50 Ways to Say I Love You

HOW ‘BOUT DEM BIRDS THO?!?! Whether you were tuned into the Superbowl last night for the big Justin Timberlake concert, for a big bowl o’ queso, or for actual football, I’d say last night was a night to remember. WHAT A GAME. I’m no football maven over here (sorry for asking 52 times what a “down” is, J), but even I could follow last night’s game and feel the energy. The tackles! The throws! The touchdowns! J + I are reaaaaaaally happy to not actually be in Philly today, cos I think it’s gonna be a bit scary downtown until the birds are back on Broad Street. HA. 😉

With that, the month of looooooovelovelove is upon us! February on CUR – or, at least the first half of February! – is all about one of my favorite things: lovelovelove. Romantic love in dating/relationships/marriage, friendship love, + SELF-love. Kickin’ it off strong today with 50 ways to say I love you, with my friends at Allstate.

50 Ways to Say I Love You by popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger Coming Up Roses

50 Ways to Say I Love You by popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger Coming Up Roses


way to say I love you - 50 Ways to Say I Love You by popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger Coming Up Roses


  1. Leave post-it notes everywhere. On mirrors, in the closet or underwear drawer, bedside tables, in his lunchbox, in the book being read. Anywhere to be an unexpected pop of color + happiness!
  2. Develop your own code/language. Code words are always fun, especially when it’s your own lil’ lingo with your lovelovelove.
  3. Ask questions (GOOD questions). Psychology tells us that we lovelovelove talking about ourselves. #typical. Asking good Q’s is the best way to be engaged in a convo AND have your partner leave feeling better about you.
  4. Go to bed a half hour earlier for quality time. No phones – actually talk to each other! 😉
  5. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to prep for the day together. See what the other has going on that day. Pray together. Pray for each other’s day ahead. Be intentional about starting + ending the day together.
  6. Ask what your partner loved most about when you first started dating. Fun way to bring up those beginner butterflies again!
  7. Start saving for retirement. One of the most romantic things is planning for the future! Even if you’re not at the point yet of setting up an official retirement fund together, get in the right mindset by starting a piggy bank even to drop your loose change and extra bucks. Being intentional + mindful about it is at least a cute way to show your love for each other, too, since every quarter in the jar means you’re dedicated to that eventual retirement together!
  8. Embrace spontaneity. Never be too old for spontaneous anything.
  9. Say it in a different way besides “I love you.” Learn it in a new language. Mix up the words themselves – “you’re the best thing to have happened to me,” “I could spend a lifetime with you and it wouldn’t be enough,” yadda yadda yadda. Take lessons from The Notebook for inspo. 😉
  10. Stand or sit up straight. Sometimes your body speaks louder than words! Body language psychologists have shared that we subconsciously straighten up around people we care about and/or are trying to impress. It’s received better!
  11. Tackle debt together. Yes, being financially savvy is important. But more than that, tackling debt togetheris so stinkin’ EMPOWERING. There is no better feeling than teaming up, tackling debt, + being able to save more for your future together. Also a great way to plan fun experiences + date nights together! Use this to set goals accordingly – if you pay off X amount of debt by Y date, you get to do Z together. (Here’s another great resource from Allstate to help ya out here!)
  12. Pick up something thoughtful that shows you’re paying attention. Did he just mention he’s out of white tees? Was she just saying how much she’s craving Sour Patch Kids? Pick it up to show how engaged you are in conversation!
  13. Cook his/her favorite meal. 
  14. If you can’t cook…#takeout. Food is the way to ANYone’s heart amiright??
  15. Talk about the future. YOUR future. Could be fun + light-hearted or more serious, but either way, it shows you’re in-it-to-win-it together.
  16. Create a solid financial plan together. Money can be one of the *toughest* subjects in relationships (and is often one of the biggest contributors to divorce, which is so sad!). I think one of the most romantic things you can do it talk openly + candidly about finances together, and to get on the same page. When J + I were dating, we took a little online quiz together to find out “money style” in relationships. Turns out, we were compatible (bless up) – we were both “all-in allies,” meaning we were both comfortable being totally in-it-to-win-it together financially, sharing finances and both being totally invested in the other, without any tit-for-tat. Of course, there is no one “right” way when it comes to anything as personal as your personal finances – it just matters that you + your partner are aligned. Allstate has a suuuuuuuper helpful financial planning guide that I’d recommend for thinking more about the future, with especially helpful tips on creating an emergency fund.
  17. Genuinely compliment something that you know your partner pays attention to. Is he always spending extra time getting his hair to lay justright? Ladies, call that out for him! Does she spend hours at the gym to work on her abs? Fellas, PAY ATTENTION to this + tell her you can see her six-pack showing. You’ll make her LIFE. 😉
  18. Prove trust. Trust is *essential* in any longterm anything. Go above + beyond to prove to your partner that you trust him wholeheartedly.
  19. Put them first. True lovelovelove is selfless. If you can put his wants/needs above your own – that says something (to him, too!).
  20. Ask for their opinion. Everyone wants to feel like their say is important! Ask for their opinion + value it.
  21. Tackle a chore for them. Specifically, a chore you HATE. Hey J, wanna do the dishes for me for the rest of forever? KTHNX LOVEU.
  22. “I’m at Chick-fil-A, what do you want?”
  23. “I’m at Starbucks, what do you want?”
  24. Ask about their past. Show that you care about getting to know ALL of them. The good, the bad, the new, the old.
  25. Get life insurance. Totally morbid, I know. 😉 But actually, there’s something kinda sorta totally romantic about it – hear me out! If someone is concerned about life insurance and wants you in on the action, obvi they care about ya…a lot. Like, a LOT a lot – enough to build an entire life + future with you. It used to drive me up a wall whenever J would mention life insurance and/or what would happen to/for me if he unexpectedly dies, but now I just try to let it slide and understand that it’s a way for him to take care of me and show how much he cares about me. My friends at Allstate have SO MANY good resources on finding the right life insurance for you – and they’ll get ya all taken care of + ready to go while you’re at it. I’d recommend this resource, this one to A your Q’s, + then this handy dandy calculator to crunch some numbers together!
  26. Chicas, clean up after yourself. No hair in the drain for at LEAST a week. At least. 😉 And shoes IN THE CLOSET. (#guilty)
  27. Dudes, clean up after yourself. Get your clothes off the floor, put your dishes in the sink (slash wash them, pleaseandthankyou), etc.
  28. Share an experience together. The best things in life are free! Plan a fun date around an experience. Picnic in the park, see a local comedy show – even just go on a long walk around the neighborhood. Showing you care about time together is a love language for many!
  29. Go out of your way to take cute photos together to document life. You’ll be grateful for it years from now!
  30. Have a technology-free night once a week. Being forced to unplug does WONDERS, for both your relationship + your own mental health. So often we don’t even REALIZE how much we’re attached by the thumbs to our phones! Shut it down until the morning – it’ll be OK. 😉
  31. Never underestimate a bouquet of flowers.
  32. …or any other random gift of kindness. It’s easy + makes a BIG difference, in just showing that you care about the little things + making her/him smile!
  33. Workout together. Getting endorphins up together impacts how you physically relate to each other. #Fact. The couple that works out together stays together! And also can justify a Chick-fil-A run after together, too. 😉
  34. Ask them about their goals.
  35. Ask how you can support them in their goals. Helping him reach his dreams is a big way to say “I love you,” since his dreams + joy matter to you.
  36. Be intentional about time together. If you reaaaaaally pay attention + be honest with yourself, chances are, you might have quite a few pockets of time together that could be better spent. J + I have to catch ourselves from just resorting to watching Netflix; yes, we’re technically “together,” but we’re not necessarily TALKING or connecting with each other during that time! Make sure you schedule in time for the two of you, distraction-free, doing something to further your relationship + connection.
  37. Do one thing this week that isn’t your favorite, but that your partner loveloveloves. Watch sports with him. Play his favorite video game with him. Go shopping with her. Take her Instagram OOTD for her. 😉 It’s the little things that go along way.
  38. Start a “love book” to write little notes to each other back and forth, spontaneously. A super cute way to have something to look forward to, + have an ongoing little game. Could be anything from a meaningful note to something sexier to set the mood!
  39. Be intentional about time post-fight. Send a love note, arrange something special – put extra thought + time into making amends after an argument.
  40. Dream about the future together. We’ve all played the “how many kids do you want” game – have fun with real-world examples! Allstate has some *fabulous* calculators to help you determine potential investments, mortgages, insurance policies – the works! It might not seem sexy in the moment, but when you see how much you could be saving + spending on other, more “romantic” things together…#YoureWelcome 😉
  41. Bring him/her coffee. Coffee is always a good idea.
  42. Point out your partner’s best qualities. Compliment them often. Sometimes we forget the best things about ourselves, especially when the real world kicks in. Be the one that can bring out the best in the other!
  43. Be GRATEFUL. Show genuine appreciation for the little things. Sometimes we just want to feel appreciated! And often, it further inspires us to continue to work hard in our relationship.
  44. Ask about their family/friends. Care about their whole circle – the people that THEY care about should be people you care about, too.
  45. Pick up $1.85 McFlurry’s on the way home justbecause. I mean…
  46. Document your year’s worth of dates in a photo book! I’ve done this every year since J + I first started dating, and it’s his favorite Christmas gift every year. Include pics of the date with a little note about what happened, so that years later you can look back + remember all of your fun, random memories together! (I use religiously for this – they’re my fave!)
  47. Make him a playlist! Remember when making mixtapes + CD’s were a thing back in the day??? THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Now, hello Spotify. Make him a Spotify playlist of songs you think he’ll lovelovelove. Another option: Make a playlist for the two of you that summarizes your relationship! Fill it with your favorite songs as a couple.
  48. Recreate your first date. So sweet + brings up #AllTheFeels.
  49. Go get their car washed + detailed, fill it with gas, + clean out the inside while you’re at it! HI HUBS, PLZ DO THIS FOR ME. 😉
  50. Hold hands more. In public, secretly – whenever/wherever. Being physicially connected in some way brings you closer together + sparks #feels. Be unafraid to show your connection in public – and have fun with it with your own lil’ secret, holding hands under the table at your next dinner date. When you can connect, do it!


Regardless of WHAT stage of life you’re in this V-Day (single, dating, engaged, married – heck, retiring together!), Allstate has some truly awesome resources to check out to make sure you’re confident through all stages of planning.

What are your favorite ways to say I love you?

If you’ve got cute gestures that I didn’t include above, drop ’em in a comment below – would lovelovelove to hear!

P.S. I’ve already been feelin’ #AllTheFeels so far this month and rewatched our wedding video 7 more times justbecause.

Happy MONDAY – let’s take a day we all love to hate and find a few ways to lovelovelove it, too, MK? 😉

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