2014 in Review.

2014 in review

Now I know “everyone else is doing it” isn’t a good excuse most of the time, especially when drugs or neon spandex is involved, but this review-your-year-through-blog-land schpeal was too good to pass up.


Wow, this is going waaaaaay back. #tbt would feel pretty relevant if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s hump day. (Speaking of hump day, have you seen the new camel commercial?? My marketing insides are going crazy with advertising-induced bliss.) But I digress. 2014 started off in not the best way for me. My sophomore fall semester at Wharton and Penn took a major toll on me mentally and emotionally; I was struggling to beat anxiety. 2014 also brought sooooooo many changes to Coming Up Roses. I didn’t even comprehend this until putting this post together (I guess THAT’S why everyone does it!), but WOWZAHS. In January (and actually, all through until summer), I was still just posting once a week – the hump day treat – and nowhere near where I am now. #changes Speaking of changes, if you’re looking to find your soul mate anytime soon, apparently this will help.


I made a Bloglovin’ for the very first time ever. #allgrownuphere


I became a “twenty-something.”


Or, at least the first half of that. The whole first quarter of 2014 was apparently a quasi-existential blur of emotions and transitions for me, because I blogged about feelings a lot. Like my feelings on expectations and why they suck so much. And my feelings that I would tell any teenage girl, one teenage girl to another. Because I was and am and always will be majorly inspired by Kate Conner’s book and blog and everything she preaches.


I got riled up and wrote this, which ended up being pretty controversial. And then I went shopping and got 19 things for under $211.

EXCITED (but exhausted).


This post is actually really fitting for right now, because ten bucks and a cupcake says that you haven’t shaved your legs in at least a week. If you have a hot date coming up, then you don’t count in the equation. I was in the process of preparing for one heckuvah hot date, and by hot date I mean 13 hours in a car one way, just me and the boyf. I did remember to shave (since I know you were itching with curiosity on that one), and I also remembered to pack some essentials for getting that “I woke up like this” glam on whilst in the rest stop bathroom. Oh yeah, and in case any of you are wondering, I couldn’t parallel park then, and I’m only half better at it now.


June started off quite nicely, and then stuff started hitting the fan. I had a fabulous time spa-ing it up in Pittsburgh and pizza-ing it up in Chicago, but then I only got 3 hours of sleep, got stuck in construction traffic, mistakenly relied on GPS navigation, and wore pantyhose in 80 degrees + humidity (this is a travesty, people), all on my first day of work. Oh, and I also slammed my finger in a door. #nailedit Went home and put some chocolate on my face, because simply eating it would not suffice. You understand, right?

chocolate face mask


I moved in with J for the summer, so he did the courtesy of letting the world in on what it’s like to live with me. You’re all welcome. But I’m still torn on whether Summer 2014’s highlight was shacking up, or this.


August came, and with it, the grappling of the realization that I sometimes suck at time management. I’m particularly suckish at this when it involves timing how quickly I can and should get ready for any given day/event/life. I got fed up with half-assing it, so I just figured out how to do a makeup routine in 3 minutes. And whilst getting my own s*** together, I started getting cozy in my new role as RA for a hall of 26 freshmen. The hooligans had no idea what was about to him them. (Hint: this).

quick makeup


Happy birthday/blogiversary/blogday (???), Coming Up Roses!

blog birthday


This was the month where I binge-shopped drugstore products so hard it almost hurt. But then it didn’t, so it happened again. And again and again. Can’t stop won’t stop CVS. More importantly though, I’ve hit the 2 year mark with this one. 2 YEARS. That’s nearly a tenth of my life.

dating for two years


Is it just me, or was October pretty weird? Hear me out. First, my boyfriend went to a fashion show. On his own, just up and went. Would’ve been weird, but he did it for the sake of blogging and brought back shea butter, so I gave him a solid pass there.

fashion show

Then, I had an almost one-on-one (minus the rest of the room) chat with the CEO of the sexiest brand out there, Victoria’s Secret. The weird part? She didn’t even bring me a bra. That’s like going to a dinner party and not bringing the hostess a nice scented candle, fruit cake or wine. And I guess the weirdest thing in October was passing out in prison, but that’s another story.


Help, I’m drowning in pumpkin spice and I won’t can’t get up! BRB, baking pumpkin and drinking pumpkin and petting Pumpkin (**comment if you know the difference!) whilst thinking that I may, in fact, be a feminist. Now, we can officially say that Holiday season begins, because Halloween doesn’t count as a holiday. Not only are PSLs happening, but red cups start hitting everywhere (literally – I think they’re a fashion accessory now, too?) and mine alternate between pumpkin and gingerbread or chestnut praline goodness.

starbucks red cup


This moment was one of the most painful in our relationship, but we managed to get back to normality soon thereafter (and I’m still trying to convince him to get an MRI…bring on the encouragement, folks!).


Some new goodies were announced on the blog, including NYNB (that’s New Year, New Blog) and Operation Beautiful. You have literally 14 hours left to get the earlybird discount rate on VIP #NYNB status (meaning you’ll get 3 bucks sent back to ya via PayPal). Shameless plug. Even moreso of a shameless plug is OB. I was so inspired when I first saw this from Shane, and I thought it’d be a perfect addition to the new series comin’ atcha here.


Aaaaaaand the countdown begins! T-minus 10 hours until Taylor Swift brings Times Square down at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. Oh, and 2015.

**Use code 2015 to get 15% off any ad space or consulting spot!

What are you most excited about for 2015? What were three of your favorite moments in 2014?

See ya on the flip side!



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