May’s Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers

There are many things I lovelovelove – one of which being snooping through other people’s Amazon orders. Maybe it’s the fact that things just magically show up on your doorstep, or maybe it’s being able to refill your self-tanner or restock your favorite healthy soda while handling 12 other things on the go. Whatever they put in the Amazon airflow, it has us all hooked (for as much beef as I’ve got with Jeff and the price gauging I’ve shared on Stories before…sigh). For my fellow Nosy Nellies, figured it’d be fun to share last month’s bestselling items, so that you can see what everyone else added to cart in May, too. 😉


1.) Hot Shot onesie dupe 

So technically, this Amazon alternative was the bestseller – but I JUST updated this Free People Hot Shot Onesie dupe blog post to include my latest + greatest discovery: this one! I personally prefer it to the OG Amazon option because I think it’s cut a bit more similarly to the Free People version. But my full thoughts on how they compare are in the side-by-side comparative post!

2.) Seamless maternity undies: thesethese

Underwear was something that quickly needed upgrading to accommodate my growing body, especially since so much pregnancy weight gain can end up being in that general vicinity! I found both of these seamless options on Amazon and was SO pleased I ended up ordering more for the rest of pregnancy/postpartum. They’re super stretchy, comfortable, and again seamless.

3.) Claw clips

Truly the BEST claw clips in my collection now – they keep your hair *secure* even if it’s longer or thicker. I can make a chic twist happen in literally four seconds and it lasts all day long without needing fixing or re-doing. And you get four in a pack for not even $10! A total steal and GREAT for an easy “mom ‘do.”

4.) No show socks

If you haven’t yet tried these socks, we can’t be friends anymore. …I KID. 😉 But really though, where’ve ya been, sis?!? They’re only the best no-show socks on Planet Earth.

5.) Gingham one shoulder dress

On sale for not even $20! Granted, I think it feels more like a stereotypical “Amazon dress” in that quality is pretty basic polyester – BUT it’s lined and I have no actual complaints. It’s such a cutie for wine tasting, brunch, or with a little jean jacket for church or teaching…and it’s bump friendly. (Katie wore the blue gingham options to my baby shower and it was DARLING!).

6.) Patricia the braid

IYKYK. 😉 The easiest hair hack in the book: a fake braid headband. I’ve fooled MANY a non-suspecting onlooker because it really looks REAL – and it instantly uplevels any hairstyle in no time at all. Especially great for anyone not great at braiding!

7.) Wrist towels

Once you’ve got these you’ll never wash your face without them. Seriously! A little luxury that suddenly makes life better. If you, too, have suffered from face washing looking very much not like a Neutrogena commercial and much more like the biblical flood hitting your bathroom floor…add to cart, sis.

8.) The 40 oz. quencher cup

You saw it in CUP GATE first – ha! The 40 oz. cup that’s so similar BUT BETTER than the cult-classic Stanley cup.

9.) Ruffle off-shoulder dress

A really pretty summer or spring wedding guest dress option – and for not even $40, a good deal! The elastic stays in place and it’s got a fun, feminine flair on the dance floor.

10.) Tonie box deal

While the lightning deal is over, it’s one to watch – and snag the second I share it’s happening again! I got Olivia’s Tonie box last Prime Day on an INSANE lightning deal that made it maybe HALF the price they normally are, and it was such a winner winner chicken dinner. She listens to it every single night before bed and has some stories totally memorized at this point I think – ha! An incredible option for screen-free independent play time that keeps kiddos listening and engaged with fun stories + music.

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