The Best Designer Dupes

Happy HUMP! Who’s ready for some stellar designer dupes??? THIS GIRL.

First thing’s first: Have you filled out the 2019 CUR Reader Survey yet???? You totally should. Because a.) your feedback is SO important to me, and b.) you could win $250 from doing it. So there’s that. 😉

Second thing’s second: DUPES. Overwhelmingly, y’all lovelovelove a good dupe. Don’t get me wrong – I lovelovelove the real deal sometimes. But the real deal costs a real penny. And you know I’ve got my Hit the Goal, Get the Gucci mantra for self-motivation through big goals + hard things. 😉 But ANY time I do a poll or survey, one of the top things requested is MORE DUPES. So, here we are. Here I shared a buncha Amazon designer dupes, along with a lil’ disclaimer, but the disclaimer is worth repeating before hopping right into this thing.

Not all designer dupes are created equal.

As in, some can be illegal. There can be a fine line between a dupe/lookalike, or a counterfeit or fake piece. I am def no expert (because I ain’t a lawyer), but from my understanding, the difference is this: A dupe or lookalike is just that – it looks like something designer. It might be similar in quality – the same quality leather or suede, etc – and similar in actual build or design. But it’s not calling itself the real deal. It’s not saying, “Hey, I’m Gucci and I’m only $50 instead of $500!” Like…LOL NO. A fake or potentially counterfeit piece is trying to be the designer, typically with the same exact branding, and is calling itself that at just a much lower price. The fine line comes in in how close branding can be before it’s considered copying. There are suuuuuuper strict qualifiers for luxury branding. Tiffany’s, for example, literally owns the color “Tiffany Blue.” Another jewelry company could come out and create similar pieces, and so long as their blue isn’t that same exact shade…they’d probably be legally fine. Shady? Probably. But illegal? Not necessarily.

Similarly, with designer dupes, something like a belt buckle being a different size or something being a different color may be enough differentiation. I’ve seen designer dupes get flack in the past for “ripping” off of luxury brands. But fashion in general…is a lot of ripping off of other brands and designs. Think about anything that starts trending – how many different super similar variations end up popping up at different price points all over the web that season? It’s kinda cray cray to think about it and not necessarily “fair” for the original designer, but I think part of the picture is just it being how the industry works!

SO. Enough of that no fun stuff. Let’s get to the FUN STUFF.

The real deals are on the left, and the dupes are on the right – can you tell the difference? 😉 I have each piece listed below that, with links to both the designer AND dupe versions, so you’re good to go regardless.


The Best Designer Dupes - on Coming Up Roses The Best Designer Dupes - on Coming Up Roses


Gucci belt

Designer: $450

Dupe: $19.99


Quilted vintage Chanel bag

Designer: $8,000+

Dupe: $43.99

Dupe: $18


Valentino Rockstud Flats

Designer: $745

Dupe: $103.99


Gucci bag

Designer: $1,980

Dupe: $74.99


David Yurman Cable Classic Bracelet

Designer: $775

Dupe: $18.50


Chloe Faye Backpack

Designer: $1850

Dupe: $24.88


Chanel espadrilles

Designer: $725

Dupe: $198


Goyard tote

Designer: $1,895

Dupe: $55.55


Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet

Designer: $600

Dupe: $18.88


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Designer: $1,500

Dupe: $109.50


Golden Goose sneakers

Designer: $530

Dupes: $28


Chanel crystal stud earrings

Designer: $750

Dupe: $39.99


Gucci Marmont fanny pack

Designer: $1,150

Dupe: $11


Yves Saint Laurent heart sunglasses

Designer: $420

Dupe: $9.95


Which designer dupes are your favorite?

Are you on the hunt for a good designer dupe as we speak? I can help find it – just say the word!

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