8 Links + 5 Things I Love, Stuff on Sale, August Playlist, + Hurricane Harvey Help!!!

Fall starts soon. FALL STARTS SOON. Who’s excited? THIS GIRL. My sweaters are stacked, my PSL K-cups are already being used (couldn’t wait, whoops), and I’ve got my Bath & Body Works 3-wick fall scents ready to go.  Pretty soon it’ll be Christmas, then 2018. What.

But first, important things.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of Timbuktu, you’ve heard about Hurricane Harvey. It’s bringing so much unbelievable heartbreak to the Houston area, displacing families, destroying homes, and damaging just so, so much. It’s hard (but necessary) to watch the news. And I believe it’s necessary to help however possible.

Whether you’re a local Texan delivering goods personally and/or helping in rescue operations (bless you) or halfway across the country in San Franciso, Chicago, or NYC, there are so many ways to help somehow. Here are a few ways:

  • American Red Cross – Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation (it’ll show on your next phone bill). Should be known, tho, that not all proceeds go directly to relief. Personally, I prefer…
  • Catholic Charities Various Catholic Charities have sent teams on the ground to help with rescue efforts, and they provide regular Disaster Relief and Disaster Recovery services – everything from shelter and food to medication – to anyone + everyone (regardless of religious background, obviously!). This link is a SUPER helpful resource to find lists of shelters, emergency assistance, important phone numbers, AND a place to donate directly to the efforts. And this link has a list of location-specific charities to donate to local chapter doing specific efforts.
  • Salvation Army Mobilizing on the ground for support, and accepting donations of goods to aid victims.
  • JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief FundThis NFL star has already raised over $5 million for victims, and he’s not done yet. This Washington Post article tells more of the story – the goal keeps being met, so it raises accordingly. Next up? $6 million.
  • Texas Diapers Bank Seeking diaper donations, especially since diapers aren’t provided by disaster relief agencies! Can be dropped of in person for anyone local, or shipped to this address: 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Texas 78238. They’re taking diaper and cash donations.
  • GoFundMe There are a whole BUNCH of Harvey-related GoFoundMe initiatives in action already. If you’re unsure which one to support (or don’t know exactly what someone needs), donating here will go directly to disaster victims who have verified GoFundMe accounts.
  • Save the Children They have a disclaimer on their Harvey-specific fund page showing exact percentage breakdowns of what goes straight to the disaster relief versus their Children’s Emergency Fund. For perspective, it says a $100 gift will provide a secure crib for a baby in a shelter.
  • SPCA of Texas – By now you’ve probably (hopefully) seen the heartbreaking photos of the Hurricane, many of which involve dogs in the water abandoned. Texas’ SPCA expects around 300 dogs and cats; if you’re local, check in to see what product goods would be of help, too (cat litter, treats, towels, etc).
  • AirBnB AirBnB is waiving all service fees for those affected by Harvey in need of a place to stay anytime between August 23 and September 25. Request a place to stay, or offer your place for free to help victims.
  • Blood donations – There are quite a few local organizations taking blood donations for victims.

This resource from the NY Times is HELLA helpful in rounding up more ways to help, as well as how to identify + avoid any scams, since unfortunately those are out there. Zero excuse to not help out in some way, regardless of where you are in the country (heck, world).

Now, back to today’s regularly scheduled programming…

Links I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. The best sheet masks for perfect, poreless skin, according to 5 Korean models.
  2. 6 simple habits of lucky people.
  3. How to prioritize when everything is urgent.
  4. Career advice from Kim Kardashian’s assistant.
  5. 18 cult products that Sephora employees actually buy.
  6. 21 Honest Facebook comments Grandma and Grandpa left for popular chain restaurants. (Don’t read in public, you’ll LOL)
  7. What to eat post-workout.
  8. Why we shouldn’t ignore online hate. (Especially good read for fellow bloggers, and/or anyone who knows a blogger!)


Stuff on Sale:

Take an EXTRA 50% off all sale styles, no code needed!

These booties are PERF for right now, transitioning into fall. They’re 40% off!

Summer favorites are ALL marked down now here!

I bought this tee in white at full price and have all three sale colors now in my cart – it’s 50% off right now, under $14! SUPER comfortable, and a sexier cut, so you can get away with a t-shirt for date night. 😉

Get 50% off 500 styles. Seriously.

Sephora’s Weekly Wow deals are all still in stock. IDK HOW, since you can score a Naked Smoky palette for only 27 bucks…


August Playlist:

Pssssst: If ya click on the little Spotify icon in the widget here, it’ll open the playlist right in Spotify for ya, and you can hit “follow” to save it to your own playlists!

Things I Love:

Black Onzie leggings (also shop ’em here, see all Onzie here, and get Onzie on sale here)

I had these first, and that’s how I fell in loveloveLOVE with this brand of yoga pants. First off, they feel abso-friggin’-lutely AMAZING on. They’re like a softer spandex feel (they’re 82% polyester, 18% spandex) and just feel so fabulous on your body. Second, I’m obsessed with the mesh cutouts. I’m all about pieces that look a bit edgier/sexier without being like BA-BAM, LOOK AT THIS. Make sense? Ha! I can throw these on with comfy athleisure pieces for running errands, and it still feels super cute. BUT, I swear I do work out in ’em, too. 😉 In last week’s post on my current workout routine, actually, I was *also* wearing Onzie leggings (these, to be exact). They are legit made for workouts, too! Yannno how some leggings are just leggings whereas a more intensive, sweaty workout needs, well, pants to actually absorb sweat? #RealTalk…I sweat a lot. Especially at CorePower when the room is 95 degrees. Like…I drip. (EW, I KNOW). There is no worse feeling than having your clothing be drenched and stuck to ya. There is no better feeling than being wicked of moisture and relatively dry-ish (as dry as ya can be after an hour-workout in the heat). Onzie pieces aren’t a wet suction cup to your body, so they’re a win in my book.

Things I Love - Tula + More


Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser 

I’ve had this cleanser in my shower for weeks now, and I’m lowkey obsessed. I’ve mentioned before that I use a Dew Puff in the shower to wash my face (and a Clarisonic before bed at the sink). If I’m using any sorta “device” to help with cleansing, I’m not using any exfoliant. I don’t wanna be overly abrasive – I just want a good clean! (Don’t we all???) So, this stuff.

This is the most gentle, refreshing, light cleanser! It smells like cucumbers (go figure), + just feels great on your skin. It’s alcohol-free + has NO sulfates, so there’s that. AND, it’s formulated with sugarcane (fun fact!), which helps support natural cell turnover to soften yo’ face and leave it feeling oh so good.

I recommend adding that to your cart alongside that $27 Naked Smoky palette we talked about above. 😉


Tula pH Re-Surfacing Gel

Honestly, I’m floored that this is only $34. Obviously that’s more than drugstore skincare, but y’all…this ish works. I’ve been obsessed with Tula products for awhile, cos I lovelovelove the whole probiotic skincare concept. If you’re new to it, just know that it’s all about ~balance~. So, if your skin flipflops between being slicked-up oily and then followed by dry patches, or just combination skin that can’t make up it’s mind…you need balance.

This pH re-surfacing gel is *SO good* at getting rid of unwanted texture! For the longest time now, I’ve had these little bumps along my cheeks. Not pimples, per say…just texture. Yannno what I’m talkin’ about??? The little gremlins that make things not-smooth. Boo. My pores clog easily cos I’ve got big ones, and I’m perpetually dehydrated and not properly flushing ’em out (whoops). While I’m in the process of hydrating and getting my ish in order from the inside-out, I’m going from the outside-in with this stuff. It really makes a noticeable difference, yo. And that’s HUGE for me, since oftentimes I think it can feel like an endless guessing game in the skincare aisle, trying this or that and not necessarily *seeing* results, so feeling unsure if things are actually – oh, yannno – WORKING!

Tula works. Point blank period. I also talked about Tula here and here.

P.S. If you use code COMINGUPROSES at checkout, you can save 20% off anything + everything from Tula AND get FREE shipping! Click here to get started. No, I’m not being paid to say that. I just wanted a discount code specifically for y’all, cos I really stand behind them that much. Literally, CUR’s first ever intern Sarah (remember Sarah???) will be interning for Tula this coming fall. (YAY, SARAH!) We just friggin’ lovelovelove ’em.

Things I Love - Tula + More

Things I Love - Tula + More

Charming Charlie bangles

Y’all. These bracelets. I got these in a PR package from Charming Charlie’s, and I was immediately SO HOOKED. Funny story…

Each bracelet came with a little tag on it to say what was enscripted on it. First I opened the “She Believed She Could” one – super cute. Next, I got the “Blessed” one…but the tag read something else entirely. I saw the tag first, and wasn’t in love with it…and then I looked at the actual bracelet.

It was a moment, yo.

Yannno those moments where God is reaching out to ya in the real world, and it’s so totally cool + goosebumpy cos it’s always when ya need it the most? I had one of those last month, too. And this was one of those moments. The package had come during a less-than-stellar week, where I really just needed some sorta sign that everything was gonna be OK.

Well…everything is gonna be OK.

Also, they’re only 10 bucks a pop! Basically, the PERFECT gift for girlfriends as we approach Christmas (!!!). There are a whole BUNCHA different sayings + phrases on ’em, so your whole squad can have mix + matching bracelets.

SpacePak compression packing things (Also available here, but being re-stocked currently)

I first saw this upon someone’s recommendation and thought no WAY a simple packing bag could be worth $46. Just no way.

…I was wrong. I took the plunge, sucked it up and got one – and it legitimately works.

The gist: It effectively compresses all of your stuff so that you can pack more efficiently, fitting more into your luggage. It has two sides: one that’s marked “clean” and one “laundry.” And basically, you just fold your things in and stack ’em all on their respective side, and you’re able to then fit more in overall.

I kid you not…I was able to fit an entire WEEK’S worth of full oufits into the clean side for this shoot. A WHOLE WEEK. And it’s the size of a thick laptop case? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

100% recommend. I’ll def be bringing to NYFW this coming month, since I’ve already got about a month’s work of clothes for one week time span. #typical

Things I Love - Tula + More

Things I Love - Tula + More

Things I Love - Tula + More

Aaaaaand that BOOK of a blog post ends August. Phew!

What things + sales + songs + links online have you been loveloveloving lately?

Wouldja let me know in a comment below? Y’all know I’m always on the hunt for the best of the best, and I trust ya! 😉

P.S. To see past month’s roundups, just go here!

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