really, really awesome to have a shoulder to lean on when you need a good cry, a good piece of advice, or a good laugh. Even better? When that shoulder is older and wiser. Adopt a trusted, older female to be your confidant and a partner in crime. We all feel pangs of pride and think we can handle the world without advice from those who have “been there, done that.” After all, every generation older than us is practically cavepeople, and they just totally don’t get what it’s like living now, right? Um, no. Take down the pride and be willing to learn from those who’ve been there, done that. It doesn’t degrade you as a person. It makes you stronger, sooner.

10. We all want to be “cool.” It’s like the main stigma of growing up – being “cool” and “fitting in” with the crowd. How ironic, since we inevitably grow up wanting anything but normality. Screw normality. We all know the saying, “Normal is just a setting on a washing machine.” Forget the norm. If everyone wears sweatpants to class but you want to wear heels, just do it. No apologies. No expectations. Just do you.

THAT’S IT, FOLKS. All 10 things. Guess it’s time for more awkward pics?

Dayyyyyum. That musta been a pretty sour candy.

Dayyyyyum. That musta been a pretty sour candy.

Dancing in my own little world, barefoot, with some weird arm movement. Either it's the percolator or I'm just awk.

Is it the salsa? It is a jig? Is it the percolator? At least I had a runner’s tan.

Wheeere's Johnny?

Wheeere’s Johnny?

Someone tell my face to stop going like this, please.

Someone tell my face to stop going like this, please.

It was cake frosting, I swear.

It was cake frosting, I swear.

QUICK, if you had five days left to live and a teenage girl sitting next to you on the train wanted some advice, what would it be????

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Happy THURSDAY! Now go eat some waffles with jam, sip a cup o’ joe and have a beautiful day.



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