22 for 2 years.

Monday marked 2 years of officially dating Boyfriend. You may not know that much about me yet, but two years says a lot. I’m not one to stick around with anything that I’m not 100% invested in, because I’m all about crafting the most fulfilling life. But life crafting…that’s another story.

In my past dating life, when things got murky and ended, I would always try to identify key takeaways, for better or for worse, that would ultimately help me in finding my “person.” Being self-aware is oh-so-important when you’re dating, especially when you’re searching for something more serious. And I love lists, so I’m totally unopposed (and highly recommend) the whole pro-con things if/when you’re on the fence about a particular potential beau. But that’s another story, too.

In honor of my fabulous Boyf and our September-22nd big day, I’m going to gush a little about 22 of my favorite things so far in our love. They’re all about him, because I just love him. And they’re all boiled down into the number 22.


  1. He just gets me. I’m guilty of holding in feelings sometimes and letting it shine via my all too-hard-to-control facial expressions. But he knows when to persist in asking me what’s up, and when to just give me some space and let me cool off.
  2. He makes me laugh. That’s a must for me, because a life filled with laughter is a full and happy life.
  3. He can cook. Ok, here I just got ridiculously lucky. He’s in a lineage of family chefs…what can I say? He’s a total 10.
  4. He cooks WITH me. Because date nights in the kitchen actually are the very best.
  5. He challenges me. In every way.
  6. He’s unafraid of the truth. We have a policy of total honesty with one another for all of the important stuff. We know that if we ask the other for an opinion on anything from an outfit to how to handle a situation, we expect honesty. Because we want to help each other always improve and live in alignment with our best selves.
  7. He watches The Bachelor with me. And sometimes Say Yes to the Dress. And chick flicks. He’ll even bring wine and chocolate.
  8. He sings with me. We can sit at the piano and jam out to Coldplay or the Beatles, or we can sing throwback karaoke together for fun over drinks and junk food. It’s about letting loooooose.
  9. He shares his faith and fears with me. We play 100% confidant for the other, always. Judgment free.
  10. He goes to church with me.
  11. He’ll debate me. This is the guy with whom I had a full debate on – of all things –  my views on abortion on our second date. Our SECOND DATE!
  12. He compromises with me, and me with him. Compromise is arguably one of the hardest lessons in a relationship, especially when big things are at stake. It was (and probably will continue to be) one of our biggest challenges as a couple. But what’s love and life without a little challenge now and again?
  13. He’s on the same page as me for all the big stuff in life. i.e. religious, political and social views, kids, life paths, dessert for dinner. It may not be 100% necessary for some, but it sure helps.
  14. His life balance complements mine. He loves sleeping in and having lazy days. I’m more prone to getting up early and working on my blog or upcoming consulting biz. But it’s a great balance- while he catches up on zzzzz’s, I have time to write and send out emails and play with the kitten.
  15. He always has my back.
  16. He’ll take my hair out of the drain when I forget.
  17. He encourages me to always reach higher to hit my full potential.
  18. There’s never a dull moment. But there are quiet moments of self reflection or peaceful relaxation, and they round us out.
  19. He’s the most interesting person I’ve ever met. From his work to his ideas and thoughts about life, he genuinely fascinates me.
  20. He always thinks of my best interest, too. Not because he feels obligated to, but because he genuinely cares.
  21. He’ll always give me the first bite and hands me the spoon and pint. Which,as we all know, is true love.
  22. He is and always will be my best friend.

Now step back, replace “me” with “you” in each of the things above, and think about your own relationship or what you’re hoping to find in a suitable guy.

What are the cornerstones of your own relationship? What things are must-haves for you when you’re searching for a great love? And, would you be interested in a post on our love story?

I’ve seen some bloggers do it before, but I’ve never really considered my own thoughts on love story posts. But, if you want me to get more personal on here, ask and you shall receive. Or, just follow me on Instagram.


In other news, Scandal premieres tomorrow, AND How to Get Away with Murder, and all I know is that you can bet on finding me on the couch with my law homework in one hand and a glass of Merlot in the other. And maybe my iPad to do some online shopping at The Limited. And you know exactly why.

In more other news, Boyfriend will be back on the blog soon. With his take on…something really really funny. Get excited, kids; there may or may not be a pink car involved.