32 weeks. 32 weeks!!!

IYKYK – this week is a big freaking week for us in the Gwynn house. We just had our 32 week checkup at Maternal Fetal Medicine (which I’ve been seeing often this pregnancy since I’m now considered a “high risk” case), and my first non-stress test of this pregnancy. Our 32 week OBGYN checkup is also this week, although I’ve been less-than-impressed with them this time around and am probably switching practices after this experience. 🙃 That’s a story for another day with the Cliffnotes version being “Never stop advocating for your own healthcare!

BUT, the MFM team has truly been a godsend, and I’m so confident in + grateful for their ongoing care. 

Today’s appointment was a bit surreal, really. Little man’s growth ultrasound looked perfect; he’s right on pace with all the things – actually measuring ahead thanks to an apparently big brain…which he totally got from his mama. 😉 He was an active bugger – the tech called him “wild man” and said seems like he’ll come out running, because dude would NOT chill for a picture and just wanted to roll around and live his best womb life.

The craziest part to me: He’s already 4.5 pounds. At the exact same gestational age, Olivia only weighed 3 pounds – a true nugget – and we had no clue just how “off” that really was without this pregnancy’s perspective. This time last time was a very different reality. Olivia was already being watched for measuring small, my placenta was already deteriorating, and it was at this appointment last go around that I ended up being admitted to HAVE her thanks to my own dangerously high BP. I ended up re-reading that Bumpdate myself earlier this week, barely recognizing the girl in the picture.

She didn’t know what lay ahead. She didn’t know she’d be having a baby that month let alone that week. She didn’t know how to change a diaper, let alone an NG tube.

But she did know who was paving the path.

Times got tough – oh so tough – and it was by no means a linear, upwards or comfortable walk of faith. But still, I’m proud of her.

I’m proud of her for pushing through the pain to find the purpose.

I’m proud of her for bringing her raw, real feelings to Jesus and opening her heart to Him so that He could heal it the way only He can.

I’m proud of her for sitting here now in surrender, knowing how hard it could be and how good it will be thanks to the Writer of the story.


If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that life can truly change in a second and God’s plan can challenge even the very best of ours. We’re still taking it week by week – really, day by day – over here, but we’re feeling hopeful and peaceful, as reassured as we can be at this point in time.

Currently, baby boy is measuring right where he should be, and mama’s blood pressure has been right where IT should be (shoutout to baby aspirin for helping with that this time around!). 

I know so many of you have been checking in + praying over our little family the past few months and then some, and I just want to say THANKYOU for that. Especially those of you who have covered us with prayers + good vibes SINCE everything went down with the OG…you’ve been on this journey with us from the start, you’ve seen me at some of my worst, and you’ve seen the goodness of God unfold and continue to do so now. I’m so thankful for that, for you, and for what has felt so far like a continuation of my healing journey in so many ways.

Cheers to 32 good weeks so far…cheers to quite a few more before Baby G. 😉