15 Reasons to Still Not Shave Your Legs

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That’s right, I said still. Because we all know that while the dudes just go strong for #NoShaveNovember, we ladies stick it out. We’re committed to an entire winter of sub-par shaving, because hey – it’s cold, and sometimes layering just doesn’t work with your outfit. You feel me? Of course you do, because since no guys are feeling up your stubble, us chicas gotta stick together. We all know we sometimes push the boundaries when it comes to acceptable shaving tactics, but there are 15 points to consider to shave your legs.

15 Reasons to Still Not Shave Your Legs featured by popular Philadelphia blogger, Coming Up Roses


  1. We already do enough grooming above the waist; we stock up at Sephora and then spend at least 20 minutes making our faces up, so Lord save you if you’re looking at my halfassed leg shave job instead. Look at my face. I put makeup on for this.
  2. Winter means goosebumps. Any woman who has ever tried to shave their legs while having goosebumps knows it’s the one thing in life you’ll regret. That, and shaving before hitting up the ocean.
  3. If sometimes you shave your legs and sometimes you don’t, you’ll always keep your man guessing. Talk about spicing up your relationship.
  4. Who decided women should shave their legs anyways?
  5. If we’re shaving our legs and our armpits, why are we skipping our arms in between? I’m confused.
  6. Opaque tights were created for a reason, people. Obviously, they were made so we didn’t have to shave December – February (and arguably March…waiting anyday now Spring…).
  7. If women were meant to have hairless legs anyways, the hair should just fall out periodically. It would be like going back to the simpler things in life.
  8. Waxing your brows is not exactly a walk in the park with an ice cream cone. Waxing your whole entire leg? Both of them?! Yeah…no.
  9. If you skip shaving a few days, when you do shave your legs, you man will think your legs are just exceptionally smooth.
  10. If you’ve ever accidentally removed skin, especially that spot right above your ankle bone or right above your heel – you feel my pain. Somehow the shower water has never been more excruciatingly painful.
  11. If you’ve ever dry shaved, you’ve lived to regret it.
  12. If you’ve ever shaved with a disposable razor, you’ve lived to regret it. (Or are all of these just me? Awkward.).
  13. Since feminism is “on the rise,” just say you’re flaunting your natural, beautiful body.
  14. That’s what maxi dresses are for.
  15. And pants.

It’s easy for me to say this as I sit here dreading putting on my snowboots, since what better way to celebrate the first day of spring than by trudging through MORE SNOW?! Get your act together, Philadelphia. But when it comes down to it, I cannot friggin’ wait one more second for springtime, and you can bet the first thing I’m busting out of my closet are my skirts and dresses and sandals galore. I’ll have to give it a wholehearted shave this time around and that’s all good and dandy, because now Gillette’s Venus Swirl™ razor is taking shaving to a whole new level. In college I finally came to the realization that I should just stop buying cheap razors altogether; since I clearly wasn’t going to stop shaving at the last minute, dry shaving, or shaving with lightning speed, I needed a razor that wouldn’t leave my legs covered in bloody little spots upon leaving the shower (pleasant, I know).

The Venus Swirl is the first and only razor to have new Flexiball™ technology, allowing your razor to move in multiple directions to navigate all of the trickiest areas to reach (like the back of your knee amiright?). So no more will you sit down in sunlight and notice a circle of unshaven hair! Hallelujah! Add that to the Microfine Comb and five Countour™ Blades, Gillette’s most advanced blade technology, and the Venus Swirl™ moves like no other razor, leaving you with flawless skin – finally. Then you’ve got water activated MoistureGlide™ Serum around the blades for a smooth glide, and its shave gel counterpart, Venus™ with a touch of Olay® VioletSwirl™, for up to 5x more moisturization.

15 Reasons to Still Not Shave Your Legs featured by popular Philadelphia blogger, Coming Up Roses


What are your must-have shaving essentials? What’s your funniest story of shaving slacking during winter? Do you shave your legs during the winter?


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