10 Favorite Amazon Finds for Pregnancy

I cannot believe I’m already this far into third trimester of this pregnancy…what a blessing. It’s surreal, especially considering I basically missed most of third trimester last time around – womp! Safe to say a lot of the ~physical discomforts~ kick into high gear around this time, namely because of how much growth baby experiences…and with it, mama’s stretches, aches, and pains. 😉 I’ve found a few tried-and-true essentials that have significantly helped during this pregnancy – all from Amazon – so they’re rounded up below for any fellow expectating mamas in the house. There are some Amazon maternity favorites, but also some snacks, accessories or other random additions to your cart that you’ll thank me for later…!

  1. Pregnancy tea I picked this stuff up since it’s a caffeine-free option that’s connected to overall pregnancy health, especially in third trimester. It’s said to help decrease labor time, increase uterine blood flow while strengthening your uterus overall, and provide some extra vitamins + minerals. I’ve been aiming for a cup a day anymore!
  2. Amazon maternity underwear – If there’s one thing I learned pretty quickly this pregnancy…you need new undies. Your hips + booty are some of the first thing to grow and stretch around, and they just…keep growing. It’s absolutely worth it to invest in a few new pairs, for comfort AND practicality purposes. I’ve been IMPRESSED with all three of my maternity underwear purchases (these, these, & these!) – they’re each seamless/no-show and suuuuuper stretchy. On average they come out to about $6-7 a pair, BUT this pack is currently on daily deal…they come out to $2.20 a pair!!! Honestly, you don’t even need to be pregnant to wear them because they’re just good seamless, stretchy, no-show undies! 
  3. Ritual zero proof tequila – Making mocktails that actually taste great and not just like basic juice + club combos has been a big goal of mine throughout pregnancy. Beyond that, this podcast episode really rocked my world…and TBH, not sure if I’ll choose to have alcohol again postpartum. This alcohol-free tequila is the BEST I’ve tried, making it the perfect addition for mocktail margaritas (+ more) that taste exactly like the real deal.
  4. Plant protein bars – I read a *plethora* of reviews on protein bars before landing on these to try; I was on the hunt for healthier options that a.) were loaded with protein and b.) didn’t taste like literal carboard. 😉 Let’s be honest – so many protein bars suck. I mean, they just do. If I have to struggle to stomach it…it’s just not worth it. These are actually YUMMY, packed with 15g of plant-based protein, and they’re also certified vegan, kosher, gluten/soy/dairy free, and non-GMO.
  5. Bump belt/belly bandDoctor-recommended to support your back, help your posture, and let you feel a bit of relief in your mid-section (bless).
  6. Orthopedic slippers You know you’re pregnant when you start Googling “best orthopedic slippers.” 😉 I landed on these and was sold on the overall arch and foot support claims, and sure enough, they do the dang thing. I was ending up in SO much foot pain after a few hours of walking around in regular flat poochies or house slippers, and that just wasn’t gonna work. I can wear these all day with NO pain.
  7. Ice rollerThere are SO MANY ice roller benefits. Pregnant or not, it’s a must for me – but during pregnancy specifically, it’s great for de-puffing your face, boosting lymphatic drainage, and helping any other random ache or pain (since Lord knows they abound right about now – sheesh!).
  8. Claw clips – These are the best I’ve tried. They hold even long and thick hair *securely* on your head for an all-day style. For those days when I’m just throwing it up and nesting (or resting), they’ve been a godsend – and I have no doubt they’ll continue to be a godsend when I need a literal 5-second style for newborn life! As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove and an ongoing follower favorite, too. 🙂 
  9. Amazon maternity leggings + Amazon maternity biker shorts I recommend having at least one pair of black leggings and biker shorts on deck that are actually maternity. Especially as your bump grows, high waisted things just don’t cut it and the waistbands can get uncomfortable. This brand is the bestselling option on Amazon, and I stand both their leggings AND shorts. Super comfy, built in pockets for your phone etc, and good for postpartum, too.
  10. Amazon maternity bodysuit – Regardless of due date, this is a good purchase to have on hand for maternity photos, too. I’ll be shooting some 36-37 weekers soon with it and just lovelovelove the vibe of a black bodysuit shoot – simple, chic, and black-and-white-style solo shots to commemorate your time carrying your little human to term. 🙂

For fellow mamas, what other pregnancy finds + Amazon maternity favorites have you come across?

If you’ve got faves + musts that I didn’t include above, help a sis out and let me know!