13 Ideas for Blog and Instagram Photography

One of the questions I’m most often asked or one of the concerns I most often hear when it comes to blogging and Instagramming is, “How do you come up with new content ideas all the time??!” In a content-driven world, sometimes it can be hard to come up with Instagram ideas that are new and fresh and content that’s creative, compelling, and clickworthy (my holy grail of C’s). I get it, sistah! So to help ya out, I’m sharing a laundry list of ideas for blog and Instagram photography. Think of this as your ultimate shot list the next time you’re in need of some photos or content, but aren’t quite sure where or what to tackle first!

13 Ideas for Blog + Instagram Photography - Instagram Ideas on Coming Up Roses

1.) What I’m drinking


People like shots of coffee, in both the espresso and photo form. You’ve got options here. If you’ve got an open mug o’ java, set it down on a nice surface with surrounding things setting the scene for your sit down coffee-drinking experience (ie: an accompanying pastry, reading material, etc). Shoot from above, getting the actual coffee in the shot, or shoot from the front to show off a personality-infused mug. For a travel cuppa joe, try holding it up against a pretty wall or background (bonus points if your nails are done) or holding it down at your side for a downwards #ootd shot that captures your in-the-moment coffee run self.


2.) What I’m seeing

Your vantage point is uniquely yours. Own it + share it with the world, snapping a photo as seen in your eyes or from your perspective. Whether that’s a beautiful sunset, an empty street, a pretty room or a bustling scene, sharing what you’re seeing is an interesting, personal peek behind the lens of your own life.


3.) What’s in my car

Pick up some coffee + flowers and you’re always golden. The frontseat snapshot is always a charmer; creatively place the pretty things on the passenger’s seat and snap your I-just-ran-a-few-errands masterpiece. Alternatively, pick up a coffee, cross your legs so your left shoe shows near the steering wheel, and snap that ever-popular angle.


4.) What I’m eating

If your meal looks scrumptious, share that ish! Bonus point if it’s particularly droolworthy. Just make sure you can pretty much tell what it is, that it’s actually visually appealing from behind a camera, and that it hasn’t been eaten yet. Empty, dirty plate shots are a no-go for the ‘Gram.


5.) What I’m wearing

For the fashionistas in the house, this is an easy peasy way to show off yo’ style + help out the less fortunate in the fashion department with your loads of wisdom and style savvy. #BlessUp. Here, you’ve got OOTD options (that’s outfit-of-the-day, folks). Option 1: the downwards selfie. This says “I’m running out the door, but I have a solid 20 minutes to spend getting this shot right cos Lord knows it’s a real beotch to nail this angle.” Be careful here – if you don’t master the angle, you risk ending up with an awkward chin shot or less-than-likeable picture. #BeenThereDoneThat. Switch your phone camera to Square mode, and tilt it so that your shoes are in one corner of the square and your head is in the opposite diagonal corner.
Alternatively, there’s the mirror #ootd. It says “I’m running out the door and I might be a hot mess, but I managed to impeccably clean the room I’m in for the ‘gram.


 6.) What I’m using on my face

If you’re a beauty guru, lay out your stash and snap a quick pic. Mix it up by showcasing things categorically or telling some other sort of story with the products you’re sharing (meaning, don’t just literally throw down whatever’s on the counter and call it Instagram-worthy). Share a brand’s best picks, a few favorite lip colors, a whole face worth’s of makeup, your ride or die must have, the latest from the drugstore – whatever floats yo’ feed + life.


7.) What’s on my floor

If you’re got yo’ hands on one of the ever-popular white fur “blogger rugs,” you’re in luck – it’s time to whip that baby out. If you don’t have one as of yet, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you probably haven’t been on Instagram in, like, three years. Every blogger has a white rug on hand, just in case. Sometimes, it’s not even an actual white rug – it’s just a piece of white fur. Cos as we know, Instagram is not real life, and not everything is as it seems. Go with the flow fur.


8.) What I’m walking towards

Ask a friendly neighbor to snap a pic in the Instagram spirit. Spice up your angles by showcasing the viewpoint of someone walking right behind you, with a dash of a creepy I’m-right-behind-you mentality. It’s like seeing the world from your shoulder, and it adds fun perspective and realness to your shots of daily life.


9.) What I’m reading

Let’s play the options. Option 1: A closed book (or stack of ’em) to showcase the pretty front cover. Option 2: An open-faced book to showcase the inside that you’re reading. Go with Option 1 if you’re going for relatability, wanting to spark engagement over your current read so that your followers can all chime in with their thoughts on said book. Option 2 is better if you’re just wanting that vibe of “I’m deep within a book,” or if you’re snapshotting something close up enough to see actual text that you lovelovelove.


10.) What’s inside my bag

We’re a ridiculously nosy society. And I’ll be the first to admit – when I see a YouTube video sharing what’s in somebody’s purse, I’m the first to click that ish. Fuel everyone’s need to be nosy by prettily dumping out your bag contents and highlighting a few regular favorites. Personally, I’m a fan of sharing WHY you’re carrying things, cos it’s much more helpful to anyone watching + wondering what the heck to add to their own daily tote.


11.) What I’m holding

Everyone loveloveloves donuts. Pick up one of those sprinkled bad boys are you’re bound to get a bajillion likes. (JK, but not really tho.) Point being, an easy peasy shot is of whatever’s in your hand at the moment. Just make sure that whatever’s in your hand is photographable and Instagram appropriate. 😉 Meaning, no random pack of crackers or empty cup of yogurt. Keep it pretty, peeps!


12.) What’s on my wall

An easy shot if you’ve got good awareness of your surroundings! See a wall that matches your Instagram theme or aesthetic? Bingo – you’ve just found a great Instagram idea. Wall shots are also good for the blog, especially if you’re on the hunt for photography that you can overlay text to for pinning purposes. Shoot a wall with some extra space where text could go, and BAM – you’ve knocked out some pins and dynamic graphics, too.
Tip for shooting: Make sure your final shot is framed nicely. If a wall already is framed (literally) for you, you’re golden. Otherwise, set the stage yourself by strategically measuring what parts show versus don’t.


 13.) What’s on my desk

Again, SO MANY OPTIONS HERE! Shoot a far away, holistic view of your desk getup. Capture the contents on your desktop, or the view from your desk chair. Show what’s on the wall in FRONT of your desk – what you look at day in and day out to stay motivated while you chug away at le computer. Share your pretty colored pen situation (since we all lovelovelove good color coding amiright??) or your stack of notebooks with quotes on the covers. Everyone’s a sucker for good desk accessories, so whether it’s the desk itself or the stuff on it, you’re set with a whole slue of content ideas.

Really, there are *plenty* of potential shots – you’ve just gotta know what your own followers and readers like the most. Track what does the best using websites like Iconosquare, pay attention to your analytics when possible, and give the people what they want.

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What are your favorite blog and Instagram ideas when it comes to photography?

Do you have any go-to’s? Do you lovelovelove any of the above? What’re your favorite to catch on the ‘gram? Drop your favorites in a comment below…I’d lovelovelove to hear your fave Instagram ideas and what y’all love to see!

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