20 Amazon Closet Staples

It’s an “add to cart!” kinda day! Hello my name is Erica, and I have an Amazon problem. Namely, that I add to my Amazon cart like it’s nobody’s business. All in favor of Amazon adding a “please don’t deliver when my husband is home” shipping option, say aye! But really, this whole it-arrives-tomorrow ordeal with Prime, coupled with free shipping and the fact that they have everything but the kitchen sink (strike that, they have that, too) and Houston, we have a problem.

Sidenote, speaking of problems (this has nothing to do with Amazon FYI) – if you saw my Instastories yesterday afternoon, you know that there is a snake (yes, a freaking snake) that has decided it should take our front stoop up as it’s home base. Most of you are clearly in the right place as my girlfriends all over the world, as recommendations for handling said snake included the likes of “call the cops,” “move,” and “burn the house down.” All very rational, reasonable responses. Stay tuned for updates on the snake saga.

Back to Amazon closet staples…

Ah, good ol’ Amazon. I owe approximately half my closet to you now.

All of the Amazon closet staples below I pulled because they are, in fact, staples in my own closet. So I can recommend from firsthand experience!

20 Amazon Closet Staples on Coming Up Roses

  1. Lululemon-lookalike leggings – I kid you not, these are straight up alternatives to Lululemon. I first heard of them from one of my favorite bloggers, Katey, so now I have to pass the secret along to you. No worries, a full blog post on ’em is to come. They’re absolutely golden. The feel is exactly the same, but the price is exactly NOT the same – they’re so much more affordable. For only $24, they’re an actual steal. I could confuse these WITH my Lulus, they’re that good of a lookalike. They wear and wash well, and they work for actual working out and just looking like you worked out. 😉
  2. Leopard bikini – Really, all 10 of these Amazon swimsuits. (Especially since they’re all under $30 – woo!). All of them are staples in your swimsuit drawer. All are fun. All are affordable.
  3. Leopard denim – The second I saw these leopard jeans on my Instagram newsfeed, I knew they were my next #TreatYoSelf. 😉 They’re more of a splurge, but 100% worth it if you want/need a pair of fun denim that’s still versatile! Lovelovelove pairing these with basic neutral tees – it’s such an easy outfit that looks dressier OR dressed down depending on how you style the rest of the look with accessories.
  4. Chiffon tank – I just recently picked up this pretty tank in the turquoise color, and I think it’s so perfect for spring layering and summer date nights! It’s under $20, Prime, plus comes in quite a few colors. An easy, breathable, flowy, girly staple for your closet!
  5. Spring pajamas – The SET is under $30 total – and it feels just like pairs at Nordstrom for $70+. SO soft + breathable. Great giftable (think, Mother’s Day!).
  6. Jersey jumpsuit – Literally wearing this bad boy as we speak. 😉 This feels like it would be something from American Eagle – it’s made so well! Just a soft, jersey material that’s really comfy, so you can feel like you’re rocking pajamas during the day. The cinching at the ankles + the drawstring waist keep it flattering, too, and the straps are adjustable at the back so that you can make your perfect fit. Also not even $30 for a whole outfit. BLESS.
  7. Polka dot swing dress – SUCH A GEM! So much so that it’s probably getting a whole blog post to itself. Under $25 and on Prime. Super versatile. Lovelovelove the flow. And the ruffles! Also has a more unique neckline that I haven’t really seen before – it nicely highlights your collarbone. 100% recommend, for dressing up AND down this season!
  8. Daily Ritual dresses – I bought this t-shirt dress from the brand last year and loveloveloved it, so I picked up the maxi-version this year and am just as obsessed! This brand has the *comfiest* stuff – it’s probably my favorite brand from Amazon right now. It’s all squishy soft, where you just feel good wearing it. And the materail does not wrinkle, so A+ THERE, FOLKS. Ain’t nobody got time to iron. All about that throw-it-in-a-corner-and-it-still-looks-fine life. 😉 Everything is so affordable and SO well-made. I currently have 5 (yes, FIVE) more pieces from the brand in my cart, because I think I’ll be just living in them all spring + summer long. Nothings beats comfy, classic basics!
  9. Camo baseball hat – The best 7 bucks! Super cute, easy baseball hat whether you’re running around town or hiding 5-day hair. 😉
  10. Flower bodysuit – I wore this on Instastories not too long ago and got a handful of Q’s about it, for good reason! I bought it myself because it’s so UNIQUE. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. Normally, I’m suuuuuper skeptical about anything strapless or off-shoulder, since it can easily become too high maintenance to be worth the wear, in my opinion. But this one is a winner winner chicken dinner. It stays PUT!!!! Not only does it stay in place, but it’s really flattering on your collar bone because of it, and because of the floral detailing. I lovelovelove a good bodysuit always!
  11. Mules – These bad boys are en route to my house as we speak, in polka dot form. They were a total no-brainer to me, seeing as I had my eye on a ~$200 pair for the *longest* time and absolutely could not pull the trigger, and 35 bucks is a lot more wallet-friendly. 😉 I mean, under $40?!?! They legit look just like the designer version – heck, the other pair I saw was just white, so I’d say these are even cuter!
  12. Sequin blazer – This was my Christmas blazer this past year, and I was lowkey obsessed. Granted, I acknowledge that sequins are not for all souls. But. If they are and you are that soul, this is a 50 bucks well spent, girlfriend. I wanted to be comfy since we hosted the holiday, so I styled over a plain black tee with jeans and was able to switch to black leggings later, and it still worked – it was toned down while still being dressed up for the occasion, and it was a complimented showstopper! Plus, for a piece like this that you won’t exactly be whipping out every Tuesday, I say save the money; you’re better off splurging on a really high quality everyday essential that will have a low cost per wear and be 100% worth the pricetag.
  13. Bralette –  This cute little lace bralette reminds of the much more expensive Free People bralette that everyone and their mom has in a different color (including me)…but for around $16 instead of $48. It has built-in cups which is something I like more than the Free People version (that one doesn’t), so that you feel support/covered without needing to wear any other bra with it!
  14. Bluelight blocking glasses – If you’re in the market for bluelight blockers, I have these – they’re under $20 + on Prime.
  15. Suede moto jacket –  SUCH a timeless piece. It’s a splurge, but a worthwhile splurge at that. You can also try before you buy it with the Prime wardrobe option, which could be very much worth it here! I believe you get to try the piece for a full week before needing to send it back/make a decision, so you can see if you lovelovelove it enough to make the pricetag worth it.
  16. Dr. Scholl’s mules –  And the award for comfiest mules on the planet goes to my good pal, Dr. Scholl. JK JK – but I wish we were buds, because I’d have him hook a sistah UP with ALL THE SHOES. Seeing as clearly I have a Dr. Scholl’s problem. 😉 HA. I’ve had these since last year, too, and they’re still just as good as new. Can walk in these all day and then some. They come in every neutral shade AND leopard, so you know they’re winners.
  17. Joggers (similar style here)- Just ordered these, because they’re from the same brand I mentioned above – so I’m stoked.
  18. Wubby pullover – I know, I know…it’s supposed to be 75 + sunny today and I’m over here sharing a fluffy, cozy pullover. BUT, it’s an Amazon closet staple, so I had to! Instead of being $50+ like the viral Nordstrom version, mine is under $30 on Prime.
  19. Ruffled strapless dress –  This is a great option for gender reveal parties, baby showers, bridal showers – any event upcoming this season! It’s made fabulously. Again, not usually a strapless gal, but it stays put! It actually has a zipper up the side so that you get a really flattering fit that’s more form-fitting around the waist, but flared at the bottom and then snug at the elastic up top.
  20. Striped romper –  $25 for a whole outfit?!? YES PLS. Super cute, easy little piece to throw on for whatever.

Which Amazon closet staples are your favorite?

Do you already have any of the above? Have you bought anything from Amazon lately that’s ended up on repeat in your own closet? I wanna know!

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