11 Back-to-School Beauty & Body Essentials

Back in the day, heading “back to school” meant stocking up on colored pens and highlighters, sparkly notebooks and stretchy Book Sox (remember those??). Now, it’s all about making sure your storage containers are full of all of the essentials in life: moisturizers, cleansers, lip balms, makeup removers, eye creams, hair creams, body lotions, soaps and scrubs galore. I’m rounding up my absolute go-to beauty and body essentials for back-to-school time, whether it’s a timesaver or face saver, to help you step into fall with only the best in your beauty and skincare arsenal.

back-to-school beauty and body essentials


My must-have beauty products for school are either totally functional or totally fun. I’ve talked about my 6 quick makeup musts before, but not everything needs to be a race to get ready if there’s a job that needs to be done. Since you know I’m a sucker for bright, bold lippies, Maybelline’s Brazen Berry and Coral Burst ColorSensational lip colors have been my go-to’s in the rotation for the past few weeks. Brazen Berry is the perfect pop of violet that I’ve been rocking regularly for a more vibrant, edgier lip, while Coral Burst has been a summery staple that’ll still work nicely going into fall while colors are still lighter.

The E.l.f. sheer eyelid primer is heaven sent and a near-perfect alternative for the Urban Decay Eye Potion. If you ladies get greasy on the lids like me, you *must* try E.l.f.’s primer – it’s less than $3 and worth every cent!

Who hasn’t fallen in love with the Naked 3 Palette yet? When it comes to beauty essentials in college, this pretty much fits the bill to a T. It has a full line-up of pink-toned hues ranging from easy daytime shimmer to edgy nighttime glam. Perfect whether you’re whipping something on quick for class or getting dolled up for Friday night out.

When the night is over and done, you’ve GOTTA take care to get off all of the makeup you’ve got on; I’ve gotten to be quite particular about what I use to remove makeup regularly. The Ponds Original wet cleansing towelettes get makeup off like a champ with no need for rubbing or multiple wipes. One wipe does the trick, and it takes off eye makeup and face makeup gently – a must when you’ve got sensitive skin or are removing makeup around soft eye tissue.


I met this woman named Tauscha who is totally transforming my skincare game. She was the first ever Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant; Posh is a skincare line that cares about the ingredients that go into the stuff you put on your skin. Tauscha’s science background had her inspired to work with products that have NO parabens, parrafins, sulfates, phthalates, or petroleum-based ingredients allowed. No wasted space in the bottle – just the good stuff! Products ALSO have *no* soy or gluten and are meant to be the highest quality formulas at the lowest possible price (my kinda products!). I completely fell in love with the Posh website…everything from masks and scrubs to body butters and lotions to hand cremes and skin sticks – the list goes on forever, and so does my online shopping cart. (Did I mention nothing is over $25?)

The Posh Skindelicious Brazilian Bombshell body butter is unbelievably luxurious. My shower time is me time, and I prefer a full-out spa treatment before getting ready for my day. This stuff is brazil nut and Babassu oil-infused body butter, meaning it smells like it’s straight offa the beach, and it absorbs instantly into your skin to leave it feeling oh so soft and smooth. The combination of ingredients here work to preserve the elasticity of your skin, so it’s like a natural preservation in effect while just feeling amazing. #win

Posh SkinDelicious Brazilian Bombshell body butter

[Get it here]

Next up, I love the Pretty by Perfectly Posh Moisturize 911 Caffeinated face creme. This creme brightens, tightens, and moisturizes your face and neck. It’s an aloe vera-based moisturizer (meaning, water-based instead of oil!) with CAFFEINE in it. Guys. College and caffeine go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you’re anything like me, I don’t like constantly chugging caffeine to look and feel more alert. Having some caffeine in your skincare regimen means your skin can naturally react to the caffeine without it traveling through your bloodstream first – a plus when you don’t want your heart racing a mile a minute. (; Moisturize 911 is the quintessential travel product, too, if you tend to get a little bloated or puffy while en route. It takes care of puffiness without ANY greasiness, absorbs super quickly (thanks, caffeine!), is non-comedogenic, and doesn’t clog pores or break-outs. (Plus, it’s just $16 for a hella big tube).

The Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum Potion from Perfectly Posh is another caffeinated favorite. With caffeine, cucumber extract, and white tea, this serum *also* boasts having CoQ10 and polypeptides to make the skin around eyes look and feel alert and tight. Buh-bye saggy undereyes and dark circles from those late night’s studying! Just dab some of this potion on when you know you can’t avoid a late night or early morning, and you’ll look more like you got 7-8 hours of shut eye instead of like you’re straight outta the Walking Dead.

Posh Impish Eyes caffeinated eye serum

[Get it here]

When you’ve gotta wash up and clean out your pores after running around from classes to meetings to rehearsals and study groups, the Perfectly Posh Tea Tree Clearing Pore-fect big face bar is where. it’s. at. This bar lasts for-ever and is seriously a BIG face wash bar. I usually don’t like bars of soap at all, but I actually can’t get enough of the lather that this one produces!! It’s crazy – you can literally get a whole face-full of lather and a real cleanse, and your skin feels tight and squeaky clean afterwards from the tea tree. At 10 bucks, totally worth it, especially if you’re on the hunt for more natural methods of pore cleaning!

Posh tea tree cleansing face bar

[Get it here]

My last skincare essential for back-to-school is also – surprise! – from Posh. It’s The Stripper DTox Body Mud – a vegan solution to strip away free-radicals, toxins, and pollution with the perfect (and glamorous) combination of mud, charcoal and clay. Technically this goop is a full on body mask, but I stuck with just the face and am totally killin’ it this morning if I do say so myself:

Perfectly posh clay face mask

I rarely find face masks that I’m totally sold on, but this stuff is AMAZING. It feels so fabulous on your skin, it’s cooling and easy to apply, and you feel it tightening everything up in the 10 minutes it’s working its magic. I use a little buffering sponge to cleanse it all off then while simultaneously massaging my skin, and it feels it feeling worthy of ten thumbs-up emojis.



I’ve also gave a few hints here and there on these parts before: I’m addicted to dry shampoo. I’ve tried (and continute to try) nearly every bottle in the book, but Dove Dry Shampoo has been a constant stand-out. Not only does it effectively remove 2nd (or 3rd)- day greasiness and dirt, but it actually smells good. And if you’re a dry shampoo aficionado yourself, you know how easy it is to accidentally suffocate yourself on a perfumey, powdery, too-strong aerosol spray…not good.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s my latest neon addition to the haircare crew: my turquoise Paul Mitchell PurePop paddle brush. PM has got a limited edition line of neon-bright hair tools…everything from uber bright brushes to straighteners with equally bright silicone travel cases. When my hairbrush can match my mood, I’m game.


Now it’s your turn…

What are your back-to-school beauty and body essentials?

Let me know in a comment below…I might have some shopping to do at CVS later.

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