#AskE – ($20 gingham top, Transitioning Careers, What to Wear to July Weddings, + MORE)


First thing’s first: I realize that I’ve gotta step up my series game. Granted, there are a quite a few around these rosy parts. But since I’ve only been posting every MWF, it’s surprisingly easy for a month (or more) to fly by before getting in another post in a series. And that’s no bueno! So, to combat that, I’m considering upping the number of posts per week. Anything happening on Tuesday and/or Thursday would be short + sweet (really) and more personal, since I wanna make sure that we can chit chat like girlfriends and not have everything and its mom be just a tutorial or helpful tidbit. There’s obviously nothing wrong with valuable stuff, but personal stuff is also valuable in its own right, so if ya want it I’ll give it. MK? MK.

Second thing’s second: it’s Q&A time! I lovelovelove this series, ’cause it’s a fun way to be helpful AND personal all at the same time. #win. I asked you guys on Instagram if ya had any Q’s to be A’d, and I collected them (+ any I got via email, etc) for the series. Some #AskE posts got looooong in the past, so I’ll try and separate out Q’s between posts so nothing is obnoxiously lengthy. 😉

Third thing’s third: submit yo’ Q’s! I whipped up a handy dandy form right here to drop anything + everything. Whether you’ve got Q’s on blogging or beauty, relationships or other #RealTalk, style or shopping, college or careers – anything goes, and I’d be happy to swing my bat at it all for ya. You can also email me (anytime!) if you’ve got something you wanna chit chat about, too. Let’s dive in!

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post $20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

(I am OBSESSED – how friggin’ cute is this top?!?! Also comes in and and is ONLY $20!!!! #AddToCart) // (Mine is on a 16″ chain) // Black ruffle shorts ( in gingham (how cute?!), more black shorts here) // (also – come in 12 colors! – as seen in my comfiest shoes for work post) // Cork bag (sold out in this color, , more cute crossbody bags here) // More gingham tops here


“When did you become more involved with your faith?”

My faith has *always* been a huge part in my life. But honestly, it strengthens the older I get just because #life. In school I became much more dependent on my faith since my parents weren’t around, and I really craved the connection to God and the ability to really trust in His plan for my life. And then once I was getting married, I became more involved deeper still, because I knew I wanted Jesus to be at the center of my marriage. J and I wanted to be on/get on the same page with it all, so it sparked a lot of open, honest conversation and exploration together to deepen our personal relationships with Christ and the way we invited our faith into our home.


“I’m currently in an internship that is absolutely not for me and is making me extremely regret my major (food science). I’m good with science, but I think I have more of a “creative mind” and was wondering what advice you have a on pursuing  more creative career?”

This is SUCH a good Q that I feel like every collegiette and her sister can relate to in some sense – it came in via Instagram in response to this post.  First off, I think it helps to know what sorta creative you are! Do you lovelovelove to write? Is photography more yo’ thang? How’s your creative eye for design? It’s important to first know what actually sparks your creative juices. Especially if timing is tight and you’re trying to optimize options before graduation, focus in as much as possible right off the bat. From a creative standpoint, you could easily transition from food science into something like marketing for food/consumer packaged goods companies (think, working for Mondelez International on the Oreo team, etc), doing social media for a food brand, designing packaging or labeling for food brands, yadda yadda yadda. See if you can get creative in that process itself, to mix a pinch of what you’re currently studying with a dash of what you want to be doing for the ultimate career concoction.

If you discover your aspirations are completely different altogether…don’t panic. Realistically, you can’t be expected to have your ish entirely together at the ripe age of 20.

It’s key to first figure out WHAT your aspirations ARE, if you know that they’re not what you’re currently doing. If it helps, do process of elimination! I came to know I wanted to do marketing for a living by working backwards. Could I be a doctor? Nope, squeamish AF. How about a dolphin trainer? Likely would have to move to a coast and away from my family, which wouldn’t be ideal. Eventually, I figured out how much I loveloveloved consumer psychology combined with creativity flair and content creation, so I called it a career and went for it.

If you think your aspirations are TOTALLY different and there are zero common chords, identify what you want to do and start reaching out to people in the field to get as involved as possible. Maybe that means job shadowing someone, an internship – anything + everything to get your feet wet and add relevant experience to the resume so you can at least speak to the passion you’ve found and the direction you’re intentionally taking it.

P.S. Here are 16 Careers for Creatives

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

“I’m attending my friend’s wedding in July and I was wondering if you had any tips for what I should wear? I love the pink dress you posted ( – it’s under $25!) but I’m so pale, pink tends to wash me out.”

First off, know what colors you look good in (+ more importantly, FEEL good in), and go with those! For paler chicas, I think jewel tones are always a pretty safe bet + universally flattering. Think, blues, purples, emerald greens, etc! Here are a buncha wedding-ready dresses I’d recommend:


“How do you discipline yourself to get up so early when you work from home?”

Sometimes…I don’t. Ha! But I’ve found a few things that definitely help.

  1. Know Thyself. I need a solid 8-9 hours to be up to snuff. Alternatively, I need 6. But I can’t sustain a whole week at 6 – that’s good for a day. Know your own body and work with it instead of forcing it to do what it just won’t do.
  2. Plan ahead. If I know I wanna get up at 6 am, going to bed at midnight won’t cut it. Similarly, I know what sort of work will actually get me jazzed to wake up. Plan what time you need to hit the sack to get up when you want, and make sure ya do THAT – the discipline starts the night before!
  3. Treat yo’self. Have the Keurig all set up ready to go with your favorite K-Cup + creamer of choice. Get a donut. With sprinkles. It’s the little things.
  4. Know how to be a morning person.
  5. Torture yo’self. HA. But really tho. Put the alarm in another room so you are literally FORCED outta bed. Sometimes it’s not discipline as much as it is brute force. 😉


“Do you have a professional photographer who takes such awesome pics?”

HAHA thanks for the compliment! But nope – my mama shoots with me! Granted, we take it super seriously and try to learn #AllTheThings through online tutorials, YouTube videos, classes, and studying like it’s our job. ‘Cause…it is. 😉 I’ve shot with a “pro” before, but honestly I just lovelovelove shooting with my mom because she gets me like no other. She’s got a ridiculous work ethic, too, so it’s awesome being with someone who a.) understands my aesthetic and gets what I’m going for, b.) knows my best looks/sides/poses/etc., c.) will be with me all. day. long. to figure things out and get the shots.

She’s just bombdotcom.

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post

“What’s the hardest part about being married?”

Not to be totally cheesy, but marriage rocks. I love being married, I love my hubs – I lovelovelove it all. J and I have been together for five years now and are legit just best friends, so it’s just really fun.

Granted, it’s not coming up roses all the time.

Relationships are hard. Especially forever relationships. And we have our share of challenges just like any other couple. I would say for me personally, the hardest thing is balance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I croak – balance is a unicorn. I suck at balance. I used to think I was really *good* at balance, when I was in school going from one thing to the next like a nerdy little #boss and managing it all.

But, I wasn’t really in charge of my own schedule.

So now doing this whole #adulting thing as a married woman – it can be hard to know when to say no to work to prioritize your partner, versus say no to date night to wrap up a project. J and I are both workhorses and could honestly go from 7 am to 11 pm each. So coordination is key – and that’s hard.

See our wedding photos here and our wedding video here!

$20 gingham top, berry loafers - #AskE post


Do you have anything you want A’d in future #AskE Q&A posts?

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Happy FriYAY – it’s almost the weekend. Bless.

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