What I Bought on Amazon so Far this Year

OKAY OKAY I’ll admit it…I’m a Nosy Nelly. There’s something I weirdly lovelovelove about peeping in other people’s shopping carts – specifically in those Amazon orders. Of course I want to know what kitchen soap you’re re-stocking and how you’re storing your kids’ toys! Show me ye snacks and the five-star-reviewed bestsellers you bought – I’m here for it all. Figured it’d be fun to share a raw, real recap each month of what showed up on my doorstep courtesy of Prime. 😉 Kicking it off with January + February’s finds, and let me tell ya, there are some freaking FUN ones in here, folks. Many will be no surprise as they are (and/or became) quick favorites and re-buys already. 



Wicker Storage Trunk I was on the hunt for a good storage solution in our living room for all of the random baby toys and mats we’ve been collecting for Jonah man. I still wanted everything to be really easy access – just hidden during the day if/when not in use, and so they don’t get mixed in with the dog’s toys. This one is the #1 bestselling storage trunk on Amazon so I gave it a go, and I am OBSESSED. It looks gorgeous and is such good quality; it even has a hidden braided handle built into the top for easy grabbing. You do have to assemble it yourself, but it’s easy – just a matter of screwing the sides together for obvious shipping ease.

Amazon wicker storage basket

Leggings for Olivia – Just a quick restock here – the girl plays hard!

Toy Magnet People – These have been the BIGGEST hit – both in our household and apparently yours! I bought them right before Disney as something to have on hand for a quick little surprise-and-delight for the OG. I figured they’d be easy entertainment waiting in ride lines or at meals; they come individually packaged, so it’s easy to throw a few different colors in your bag and whip them out in a moment. Also great while traveling! I’ve already thrown an old cookie sheet in the car for Liv to stand them up and build with them; any little metal container also works for equal parts storage and stacking. AND I ended up getting another pack to use as class valentines this year; I put two in each kiddo’s bag with a little note I made on Canva that said “I’m stuck on you, Valentine! Love, Olivia.”

amazon magnetic people for kids

Rug Pad Gripper – We put these under all of the rugs in the house that sit on hardwood to prevent slippage. With so many things running around constantly, they’re a must!

Divi Scalp Serum – You know I lovelovelove me a good before-and-after…I’ll let this one just speak for itself: (On the left is mid-October 2023, the right is the beginning of December 2023…the thick of postpartum hair loss/regrowth!)

Divi scalp serum before and after Divi scalp serum before and after

Travel Towel – Got this for Disney in case of rain so that we would maybe not end up soaked on ride seats? Ha! Ended up getting rained on regardless thanks to a downpour or two (so we just banked on our plastic ponchos, which work wonders), but this is still a great quick-dry option to have on hand for travel, sports, etc.

Elsa Lunchbox – The OG needed a new lunchbox for Pre-K – she chose this one!

Portable Phone Charger – This little doohickey was another great thing to have in Disney since you can still easily use your phone while it’s attached/charging! It does get used up for me in one complete phone charge, BUT it does it fast for your phone and then re-charges itself quickly, too. I also really like that it tells you right on it how much charge it has left before needing recharge, so you never accidentally run out of juice.

Amazon portable charger

Pink Leggings – These are fine BUT I will say, not my favorite. They’re super soft and remind me of Lulu Aligns, but in that not-ideal way where they potentially pill/collect hairs/etc. Not at all bad for the price, but these are BETTER than Lululemon Aligns, so I’d say grab those instead.

You are More than You’ve Been Told – Haven’t started it yet, but looks like a gem.

Electric Make-up Brush Cleaner – I figured if I get a fun little somethin’ somethin’ it might inspire me to not wait a literal three months between cleaning my makeup brushes. I haven’t put this one to the test just yet, but will share when I do on Stories – it’s got good reviews!

Quilted Tote Bag – An incredible $14 alternative to the $68 Free People quilted carryall totes

Heart Sweater for Olivia – This was her little Valentine’s Day fit this year…super sweet and darling. And great quality!

REAL Swedish Fish – IYKYK – these are BOMB DOT COM. I’m a sucker for Swedish fish BUT have been trying to cut out as much food dye as possible from our house (especially Red). My brother got me these for Christmas; they’re REAL Swedish fish. Like, from SWEDEN! But the best part is they have NO artificial coloring etc in them. They taste phenomenal – just as good as the bright red American ones – but without the junk. We have multiple flavors and they’re all so freaking good…obviously more expensive, but unfortunately the healthier stuff still costs more. In my opinion, totally worth it as a treat. 

Pink Plaid Crew Socks – I’m 100% on board with the crew sock trend, and these make it fun. 

Dried Cherries – We’re on our 5th or 6th bag at this point…just re-ordered ANOTHER. Y’all. Don’t sleep on these. My mom got us hooked and now J, O and I ALL eat them! We go right out of the bag or also on Greek yogurt…they’re sweet but tart, perfectly chewy, no added sugar, just pure fruit and they hit your sweet tooth just right. Actually obsessed.

Tart Dried Cherries

What did you buy on Amazon last month?

What’s in your cart now? NO CHEATING! Tell me below!