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It’s almost the weekend! *pops champagne* To celebrate, I tried something new n’ fun…a Q&A. To be completely honest per usual, I didn’t think anyone would ask me any questions. Ha! I posted on Snapchat a few days ago, though, asking if an ask-me-anything sortof post would be of interest, and apparently, it was. So, I’m answering as much as I can in this post! If this is something that you like and want more of, pleasepleaseplease leave a comment below asking your own questions. Anything goes around these rosy parts, so whether it’s anything from favorite beauty products to relationship advice, to my experience at UPenn or working in marketing/brand strategy, to getting married or buying a house or where I shop or something blog-related…anything. And if none of that sounds interesting to you anyways, you can go away now. 😉 Or you might like this, this, or this.

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses
Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

Off-shoulder top and Q&A on Coming Up Roses

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“I wanna know where you get all your energy and how you stay so positive!”

First off, dear Lord you’re the sweetest human ever. And ironically…I’m DEFINITELY not positive all the time. I’m 100% real with you guys. I don’t have any pretense up, and I don’t have an “Instagram self” versus a “Snapchat self” or any sort of separation in what I put where. I’m just me, and I want you to always feel like you can trust me the way you would your best girlfriend! Just via the internet. 😉 I have anxiety. I’ve been depressed. I went to therapy for a time in college. So I’m not all coming up roses all the time. Every rose has its thorn. BUT…every rose is also still beautiful. So I’d say I stay positive because I stay true to my truth that I’m a child of God and have one life to live on earth, and I simply refuse to waste my time worrying about anything that doesn’t matter. If I can’t control it, it’s not worth any negative energy. And if I can control it…it’s still not worth negative energy. Just channel the positive vibes and make things happen, and if it happens other than how you initially planned, figure out what God wants you to learn amidst the struggle or challenge. Then adapt, and move forward. Point blank period. I try to think of life as this constant puzzle to be figured out, and I like to think I’m getting better at not giving a shit what people think. HA! But really though. Put on your blinders, keep your eyes on your own paper, and do yo’ thaaaaang, girlfriend. Once you get over others’ opinions, life gets a lot happier. (I’m also lucky because I have the best support system who reminds me of all of the above over and over when I inevitably fall short.)

As for energy, I’ve always been a naturally extroverted bubble of hype. So I’d blame that one on genetics. 😉 But coffee usually does the trick.

“How did you and Jamie start thinking/acting like a team? Any exercise or anything?”

I asked J (my fiance!) for his answer to this, in the spirit of being a team. 😉 I studied abroad for a summer in college, right after my freshman year. At that point, we had been dating for about 9-10 months, and J was about to finish grad school and enter “the real world.” He said, “Being apart for 5 weeks with limited communication made me realize that I couldn’t live without Er, and didn’t want to do life without her.” (He’s the sweetest. Got points for that one.). On his end, he had a huge decision to make as to which job to take and how to position his career – with or without me and us in mind. He chose to stay close to where I’d be for the next three years and got a place in between his job and my school, and he continually made decisions that showed he was just as committed to us as he was to his career. That, for me, was huge – he was consciously being a team right from the start. And I was the same way; I knew he was who I wanted to be with and I was also willing to make sacrifices and decisions with us in mind. From the start, we both just had our hearts and minds set on keeping our relationship a priority above work, because we knew that if we were to get married we’d have to get good at putting *us* first anyways. It was really just that conscious decision that no matter what, we were in it to win it – together. If you’re on a sports team, no matter what happens, you push through win or lose. You might get really friggin’ mad at each other – heck, you might (accidentally) throw an elbow or get knocked in the face – but you’ll also get to celebrate the biggest victories and witness incredible growth. It’s the same in relationships, because you can’t just quit mid-game or mid-season if you want to be mutually successful.

“If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Pizza, hands down. I also love ice cream, bread (read: carbs), wine, and coffee. But with pizza, I can at least mix it up with some variety, go with a fruit or dessert pizza to affix my sweet tooth, and add a veggie now and then. 😉

“How did you establish your brand?”

I could seriously write an entire blog post about this topic. I mean…I create brand strategies alongside blogging within my own business, so establishing brands is literally my job! I’d say establishing CUR as a brand was a total evolution and process. It definitely didn’t happen overnight, and it’s still not really “done”! Because I have a background in branding and marketing, I had formally learned how to do it and applied everything from four years of school. For bloggers, I’d say this: you need clarity, consistency, and community. Be crystal clear about what you do and who you are from the get go. AND, be crystal clear about who your crowd of readers is. You want new eyes to immediately know whether or not they fit into the party you’re throwing! Be consistent across the board. In how many times you post per week, at what time, where you promote, the things you say, the colors and fonts you use – everything. Because when you’re consistent, people notice (and remember). And lastly, establish community from the start! Strive to create something bigger than yourself. Regardless of your blog topic, try to start a loyal following from the get go and treat them right! Remember that first impressions matter. Treat every single visitor like your next biggest fan.

“What’s your favorite movie?”

Since I can’t choose just one (who can?!?), I’ll broaden this to movies-that-never-get-old-for-me.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mean Girls, The Devil Wears Prada, Because I Said So, Elf, Finding Nemo, Legally Blonde, anything with Audrey Hepburn, and every single Hallmark Christmas movie in existence.

“What does your intern do for you?”

ICYMI, CUR has an intern! Sarah was introduced here, and let me tell y’all: she’s the sweetest peach there ever was. I’m lowkey obsessed with the girl, in the best way possible. Sarah does everything from scheduling and creating social media content, to brainstorming creative ideation and future collaborations. I can constantly come up with more work for her, because as a full-time blogger…the work never stops. And if you follow me on Snapchat, you know it’s always a good time with Sarah in-office. 😉

“How can I get started earning as a blogger (if I’m still a small lifestyle blogger)? How can I approach companies I wanna work for?”

Start valuing yourself now. Stop working for free. Stop agreeing to do way too much work marketing products to your audience without anything in return for your time and influence. Start developing true influence. Blog for others, not just for yourself. But most importantly, stop doing free. Uplevel your own mindset, and be willing to turn down more opportunities than you accept. Set your own standards, and have the courage to stick to them.

As for more on approaching companies and securing really hella awesome collaboration opportunities with brands, you have to start by signing up right here for something really special, from me to you. Coming soon. Stay tuned… 😉

What questions do you want answers to?

Leave them in comments below, and let me know if you want to see more Q&A-style posts in the future!

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