5 Things + 8 Links I Love (+ WIN $1000!)

YOU GUYS, I am so so so so so (SO) stoked about the response to this new-and-improved series, where I share 8 Links + 5 Things I Love. (See the debut here!) You’re into it, I’m into it, so it’s gonna stick! Before jumping right in, I’ve gotta point out some little newness around these rosy parts. If you hop to the homepage, you’ll see some structural shifts and such to hopefully make your experience as a reader eaaaaaasier. On other pages, you’ll find some brand spankin’ new photography rolling out, which I’m STOKED about.

It’s two days in and February has already turned out to be a total whirlwind. J and I have SO many double dates on the calendar this month (yay!) and I’ve got quite a bit of traveling for work, so I’ve been thinking a lot about intentionality in relationships and how important it is to really try hard and put effort into those that matter most to you – ya feel?

Fo’ now, the 8 links below are goodies – I think you’ll lovelovelove. And going along with the newness to this series, there’s also 5 THINGS I love – hope you love ’em, too. 😉


Things + Links I Love - January 2016 on Coming Up Roses

1.) This article sheds so much true light on the reality of burnout. Burnout is real, and it affects approximately waytoomanypeople.

2.) How quitting drinking changed this girl’s life – fabulous points + interesting read about the effects of alcohol in our bodies, even if it’s just a glass o’ wine a night (#guilty).

3.) The 5 C’s of creating content on and for Instagram. Whether you’re looking to majorly up yo’ game or just get a few helpful refreshers, this is a clear, thorough read.

4.) HILAAAARIOUS showcase of Wendy’s epic social media sass, with an epic montage of clapbacks to a Twitter hater. They’re just a favorite all around this month. 😉

5.) This beauty brand’s lip lab in NYC lets you walk in and create your own lipstick with their formulas. Pricey, but oh so cool!

6.) 8 ways to rock being a hot mess, from one of my blogging besties. All of my fellow chicas on the hot mess express can relate!

7.) Another gem from a blogging bestie – an EPIC doormat DIY to achieve that Insta-worthy aesthetic (you know the shot…) for a *fraction* of the cost.

8.) How exclusivity ruins authenticity. A MUST READ for any bloggers and brands alike on the importance of remaining authentic – and how that does NOT necessarily mean adhering to any sort of “exclusivity” in brand relationships and partnerships. Awesome food for thought in the influencer marketing space.




5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

Kate Spade diamond dot backpack – I so wish this was still in stock for y’all. This was a Christmas present from J, and it’s just the cutest, most versatile “big kid” backpack I’ve ever seen. I use this for travel all the time; it’s the perfect size and has the perfect amount of pockets/compartments so I can quasi-organize my hundred and one notebooks, planners, chargers, etc. I linked a few similar ones, though, in case you’re in lovelovelove with the whole polka dot backpack thing as much as I am. *endless heart eyes* This exact one isn’t in anymore, but this one and this one are similar (and also more affordable).

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

Revlon Matte HD liquid lipstickWhen it comes to things I love, bold lippies are always top of list. I wore this gem of a liquid lippy for my bridal shower after hearing it recommended from my friend Kallie, and boy oh boy – it’s a keeper. I’ve bought it in more colors since and have had some of you Snapchat me during your drugstore escapades snagging it, too…it’s just that good. I love this because it’s not drying in the SLIGHTEST. It’s definitely more of a wet, glossy formula compared to other liquid lipsticks, but if you’re at all sensitive to the usual drying tendencies of matte formulas, you’ll lovelovelove this one. It’s basically the perfect hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, with the pigment and longwear of a lipstick and the feel of a gloss. #bless. P.S. I have the shades Obsession and Devotion, and they’re currently buy 1, get 1 50% off!

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

SLAY sweatshirt – Another Christmas gift from J, how can you NOT love this sweatshirt?!? It’s super cozy and only $24.99. SLAY, BAE. I’ve got this shopping habit where I just compulsively hit “add to cart” on anything in the sassy or smart tee family. 😉 I’m getting over it and forcing myself to branch out with more chic pieces, too, but somehow I still haven’t *fully* taken my own advice that there exists a limit on number of graphic tees + things in one closet. But, I’ve been lately loving to wear graphic sweatshirts as a cornerstone of my athleisure uniform. Whether it’s for running errands or just pretending like you just came from the gym as you hangout in the ice cream aisle choosing tonight’s Ben & Jerry’s ;), it’s comfy, movable, and still looking more put together than just throwing on your old high school championship sweats.

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

Wendy’s Honest Iced Green Tea – The Snapchat squad knows my lovelovelove for Wendy’s is SO REAL THO. There’s one close to where I live, so anytime I have a craving to mix it up for lunch, I love picking up a healthier salad or a snack wrap (or a Frosty + fries 😉 ) for a midday meal or treat. This iced tea is bombdotcom, y’all. It’s sweeter than my other fave – Starbucks unsweetened green tea with a pump o’ peach, as mentioned here – but it’s not sweet to the point of feeling sugary. I hate when I can feel literal sugar on my teeth with any sorta sweet beverage, cos this girl would much rather eat her calories than drink ’em. 😉 But this is just delightfully refreshing and yummy, and the perfect anytime pickmeup. Bonus: They put orange + citrus fruit slices in the cup! P.S. If anyone knows Wendy and can send her to CUR, that’d be great kaythanx.

8 Links + 5 Things I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

5 Things + 8 Links I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

Glow for a Cause body butter in Wish – This goodness was first sent to me as a PR sample, and I quickly fell in head over heels for it. First off, can we talk about the scent? I tested a whole bunch of mini samples, and by and large this smell is my FAVORITE. There’s just something about it…yannnno what I mean? It’s a blend of light florals, white tea, and bergamot grounded by light musks. I think it’s the tea piece that gets me – it just smells comforting, almost, and like the sorta thing that makes people stop and ask what you’re wearing. This stuff is creamy and moisturizing as heck. It isn’t greasy – it just thoroughly sinks into your skin and lives up to the “butter” in its name. I particularly dig the cause aspect; 5% of all proceeds go to one of the company’s non-profit partners (ranging from volunteer firefighters supporting burn victims, to tutoring for academically talented but economically disadvantaged students, to a no kill animal shelter and more. They’re also paraben, phthalate, cruelty, and gluten free, and made in the USA.

8 Links + 5 Things I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

8 Links + 5 Things I Love for January favorites 2016 - on Coming Up Roses

Aaaaaand voila! Have you ever tried any of the things I love this month? I’m off to throw on my SLAY shirt + body butter + lippy, grab my backpack, and hit up somewhere productive to crank out some work – and chances are, I’ll be grabbing Wendy’s later. I’m tellin’ ya, I really lovelovelove these 5 things!

What have been the links + things YOU have been loving?

I’d love to hear – I’m always up for finding + trying new things, and if you’ve got something up yo’ sleeve that’s particularly try-worthy, let a sistah know!

And lastly, I teamed up with some of my favorite chicas to throw together a Galentine’s Day giveaway for $1000 to Nordstrom! (Also a chance to win $500 here – don’t miss it!). To enter, please use the widget below.

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