2015 Gift Guide for your Super Manly Man

**This post is a GUEST POST gift guide from my fabulous fiancé. Sometimes, the hardest people to shop for are the men in our lives. Dad, brother, boyfriend, cousin, husband…who the heck knows what to buy them?! I’ll tell ya who – my fiancé. Give him a warm, rosy welcome! 


Let’s set the tone.  It’s December 2 and you’re panicking.  It’s that time of year again… Christmas!  Hanukkah!  Kwanza!  No matter what holiday you’re enjoying, you need a gift – or eight – for your significant other.  And you need it preferably now so you could wrap it, add a bow, and pretend you thought about it all year.  No worries… I have your back.

Last year I introduced my 2014 Gift Guide for your Super Manly Man, so if you haven’t checked out that article, those gifts are still in play.  If you have read that article, but just need a brush up on the rules of the guide, here they are:

  1. The list must go from ten down to one to build the hype.
  2. There’s a rating system: practicality, affordability, and awesomeness are the categories and each can get anywhere between one to five stars. Practical means can you use it daily and would it be a more efficient substitution for a current product.  Affordable means under $50.  Awesomeness is my interpretation.  And ties are broken arbitrarily.
  3. The list must sidestep when convenient to add humor a.k.a. the non-practical, non-affordable and super awesome gifts.

BEWARE.  This year is even better.  I can’t believe I can find the most awesome and dumbest things on the Internet, but… here we go.

But WAIT.  Side note.  Last year I certified gifts that I myself would by for myself.  But I certified it Boyfriend AWESOME.  I’m actual a fiancé now… so, it’s Fiancé AWESOME.

*NOTE: This is a shoppable graphic! Click the tag on each product to shop it directly. Some affiliate links may be used.*



      1. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit


            Price: $20-$45 Summary: Every man at some point in his life wants to brew his own beer.  This is your shot to make that dream come true, leading to a great memory for down the road… at a somewhat cheap price.  If it’s under $30, score.  Over $30, buy a case and call is a day.  You can also go with the Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit. Practicality: **                        Affordability:  **         Awesomeness: ***   OVERALL SCORE: 7/15          


      1. Face Mug


            Price: $18 Summary: Face mug…?  Yes, they couldn’t devise a better name.  Who cares.  It’s flipping amazing, awesome, and your guy may not love it as much as you do.  This is the gift you buy for him but you end up using more.  Come on… don’t feel guilty.  You know you want it.  Even though it’s a somewhat complete waste of money… I gotta certify this as Fiancé AWESOME. Practicality: *             Affordability:  *           Awesomeness: *****   OVERALL SCORE: 7/15          


      1. The Ultimate Gym Towel


            Price: $34 Summary: This revolutionary fitness accessory is the pinnacle of gym towel engineering. It features a magnetic clip, universal zipper, 4″ x 15″ pocket, a touch sensitive mesh, anti-fall sleeve, and even a gym-side / skin-side so you’ll only let your skin touch one side of the towel.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  Revolutionary?  Eh.  Neat?  Somewhat?  Great gift for your guy who will fall for the marketing and tell all of his buddies?  YES.  This is what makes this a perfect man gift this holiday… if you can eat the price.   Practicality: ****                     Affordability:  *                       Awesomeness: ***   OVERALL SCORE: 8/15          


      1. Ventev Dashport Charger for Smartphones


            Price: $19.95 Summary: This super practical car charger charges handsets, tablets, and other USB devices at max rate.  Best part: it has TWO inputs, which means you and your guy can both charges your devices simulatenously… at a relatively cheap rate.  Although it’s not as cheap as other devices you can find, it has good reviews and is perpetually on sale. Practicality: ****                     Affordability:  ***                    Awesomeness: **   OVERALL SCORE: 9/15          


      1. IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated)


            Price: $19.99 Summary: LOL.  You know why I’m recommending this gift… and it comes in eight different colors besides urine. Practicality: *****                   Affordability:  **                     Awesomeness: **   OVERALL SCORE: 9/15          


      1. Rough Hand Scrub for Men


            Price: $16.99 Summary: Not every gift has to be amazing.  This is that stocking stuffer gift that gets passed over for other gifts but ends up being the one thing he will use ALL YEAR LONG and then ask for it every holiday.  You can’t go wrong with a scrub that has 5 STARS from 565 reviews.  Seriously.  This is certified Fiancé AWESOME. Practicality: *****                   Affordability:  ***                    Awesomeness: **   OVERALL SCORE: 10/15          


      1. Evernote Classic Notebook


            Price: $22.50 Summary: You have to know your guy before you jump on this purchase.  Does he take a lot of handwritten notes in class or a meeting?  Check.  Does he need to have those notes for a good period of time?  Check.  This may be a winner and for a great price.  Evernote has paired with Moleskin to give people this cool opportunity to snap a photo of their notes and have them digitized in their Evernote app.  It also comes in a Business Notebook, and some purchases have 3 months of Evernote Premium. Practicality: ***          Affordability:  *****                 Awesomeness: ***   OVERALL SCORE: 11/15          


      1. Tresenda President Zippered Leather Portfolio


            Price: $60 per person ($6 each for inscription on front and inside) Summary: Practical organization meets stylish good taste in the ultimate executive portfolio.  It must be true because the site said it.  No, seriously.  I’ve been searching for a good one of these for a while, and these range from dirt cheap (under $20) to unrealistically expensive ($200+).  It’s definitely practical with an added touch of class.  Better yet, it has a great potential return on investment.  You buy it for you guy, who gets a better job that pays more money, which then allows him to spend more on you.  Boom. Practicality: *****                   Affordability:  ***                    Awesomeness: ****   OVERALL SCORE: 12/15          


      1. Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating System


            Price: $18.35 Summary: Alright.  Let’s be honest: shaving sucks most of the time.  It’s a necessary evil if you want to appear clean.  But the process just got a bit easier and happier with this gift.  You cannot go wrong with this gift, as every guy enjoys the anticipation and moment when barber puts the heated shaving cream on their neck.  It’s why we pay for the haircut besides getting the haircut.   Practicality: ****                     Affordability:  ****                  Awesomeness: ****   OVERALL SCORE: 12/15  

      1. 24 Hour Chilling Beer Growler


            Price: $29.95 Summary: Last year I wrote about a growler and pint glass set.  This year compliments it as a travel buddy… think sporting events.  Your guy will absolutely love this growler as it keeps his beer frosted throughout the pregame ritual.  It can carry 64 ounces of brew and goes as a nice side gift with the brewing kit mentioned earlier! This gift is certified Fiancé AWESOME! Practicality: ****         Affordability:  ****      Awesomeness: ***** OVERALL SCORE: 13/15   So that wraps up this year’s list… whoa, what?  I forgot rule number three again?  Check out these bonus non-practical (all the time), non-affordable (for the usage rate), but super awesome gift ideas.


BONUS 4: Banana Pool Table

Price: $18,692.40

Summary:  What a complete waste of money on something so amazing.  Who wouldn’t love to have guests be wowed?


BONUS 3: Clip-On Man Bun

Price: $10

Summary:  This is a perfect addition during the World Cup, Euro-trips, or if you want to add some spice in your life.  Paint me like one of your French women.


BONUS 2: Non-Lethal Salt Firing Self Defense Gun

Price: $299.99

Summary:  The more I look at this gift, the more I actually want to purchase it.  It’s cheaper and safer than owning a gun, and it’s effective in that you likely won’t be in jail after you defend yourself.  You can even get $25 right now.


BONUS 1: Portable Pizza Pouch/Hidden Flask Mittens

Price: $8/$20

Summary:  You might as well keep the party going with these options.  Seriously, though, stay away from anyone who has these items…



Price: $79

Summary:  This is the gift if you want this to be your last holiday with your guy.  Imagine having matching stuffed humanials on your bed when your guy comes home.  Add a strange and sadistic smile for added effect, film, and upload to YouTube.


THANKS, J! Golly, I love this guy. He makes Christmas shopping SO EASY, doesn’t he?!

What are you getting your guy this year for Christmas?

Leave your own gift guides and shopping ideas in a comment down below…I’ve still got some people to cross off the list! Ho ho ho and another cup of coffee…