#AskE – New fridge? Best winter coat? What’s the deal with the Billie razor???

Happy MONDAY. Welcome to a new week in this new year, friends. 🙂 Wanted to A a few Q’s from readers today, as well as share an easy, affordable Valentine’s Day outfit since V-Day is already right around the corner! This cute distressed heart sweater was an Amazon find, so it’s a cute treat yo’self to look and feel seasonal. Then on bottom is a go-to combo of mine for nights out especially: fave dark denim (currently BOGO 50% off!), and then thigh-high boots with a slight heel and pointed toe. I finished this look with this belt (another fun Amazon find!), which is a fun option as a Gucci look-for-less. 

OK SO, let’s A some Q’s! Everything from our new fridge to best winter coat recommendations, to the deal with the Billie razor and Tula alternatives…and of course, this Valentine’s Day outfit for a festive night out. Let’s gooooo!

AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater on Coming Up Roses

AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater on Coming Up Roses AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - #AskE Q&A series on Coming Up Roses

AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater on Coming Up Roses AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater on Coming Up Roses AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - #AskE Q&A series on Coming Up Roses


Shop this cute Valentine’s Day outfit here:

HEY GIRL HEY – I’m running low on my Tula moisturizer and exfoliating face mask and wanted to know if you have any good recommendations from other brands before I rebuy those two products. Also do you know if Tula products are safe for pregnancy?

YES, absolutely! First off, I do know that all Tula products are considered pregnancy-safe now after their reformulation. Of course, if you’re at all concerned, ask your doctor. But for non-Tula alternatives…

This is my favorite daytime moisturizer with SPF – I use it daily. And bonus: it’s drugstore! Added bonus: it’s on sale!

I am testing out different moisturizers all of the time for my job, so I’m not especially loyal to one for nighttime. I’ve used + loveloveloved Tula’s hydrating day/night cream, but I’m also a big fan of this one, this one, and this one that has retinol inside for anti-aging.

I do tend to splurge more on nighttime moisturizers that are high quality and multi-purposed, in that they can deeply hydrate while also fighting signs of aging, evening skin tone, eliminating texture, etc. The more the merrier! And before I forget to note, you can get 15% off anything at Tula anytime with code COMINGUPROSES, so don’t miss out on any savings if you’re re-buying product especially!

Re: face masks, Tula’s exfoliating face mask has been one of my absolute favorites from the get go. It’s a clay-based mask that does NOT leave me feeling like my epidermis was just removed – ha! But really, no redness or dryness afterwards. It’s not just sucking out your pores, either (although it does draw out dirt, excess oil, etc) – it also gently exfoliates via volcanic sand to help approve your overall texture, which I’m all about. Truly my weekly detox in a jar! If I could only use one face mask for the rest of forever, it would be this one – it’s the one I reach for most, hands down.

But Colleen Rothschild’s Clarifying Detox is the best charcoal-specific mask ever (I think code ERICA20 will still get you 20% off at CRB!). 100% worth every penny.

I was looking to see if I’m missing the search bar on CUR? I know I’ve used it before, but maybe it’s only on the mobile version?? Is it somewhere I’m not seeing on the web version?

It’s right over here ————> (look to the right! also scroll up!) – right underneath the little “about me” image in the sidebar! You should see the words “Type some keywords…” in a little box, and that’s the search bar! It’s optimized as best possible, so you SHOULD be able to be pretty specific with it to find what you’re looking for.

On mobile, it’s a bit more of a pain to locate since you do have to scroll to the bottom of the mobile homepage. BUT, you’ll see the exact same scenario as on desktop (screenshot below for ya!) – little picture of me holding some roses (woo! branding!) with the search bar, and tiny social media icons beneath that to help you navigate to any/all of my social media platforms to come say hi! 

 AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater with Abercrombie jeansAFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater with Abercrombie jeans

What’s the runner rug in your kitchen? Where’s it from?

AMAZON. Wouldja believe it?!? I search high and far for a runner/rug combo that I loveloveloved, because I wanted the dining room rug and kitchen runner to coordinate. Would any other human being actually step foot into my house and say, “Gee, I notice that the rug in this room matches the runner in this room!”? …probably not. I get this. But I just *feel* better knowing that they are the same. Cool? Cool. 😉

My husband and I are just starting to shop for a new fridge…can you link your new one? It looks amazing!!!

WOO! Yes. Here is ours. I had absolutely no part in picking it out but I gotta say, J did a GREAT job. Totally lovelovelove it.

And it’s on sale right now – 10% off!

OK girl! My birthday is coming up and my momma wants to treat me to a winter coat! I know you know all the best brands for everything soooo help please! Also I’m going back into the classroom soon and my feet need comfy shoes for winter. I attempted to buy boots on my own and my feet bled. Help please!

YAY! Happy early birthday! OK SO for winter coat, I have this one from Abercrombie which is a DREAM for Pennsylvania winters – it’s like arctic-prep. 

Granted, it’s just about sold out sadly. BUUUUUT if your size is in stock pleasepleaseplease treat yo’self because it’s normally a $220 puffer coat on clearance for $79 and I paid about $110 on Black Friday so this is truly a STEAL. RUN.

For another arctic-ready winner, I also have this parka from Noize which I would absolutely bring with me to the North Pole. Noize is LEGIT, and I found a bunch at Nordstrom Rack on super sale so carpe diem those deals!

I don’t have THE AMAZON COAT (yet), but it has obnoxiously rave reviews – and is so popular that it’s literal nickname is “the Amazon coat.” (Seriously! Google it!). 15,000 5-star review. At first I didn’t quite get it because I wasn’t 100% sold on the front pocket situation, but with how many folks sing its highest praises, I juuuuuuuust might be #influenced. Plus, it’s remarkably cheaper than some other high-level cold-weather coat situations, so I’d say worth a shot.

And ok re: SHOES – I gotchu, girl!

For a comfy bootie, I lovelovelove these Dr. Scholl’s – and they’re waterproof! They’re not exactly “business casual,” but they’re super cute and super comfortable so if you can get away with the style for your needs, 100% worth it. I’m also going to link a whole bunch of Dr. Scholl’s for ya here because they’re truly the comfiest out there! Also, I’ve shared Sofft Shoes before – another GREAT brand for comfort especially. 

AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater with Abercrombie jeans


AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater with Abercrombie jeans

Hey Erica! Random, but I thought I saw on your story about the Billie razor?! Just wondering if it is really as good as everyone is saying or if you have a link!

YUP. We’ve talked alllllll about good ol’ Billie. 😉 And then it’s reviewed again in Part 1 of our “Is it worth the hype??” mini-series with Team CUR! Woo! I hope that’s all helpful. Of course, something like a razor is reaaaaally personal since everyone’s skin (+ hair) is different. If there’s anything I’ve learned since first chatting razors with followers, it is that. Some girls haven’t used a women’s razor since 2002. Some don’t shave above the knees. Some hate most shaving creams with a passion (hi, it me). 

So I’ll say what I said before (because it’s the truth, yo!) – the Billie razor is the best I’ve used so far. Is it going to change your life? No. It’s a razor. But will you save a few bucks and stress a bit less not having to schill out $14 on your next Target run for some frilly pink thing with a flower down the handle? Yup. 

The starter kit is only $9 and includes your Billie handle, cartridges and magnetic holder. Then each subsequent delivery to your doorstep (at the frequency of your choosing – I do bi-monthly!) is only $9 – which boils down to $2.25 a cartridge

AFFORDABLE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT - Amazon heart sweater with Abercrombie jeans

Shop this cute Valentine’s Day outfit here:


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