30 Romantic, Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Happy date night! I think it’s safe to say that the “safer” date night options right now are within your own four walls. As sad as it might be that we’re all (still) pretty cooped up, that our old usual stomping grounds are closed or that “normal” date night favorites might not be possible right about now, luckily, there are still so many fun, romantic options for at home date night ideas and activities. Even if you won’t be six feet apart for long. 😉

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  1. Go gourmet together. Cooking together can be really romantic if either one of you is a great cook, and just plain ol’ FUN if you’re not! Play chef and sous chef and whip up a mutual favorite meal, try your hand at a pick from a restaurant that you both lovelovelove, or imagine you’re at the happiest place on Earth with a Disney-inspired treat. Or, take the plunge on Home Chef and speed through the ridiculously easy instructions together to get to the ridiculously YUMMY end result, paired with your favorite wine. (Code ERICAL80 for $80 off your first 4 orders of Home Chef!). We’ve been Home Chef customers for 2+ years now, ever since Liv was born to make life easier, and we’ve never looked back. ESPECIALLY in avoiding unnecessary grocery store runs without sacrificing taste in the slightest, I could not recommend it more!!!
  2. Wine tasting. There are a few options here! 1.) Order a few favorite bottles to uncork and taste together with different food pairings. The only downside is needing wine that won’t spoil in a few days if you’ve opened a few! So alternatively… 2.) a virtual tasting! I’ve seen this idea gaining popularity since quarantine began and I can 100% see why. Here are a couple of recommended options to check out!
  3. Virtual yoga. Before having Liv, I loveloveloved working out at the Corepower Yoga studio near us. I haven’t been since moving, but I was STOKED to find some of their workouts on YouTube for free! Just search “corepower yoga” and explore options together. TIP FROM EXPERIENCE: Ask your partner ahead of time if they’re wanting WORKOUT yoga, or MEDITATIVE yoga. J was all gungho for yoga together until he discovered it was actually a super intensive, pretty difficult workout and not just sitting crosslegged on the floor – ha! They have different level classes as well as different types; C1 is beginner, C2 is more advanced (and what I did in-studio most often!), and Yoga Sculpt is an intense 15-20 minute workout that includes cardio and pilates moves for a full-body sweat!
  4. Garage gym workout – or workout using only things around the house. (As seen with more cheap date ideas here!). We are so lucky + so in lovelovelove with our garage gym now that we have a garage! We actually still use our garage AS a garage, so it’s just one part that we have equipment in – more on that to come! 😉 But the POINT for a solid home date idea is to get creative with what you’ve got. If that’s an actual at-home gym date, great. But if that means you’re grabbing the full milk gallons to curl or giving piggybacks while squatting, so be it!
  5. Candlelight takeout on the floor. Our tradition when moving was always grabbing Chinese and watching a movie on pillows on the floor of the new house on night #1. But obviously, this knows no bounds (nor is it constricted to moving days only – ha!). Light candles and DoorDash egg rolls for two!
  6. Pull up free dance lessons on YouTube. Push the couch to the side and learn ballroom or salsa from the best. 
  7. Scrabble tournament. J and I used to be BEASTS at Scrabble and played basically weekly. We don’t play nearly as much as we’d like to right now, but it’s definitely a fun, flirty game to use some brain juice, too. 😉
  8. Conversation cards (+ wine). These cards were an Amazon find that became SUCH a pleasant surprise! Actually the #1 bestselling card game on Amazon with over 11,000 5-star reviews…so clearly we’re not alone in thinking they’re a hit. 😉 They actually have GOOD, interesting conversation prompts, even when you’ve been with someone what feels like forever. Ha!
  9. Bubbles + bubbly. AKA, champagne in the tubby! No explanation needed. 😉
  10. Put together a personalized puzzle. There are SO many cute options nowadays; my personal favorites are from Minted and Shutterfly. Such a cute way to reminisce together!
  11. Have a blackout on the floor. Turn off the lights, commit yourself to only candles + old school flashlights (no iPhones allowed!). Tell ghost stores or share childhood secrets on the living room floor. 
  12. Create your own obstacle course. Hit up the recycling bin for the biggest Amazon box of the bunch and open it up like a tunnel in the living room. Move couches, put laundry baskets on the floor – literally just put ish in the walkways and challenge each other in fun ways!
  13. Indoor mini golf. Time to break out the plastic promotional cups that have been stashed away – they’re your new hole in one! If you don’t happen to have mini golf clubs lying around (LOL), a yard stick will do. Amazon Prime some golf balls and get sporty with your golfer lover!
  14. Dress each other from your closets. Time to put your taste to the test…fashion taste, that is! She goes to his and he goes to hers, and you dress each other for each portion of your date. Come up with a casual outfit, a dressier option – heck, even a sexier option for the afterparty. 😉
  15. Play “the floor is lava”/pillow fight! Remember that game? Only rule is you can’t step on the floor – so get creative! And kick it up a notch with a pillow fight while you’re hopping from pillow to pillow.
  16. Arts and crafts hour. Take a lesson from my toddler and embrace arts and crafts time. Truly cathartic. And you just might make a great new masterpiece for the wall while making memories, too!
  17. Have a spa night – facials, massages, and mani/pedis, please! Literally my ideal home date idea – ha! I recommend my fave CBD bath bombs or bath soak (Drop code ericaligenza for a discount on either at checkout!), a facial steamer, + face masks all around.
  18. Grab a bottle of wine and pair it with Scrabble. The adult version: Make it Strip Scrabble, where each person loses an article of clothing for any word under 20 points. ???? 
  19. Make a charcuterie picnic on the living room floor – or a charcuterie table in the dining room!
  20. Mad lib
  21. Create your own cocktail (or mocktail!). Pick a base liquor, a mixer or two, and some fun drink accessories and go to town!
  22. Re-create your first date – and first kiss! Our first date was on my college campus around midnight, taste-testing cupcakes that J picked up from a local bakery. Will never forget it!
  23. Do a wine-and-paint party at home. You know those super popular places where you go to drink and paint a picture? Well, make up your own version! Pick a picture from online to paint big, and put your artist skills to the test.
  24. Video games! If he’s a gamer already, he’ll lovelovelove you forever if you get on his Call of Duty level. Personally, one of our favorite home date ideas is a cheesy old-school game called BroForce – all I’m sayin’ is I get a BIT intense. 😉
  25. Write a children’s book together. Talk about a productive at home date idea – check NYT Bestseller off the bucket list!
  26. Create a photobooth! A date night at home is not complete without proof that it happened. Hang a sheet up on the wall and set up a tripod! No need for a fancy camera, either – this tripod is my fave for my iPhone, and it’s less than $30 on Amazon, has a timer, and doubles as a selfie stick, too! 
  27. Make yo’ own PIZZA. Grab favorite toppings from the grocery store and a pack of flatbreads, and whip up a bunch of personal pizzas together (that you share, of course). 
  28. Write handwritten cards together to the people who have had the biggest impact in your life – discuss after each.
  29. Read to each other. Make it a funny book, a random book, the Bible – just take turns going back and forth reading passages out loud to one another!
  30. Make a fort. Then do something fun inside it! 😉


What are your favorite at home date ideas?

Any that you lovelovelove that aren’t on the list above yet?

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Happy date night!