14 Self-Love Solutions for However you’re Feeling Today

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, friends! It’s the day of lovelovelove, so you KNOW I’m all about it. ūüėȬ†J + I are keeping things super relaxed this year since it’s our first V-day with the nugget (fun fact: it’s our 7th Valentine’s together in total!).

I know so many folks have mixed feels about Valentine’s Day. So whether you’re single or taken, casually dating or in a committed relationship – we all need self-love. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else (at least, not truly). SO. However you’re feeling today, good or bad, happy or sad, this is for you! Here are 14 self-love solutions for today…and everyday.

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14 Self-Love Solutions for However You're Feeling Today

If’you’re feeling…

  1. Unhealthy Schedule a 30 minute walk today! Plan out a playlist or podcast to accompany you, and treat yo’self to some new workout gear to motivate you even more.¬†The perfect #TreatYoSelf is a pair of Align pants – 100% recommend! Or I found for $26.97…!!!!
  2. Broke –¬†Do a deep dive of your personal finances slash budget! I know, I know…doesn’t exactly sound like a joy ride. But chances are, the feeling of not being in¬†control of your finances might feel a bit worse than not having a lot of cash flow at this moment in time. Lay out all of your expenses from the past three months, and be brutally honest with yourself. Where can you cut back, or shift things around, to better prioritize what you want to be able to invest in or purchase? (Here is Part 1 + Part 2 of some Budget Talk here on CUR!)
  3. Tired –¬†Take a nap, girlfriend! I almost never nap, because I’m just not a napper. So if you’re like me, plan to hit the sack an hour (or two!) earlier tonight, justbecause. Your body + brain will thank ya tomorrow!
  4. Cluttered – Cutter mentally?¬†Time for a brain dump! Let your mind be ~cleared~ and feel that anxiety lessen when you’ve got it all out on paper.¬†Cluttered physically? Take 10 minutes today to tidy up (wow, alliteration much, E?). A quick physical tidy leads to feeling more mentally tidy, too! Plus, it’s self-love to take care of your space!
  5. Uninspired – Hop on Pinterest (but only for 5 minutes so as to not overwhelmed yourself!). Make a vision board. Clean through your closet and put together 3 new outfits. Pick up a self-help book at Barnes & Noble. Go on a walk for some fresh air outside. Listen to your favorite song. Identify what the heck pumps you up the most, the fastest, and go do that.
  6. Confident –¬†WOO! The best feeling! What’s wrong with being confident? Abso-freakin-lutely nothing, my friend. While you’re feelin’ ~good~, write out 5 things you lovelovelove about yourself. Even better? Write 10. From your kind heart or generous spirit, to your strong arms or great eyebrows (bless you), write it all down. Then put it in a safe place for the next time you’re feeling less-than-confident – THAT’S when you can whip it out again, as a reminder of the truths that you know about yourself.
  7. Lonely –¬†Call one of your best friends right this very second! Or, call your grandparents, call your mom – call whoever is your go-to person for a great convo, day or night.
  8. Spiritually dry –¬†Pick up your Bible, sistah! I lovelovelove a good game of Bible roulette; pray for the Lord to guide you to the words your heart needs to hear, and then open up! Pray over the entire passage you stumble upon, so that your spirit can discern whatever the heck it is that God is trying to tell you through it. Alternatively, download the Bible app if you haven’t already + pick out a plan! There are SO many goodies, regardless of your relationship status or place in life, so you’re bound to find one that feels justright.
  9. Not as strong as you’d like to be physically –¬†Stop and give me 10! Literally, drop and do 10 pushups right now. Better yet? Add a plank in there, too. And maybe 10 squats! I don’t care if you’re still in your jammies (guilty) – flex a muscle and feel stronger already. Physical strength *only* comes from putting in the work, so even doing one or two exercises whenever the thought even crosses your mind is a good way to always be working at it. Treat yo’self to some new workout gear, too! It’s the easiest way to get motivated to get yo’ booty moving. Score 15% off with code ERICA15.
  10. Insecure because of a breakout –¬†Time to treat yo’self to some good skincare! One of my favorite skincare brands of all time in the history of ever, Tula, just restocked their AND their – HOLLAH!¬† (+ Score 20% off everything with code COMINGUPROSES¬†!) Another favorite overnight spot treatment is .
  11. Content with where you’re at –¬†Time to count the blessings, girlfriend! Whip out your gratitude journal (or a blank notebook – we’re starting one together right now). Write down at least 10 things you feel grateful for in this moment. It can be *anything* –
  12. Judged –¬†OK…by who? Are you judging yourself? Or are you feeling judged by other people? If it’s the former, break down why you’re judging yourself. First off, is it even true? Second, is it something changeable? Like, you’re drinking way too much Diet Coke or not getting your booty to the gym? OK – change it! Cut the Coke fix by not buying it any more, and put gym time on your calendar like any oth work project. Is it someone else you’re concerned about judging you? Here’s the deal – what other people think of you is none of your business. No one can judge you who hasn’t done what you’re doing in your shoes but better (so, no one).¬† This is the *hardest* one on the list, I’m sure. But let. it. go.
  13. In love –¬†WOO! You’re in lovelovelove! Prime time to spread it around to anyone/everyone who might not be feelin’ so lucky this season. We all have more than enough love to go around, and love only grows from being shared.
  14. Unworthy of love –¬†Read this immediately. Then remember this verse:¬†But God proves His love for us that while we are still sinners, Christ died for us.¬†(Romans 5:8).


Which self-love solution is most salient to you today?

I WANNA KNOW. Hope you feel the lovelovelove today!

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