15-minute (Indoor) Full Body Summer Workout Routine

Is anyone else sorta…over the dog days of summer? Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about a swim sesh, a giant family BBQ, and some experimental cocktails. But the heat’s a bit unbearable, and it tends to dampen more than my browline – it gets hard to handle. Even a mere 15 minute workout outside becomes a 30 seconds step-outside-and-yell-HECK-NO.

Ladies, I’m about to get real real with ya (per usual).

Ain’t nobody got time for full-blown working out in summer when simply stepping outside makes your boobs start to sweat.

Every morning, I wake up oh so motivated to just jump up and start running miles outside (LOL jk), but then I realize it’s hot as heck, the humidity levels make greenhouses jealous, and suddenly I’d much rather sit in air conditioning thankyoukindly. Do ya feel the struggle??? We want to look and feel our best, especially when it comes time to sporting bikinis, and we get that jolt of inspiration especially in summertime. BUT, for those of us chicas who sweat buckets, it’s a whole ordeal and total nightmare. I can find any excuse in the book to not work out outdoors in summer, but I usually just “don’t have time” to get completely ratchet gross. Or, I’d rather eat a donut.

If I can trick myself into a full-body workout, I’m golden. So, instead of making a huge ordeal out of it, I incorporate some of my favorites moves throughout the day for an easy 15 minute workout. Then, whenever I need a quick mental break or adrenaline rush, I can just hop down for one of the equipment-free moves below and immediately feel more energized and fit. For all the ladies in the house who feel even less motivated to hit the great outdoors when the thermometer is hot hot hot, this summer workout routine is all doable INDOORS in 15 minutes. #bless

Ducking Boats

15 reps, 2-3 sets

Works: ABS

Guys, I totally made the name up. Because isn’t working out more fun when you call it whatever the heck you want? It’s like calling an ice cream cone your daily protein. HA. 😉 This move is one of my favorites for a quick ab burn. Sit on the floor on your butt bone, and position your body as much into a V-shape as possible. If you don’t already have a strong core, and/or if you’ve got weak hamstrings, you might feel some awkward tension and shaking in your legs. Focus on keeping your core tight and straightlined, leave your arms straight to your sides, and clench your abs, pulling yourself up towards your knees. Relax your abs down to the original position, still elevated off the ground (meaning you’re getting a really hella good workout).


Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses

Jump Squats

15 reps, 2-3 sets

Works: Legs, Booty

When it comes to working out, it’s kinda like Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all…gotta squeeze as many body parts in one move as possible. Jumping squats are clutch because you can work your quads, calves, booty, and core all in one. Hollah. Start by squatting down (le duh), sitting back with your back straight, knees a tad bit more than shoulder-width apart. Squat so that you form a near 90-degree angle from knee to hip. Hold for half a second before popping up into the air, really pushing off with your toes to feel it in your calf muscles. Land back down into a squate, all the way down, to get the full move.

INDOOR Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses


As long as possible

Works: Core + whole shebang

Planks really work your whole body, if you let them. No pain no gain couldn’t be more true in the plank category. I typically hold mine for about 2 minutes, but if you have to start at even 10 seconds, that’s 100% okay. The biggest key is to make sure your form is correct. I’ve seen WAY too many folks “plank” with their booty reaching for the sky, or with a total dip in their back; this not only lessens your results for your abs, but it can hurt other areas! Have someone spot you until you’re comfortable knowing where you’re aligned yourself, and make sure they let you know if you’ve got a straight line happening with your back, or if something isn’t as plank-ish as it should be. Challenge yourself in small increments to work your way up to planking for your favorite song! #goals

Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses

Hopping Side Lunges

15 reps, 2-3 sets

Works: Glutes, legs, cardio

I discovered my love for this move whilst jamming out to Megan Trainor’s “Me Too.” If ya follow me on Snapchat (erica_lig), you’ve heard the tune. 😉 Plain ol’ lunges severely hurt my knees; they’ve been crooked all my life, and putting intense pressure and strain on them does no one any good. If I’m going to lunge, it’s gotta be a quick move so that I don’t end up stuck somewhere. HA. That’s where this fun lil’ hop comes in. I think of the timing as “AND 1…AND 2…AND 3…” with every number being the actual dip down and every … being the hop back into position to start the move again. It’s really easy to do with music, and it gets your heartbeat up while giving your booty a nice blast.

Indoor Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses

Russian Twist

30 reps, 2-3 sets

Works: Abs

If ya couldn’t tell already, I like interspersing ab moves throughout my workout. Your core is one of your own muscle groups that can actually be worked out everyday with no rest days in between (fun fact!), so don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got! Your abs can take it. 😉 For the Russian Twist, sit on your butt bone again, and lift your ankles slightly off of the ground so they’re hovering; cross your ankles together for stability. Keeping your core tight and your back straightlined like before, twist your core from side to side. If you don’t have a weight to hold, just touch your fingers to the floor on either side of you. Otherwise, use a weight and just pull it to each side. Go as fast as you can for the ultimate ab burner!

Indoor Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses


Toe Touches

15 reps, 2-3 sets

Works: Glutes, Core

Because everyone wants a Beyonce-worthy booty come summertime, some extra butt-lovin’ in your workout is a good thing. To be honest, these toe taps are just kinda fun.If you’re familiar with the ol’ Mountain Climber move, the gist is similar. However, your body is more straightlined – almost like an extended-arm plank – and you’re just using one leg at a time to bring your toe up, tap, and bring it back (and tap again). Simple and tap-happy for an easy, lighter burn.

Indoor Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses

Step Push-Ups

As many as possible

Works: Arms

You know ’em, you hate ’em: push-ups. But ain’t nobody got time for “girl” push-ups around these rosy parts. Because girls are strong. And I have full confidence in you that you CAN do at least one push-up. If not right this very second, then you can work up to it. I prefer doing these on stairs versus on the ground just because I can focus more on my arms, and I end up with less pain in my chest and/or shoulder the next day. Chest/shoulder workouts are GOOD, but I moreso feel like I don’t have perfect form and THAT’S the cause of pain, which is bad. Modify your workout to fit your body and where you’re at at the moment, and work up to goals accordingly. You can do it!

Indoor Summer Workout Routine on Coming Up Roses

Aaaaaaaand voila! My 15 minute indoor summer workout routine, when the temperature outside (and/or the humidity, hello) is just too much for the hair to handle. 😉

Didja notice the cute little earbuds I sport during my workouts? No? It’s because they’re made to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle sans annoying cords and wires. They’re called the VerveLife Ones+, and they’re the bomb dot com in new earbud technology. I’ve GOTTA have my Spotify Workout playlist blasting during any physical activity, but I canNOT have anything get in the way when I’m in the zone! These babies are completely wireless smart earbuds; they work with your phone’s Bluetooth to sync your jams in HD right to your ear. They’re Siri and Google Now compatible, sweat and waterproof, and you can charge the buds in the portable case for up to 12 hours of playtime. PLUS, for the busy bees in the house, there’s a dual mic that can automatically pause your music for an incoming phone call. Tapping the outside of the bud (the side that faces externally) lets you answer calls, adjust volume, switch songs…the whole nine yards. So besides using these for working out, I especially like ’em for work days in office! I’ve got music in my head AND no extra clutter around my desk area, so they’re a real gem.

Summer workout with Verve on Coming Up Roses

What’s your summer workout routine?

Do you like working out indoors or outdoors in summer months? What’s your fave way to get moving? Do you have a playlist of workout JAMS to get pumped up and ready to rock? Do you have a 15 minute workout routine?

I wanna know ALL OF THE ABOVE, so let me know in a comment below!

P.S. For any PHILLY peeps in the house (or near Philly!)…would you click right here and answer this ONE survey Q??? Muy importante. Gracias. 😉

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