Accent On: Turquoise Takeover & Going Gold

Happy Hump Day! I’m kicking off this mid-week with a fun new idea that may become a semi-regular appearance here if you dig it enough: Accessorizing. I think there’s somewhat of a science to it. Totally beats orgo as a science amiright? But there’s really something formulaic about doing accessories right. They can totally make or break an outfit, and I pride myself on owning absolutely way too many accessories and loving every single one. Instead of opening my own boutique from the depths of my corkboard statement necklace boards and embroidery floss earring organizers, I’m going to drop a few tips, trick and hints along the way as I take basic outfits and jazz ’em up with totally different accessory breeds. Each “Accent On” post will feature 2-3 “looks” with thematic changes, demonstrating how unique your outfit can feel with a simple swap of bling (or other accessory things).

But before I jump into this showcase of sorts, two little disclaimers.

Disclaimer #1: If you’re wondering why I’m not wearing a diamond, it just didn’t go with my outfit. HA NO THAT’S A JOKE, I would never take it off for vogue, these looks were just shot seemingly forever ago and I was still a girlfriend.

Disclaimer #2: It was actually 17 degrees outside and becoming nighttime when my mom and I *attempted* a little photoshoot. Why the heck we thought we would succeed at this is beyond me. Needless to say, we freezed our buns off metaphorically and our fingers off literally as we tried to beat the sunset and my obvious lack of modeling prowess. We were cut short on time, but not short on bloopers; the wind was INSAAAAAANE, so stay tuned for Blooper #4.

Now without further adieu, I took one of my favorite sweaters this season – this fuschia number from The Mint Julep Boutique – and paired it with black corduroy leggings (warm!) and over-the-knee boots in a tannish taupe color. What color are those even? I sure as heck have no clue. Super simple and easy outfit.

First, I went for a Turquoise Takeover.


philadelphia fashion blogger fuschia mint julep boutique accessorizing kate spade statement

fashion blogger ootd philadelphia sweater

philadelphia fashion blogger ootd sweater kate spade

turquoise necklace

philadelphia fashion blogger ootd winter

I love the stark contrast between the turquoise accents and the bright purple sweater. Paired with otherwise neutral pieces, it’s an outfit I love for brightening up winter.

Next up, I’m Going Gold.

While the turquoise statement pieces add to the cool color combo going on, I love the warmth that comes from adding golds. I also love experimenting with necklace lengths; adding a longer chain underneath a shorter, bigger pieces add dimension and make for some unexpected pizzazz.

fuschia ootd fashion blogger philadelphia

gold necklace fashion bloggers philly

purple sweater fashion blogger ootd philadelphia

fuschia sweater mint julep boutique fashion blogger philadelphia ootd

gold accents


Honestly, I was way disappointed with Mother Nature for how she handled this day; things would’ve gone so differently if all of this hadn’t happened.



It’s all fun and games at first, wind…


Look at that air time.


Now I’m just kinda pissed. Really? Like I get why small fans are fun but 30 mph gusts??


AAAH MAKE IT STOP! This one’s the keeper.


Hope your Hump Day is happy and less-tired than mine. Being an RA for freshmen who think that 3 am on a Tuesday is a good time to have a good time…yeah, I’m too old for this. Now accepting positive mantras and cups of coffee. In other news, did you see our story?