It felt like January was approximately 72 days long and yet, here I am, still playing catch up on recaps from 2023. I mean at this rate it still feels like I left my brain in 2020. Anyone else? Personally, I lovelovelove seeing sales summaries from a yearly review – just call me nosy like that. 😉 But there’s just something fun about knowing what fellow friends liked + clicked + shopped the most, especially when we’re all in what feels like a little online club together – ha! I’ve got last year’s top sellers from Amazon, as well as my personal favorite finds from the year. It’s prime time, baby!

See 2022’s Amazon bestsellers here!


  1. Free People-inspired hot shot onesie  – One of my most-worn pieces of 2023 (because it also works great over a bump!).
  2. Cinderella family costume: godmother bow, wand, cape – From our 2021 Cinderella family costume…a GWYNN-derella story. 😉
  3. Simple Modern quencher – I mean, how many viral videos do we need to see to know that this cup is superior to the stinkin’ Stanley?? IYKYK!
  4. Amazon dress from our newborn photosIf you’ve got family photos coming up, I just loveloveloved this one from our newborn shoot with Jonah!
  5. Slippers – These are my favorite Amazon slipper find so far – they FEEL just like UGGs because of the shearling inside, but for about $100 less!
  6. Folex – Has been known to defeat every stain from berry smoothies to child’s vomit.
  7. Essence mascara – I still stand by this under-$5 mascara being the BEST for the price point…and over 355,000+ reviews agree with me. 😉 Better than many $20+ Sephora mascaras, too! It lengthens *and* volumizes with no clumps. Get the green tube!
  8. No-show socks – We stan! The only no-show socks in my sock drawer.
  9. Maternity no-show underwear – I’m not actually sure why these are specified as “maternity” because they absolutely work postpartum/not pregnant, too! Am literally wearing a pair as we speak. HA. Just a great seamless option that won’t show panty lines, but also feels comfortable and breathable all day.
  10. Spanx-inspired faux leather leggings – These are near-identical in look and feel to the cult-classic Spanx faux leather leggings!
  11. Best claw clips – The only ones I can get to hold my hair up all day without falling. It’s all about how the clip fingers turn inward!
  12. Sojos sunnies – This Amazon shop makes so many designer-inspired sunglasses…I have multiple pairs and they’re always fabulous quality, especially for the price point always being under $20! This pair was most popular with you – they look like Ray-Bans and have over 18,000+ five star reviews, but are currently not even 16 bucks.


  1. Better-than-Lululemon leggings, sports brabuttery soft leggings – My FAVORITE workout wear brand on Amazon to come out of 2023! This is the brand that I’ve shared that’s actually *better* than Lululemon Aligns if the pilling and hair collecting of the Aligns bothers you. *It bothers me LOL* And especially for a fraction of the price, these are no brainers for me!
  2. Ritual Zero Proof tequila – Aside from occasional taste-testing sips, I haven’t had a drink since I found out I was pregnant with Jonah…and I actually love it that way. This is my favorite alcohol-free tequila to still make at-home margs!
  3. Bose QuietProof headphones – I wear these for workouts or getting into the flow of deep work!
  4. Jonah’s bamboo jammies – My favorite bamboo pajama line from Amazon. They’re made SO well and last SO long, at a fraction of the cost of name brand bamboo pairs!
  5. + bodysuits – …aaaaand they make bamboo bodysuits, too!
  6. Flare leggingsAnother fantastically buttery soft (but also Spandex-y) option that won’t pill or collect hair. I get the 30″ inseam and I’m 5’7″ for height reference!
  7. Melissa & Doug Play KitchenUpgraded the OG’s play kitchen to this super cool (+ more gender neutral) option…it even has an ice dispenser. I MEAN.
  8. Stroller fan – Not just for strollers! It’s got a flexible tripod stand to wrap around a stroller handle, yes, but also think on a treadmill or bike. Has three adjustable speeds.
  9. Kids stoplight timer – Has been a godsend for helping Olivia transition between activities. It works progressively like a stoplight; for whatever time total you set, it then divides it up proportionally to start at green light, then move to yellow as a warning and then, of course, to red when the timer runs out. The kid can tap the top to turn it off then, too, so it’s a great tool to help kids participate in their own time tracking and transitioning. 
  10. Maternity leggings/biker shorts – This brand is my FAVORITE for comfortable, affordable maternity leggings + biker shorts.
  11. Orthopedic house slippers – Another must from my pregnancy – but works for anyone needing some orthopedic support in their poochies.
  12. Stretchy waffle knit top – A gem of a top that works in multiple seasons and feels so high quality – it’s got a great stretch to it that I lovelovelove.
  13. Wrist towels – You won’t know how you ever washed your face without them. Pinky promise.
  14. Seamless underwear – These are some of my favorite seamless undies I’ve tried – and they come down to around only $3/pair. They stay put and don’t show!
  15. Seamless maternity underwear: these and these – OK OK SO they’re noted as being “maternity,” but I promise you they work for ALL! I still wear them now postpartum all the time. They’re just super comfortable + flexible with any size bump, so they work for anyone + everyone!
  16. Jonah’s nursery finds: crib, dresser, etc – So much of Jonah’s nursery was courtesy of Amazon Prime. (See his full safari themed nursery decor tour here!)
  17. For nursing: ice/heat packs – These were game changing (+ boob saving!) for the start of breastfeeding. Buy now, thank me later. 
  18. Bluey Trouble – For any little Bluey fan and their fam, this game is so darling + fun!
  19. Crew sock pack – My everyday “mom style” right now greatly revolves around leggings with crew socks. Call it comfy, call it cute, call it my uniform as of late – and these socks are great classics to make it happen.
  20. Squat form mat – A daily accompaniment to my workouts – makes a HUGE difference in checking form, as well as making small adjustments for big impact on different muscle groups!
  21. These pacifiers – Our favorites for little man.
  22. Iced coffee coolie – A totally random fun find for the iced coffee girlies! Keeps your cup dry and condensation-free on the go.
  23. Quick push game console – If you want a “game” for them that’s screen AND mess free, especially for on the go, this is a fun one. It’s supposed to help boost their focus and reflex skills and has a bit of the “fidget toy” feel to it, but essentially there are different modes of gameplay whether you’re trying to hit lights to beat the clock, or memorize patterns to punch in after.
  24. Gold Apple Watch band – A classy chic swap for your Apple Watch – and it was super easy to change out!
  25. Fisher Price activity car center – This was Jonah man’s “big” gift for Christmas! I loveloveloved because it is helping him practice sitting up now but will also grow well with him since it’s designed with three different stages as they become crawlers and then walkers.
  26. UGG-inspired boots They’re near-identical and half the price!
  27. Bottega-inspired bag – Y’all, this may be my *favorite* designed-inspired piece heading into 2024…it’s IDENTICAL to this $4,100 bag!!! Made so beautifully. A total classic.
  28. 3-pack seamless ribbed crop tops – These are my fave to wear under our trending hot shot onesies!
  29. Brite Brush – This super fun kids’ toothbrush makes brushing fun WHILE educating them on how long to keep it going…it times little games and they earn points by moving the brush to other areas of their mouth, to try and help get that comprehensive clean.
  30. Disney Princess pop-up world book – I got this for Olivia’s 5th birthday and was SO pleasantly