79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi

There are officially LESS than 80 days until J and I get hitched. This is CRAZY to me, seeing as we’ve been engaged for over a year and a half at this point. But it’s true – this time September, I’ll be #GoingGwynn and full-swing into marriage (alright, alright we’ll still be honeymooning…).

If there’s anything I’ve learned thus far, it’s that sometimes the preparation is the most important part.

I’m SO stoked for our wedding.

It’s going to be the biggest party of our lives, with all of our family and friends. It’s just going to be so. much.fun. But then it’s over, and life goes back to “normal,” and what we’ve spent over a year waiting for will have come and gone in the course of 24 hours.

Cray cray, right?

It’s been a hot sec since any sort of wedding planning recap appeared on CUR (catch up on those here, here, and here), here’s some of what’s left on the to-do list:

  • Cake details. We found a potential gal, but she dropped off the face of the email planet, so it’s back to square one!
  • Send le playlist to le DJ with all of the “important” songs marked off (ie: first dance, dad + daughter, entrance to reception, etc.)
  • Book the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. We’ve got the cutest place in mind, though, we just gotta commit!
  • Do our tasting. I’ve gotta hit up our caterer’s restaurant and eat food – what a burden amiright?!?! HA.
  • Schedule my hair and makeup trial runs. I’m muy exaltado (that’s VERY EXCITED) for this, because there’s just something so relaxing and fun about having someone else get you all dolled up.
  • Confirm and organize church musical details. One of my besties/bridesmaids is going to be SINGING AT MY WEDDING and I’m so excited I could cry right now.
  • Thank you notes. So. Many. Thanks.

Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing. (Really, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’d say “I haven’t done this before!” but a lot of brides also have that card and just somehow rock the whole shebang. So really, I’m just winging it, with a lot of grace, BRIDES magazine, and Cabernet Sauvignon! HA. 😉 )

But ever since buying our house, J and I have tried to be really intentional about date nights and time together. I graduated from Wharton and launched my own business, we bought a house, and we’ve got a wedding in the works – it’s WAY TOO EASY to get sucked up into the tide of busy and forget that we’re still an in-love, dating couple. And love takes work. Not HARD work, per say (although some times are undeniably hard), but INTENTION. Dedication. The desire to connect and make memories and have a dynamic, full relationship that always grows and gets better and evolves.

So, we #SayItWithPepsi.

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

This is a totally happy time in our lives, regardless of any “stresses” that come from planning a wedding, buying a house, launching a business and all that jazz. At the end of the day, hardships happen – they always will. But it’s not “hard,” because J and I are genuinely just best friends, always there for each other and always ready to jump in with some joy and a good snack (+ drink!). In the spirit of good drinks, I’m so happy and proud to be teaming up with Pepsi and Walgreens to celebrate the new Pepsi emoji bottles, which are SO fun for summer sippin’. Whether you’re just filling your fridge with a grab-worthy beverage or stocking up for a big summer bash, they’re conversation and smile starters.

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

When we both have busy days, the absolute best thing is for us both to step away from the laptops and focus on each other. Food + drink is always involved, and it’s just great to connect again and again over shared loves and shared interests, and to learn more about each other through any new conversations or challengers, too.

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

79 Days. #SayItWithPepsi on Coming Up Roses

Like I said – we’ve had a year and a half engagement. And it’s been great. Because being engaged can end up being really weird for a lotta people. It’s easy to brush right past the entire dating period altogether as if it’s #BeenThereDoneThat lunch meat, with eyes set on “I Do” and happily ever after. But y’all, there is so much goodness to be reaped from being engaged!

J and I have been dating for nearly four years now, and a year and a half of that time has been engagement. So…over 25% of our time together in life thus far has included the ring. If we had completely negated the nurturing of our relationship through this whole time and only focused on centerpieces and color schemes and cake toppers, we would’ve been a.) totally sick of frills and Pinterest, and b.) underwhelmed in our love.

We are NOWHERE CLOSE to perfect, but even on our worst days (/weeks), the biggest key is always clear: communication. (Added perks are drink bottles with emojis on ‘em amiright???)

If we’re not “saying it” to each other with kindness and grace, we shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

And if we’re not “saying it” when it first hits our heart, instead letting it sit there and fester until we’re totally overripe and ready to explode with frustration or anger, it’s waaaaaaay too late.

When it comes to communication with your #1 to make it to the altar, say it in a way that honestly expresses what’s on your mind and heart without hurting their feelings.

Say it to genuinely get to the bottom of who they are, what they want, what makes them tick, what makes them happy in life.

Say it to make them smile, with zero expectation of anything else in return.

Say it to get to know them better, never feeling like you’re just “so close” that you no longer need to ask good, cool questions.

And #SayItWithPepsi!

What’s your biggest takeaway from your own engagement? (Or in ANY relationship?)

And are you going to #SayItWithPepsi this summer? If you’ve got any fun party plans, drink ideas, or other festivities with Pepsi, leave them in a comment below – I’m always on the hunt for inspiration!

P.S. There’s a Twitter party happening on July 17th (World Emoji Day!) that you should totally join in if you’re free from 8-9 pm! Use the hashtag #SayItWithPepsi to participate – 3 summer-themed prize packs will be given away during the chat, so you don’t wanna miss it…

P.P.S. An Instagram challenge is also happening, and you KNOW that’s going to be a fun time. Get all details by going here, and be sure to join in and #SayItWithPepsi!

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