LOOK FOR LESS: $500 Golden Goose Sneakers

Aaaaand we’re back with another edition of LOOK FOR LESS – this time rounding up my favorite Golden Goose lookalikes! This has quickly become one of my personal favorite series to share with you since it’s highlighting one of my personal favorite things to find: lookalikes! Or rather, pieces + products that look and perform like more expensive counterparts…at a fraction of the price.

Of course, like I always say, by no means are all replicas created equal. Some replicas are just cheap copycats in an attempt to rip off an original to make a quick buck, and they totally lack in quality or integrity. Others are blatantly counterfeit, in stealing actual designers’ logos or trademarks. In sharing lookalikes with you, my hope is always to find high-quality, worthwhile pieces that look similar to a “designer” or more expensive option without infringing on any copyright or trademarked original pieces. And really, much of this is just the nature of the fashion industry – it’s the whole point of trends. Once something is “trending,” every designer and their mother makes something to be “on trend” in the hopes of making sales and being with the times. So there’s BOUND to be similarities in styles across seasons. So I like to look at replicas in a pretty factual, side-by-side comparison sorta way to really see what makes something hyped, and to find a similarly hype-worthy product. 🙂

You can always check out the LOOK FOR LESS tab under “SERIES” on my website’s menu bar for any past posts sharing designer lookalikes – we’ve found incredible lookalikes for UGG slippers, Lululemon leggings + MORE, so hopefully you’ll find a new favorite look for less everytime you check out a LOOK FOR LESS post. 🙂 NOW, onto today’s topic…we’re talking Golden Goose lookalikes!

I could not for the LIFE of me understand why someone would shell out over 500 BUCKS on sneakers that were made to look scuffed and dirty ON PURPOSE. I mean…is this like Kanye’s whole Yeezy thing where he was charging obscene amounts for ripped sweatpants? Is there some high fashion thing here I’m missing?!? I don’t get it. **UPDATE: I don’t get it, but I was #influenced to see what the hype was all about…here’s my honest Golden Goose review after buying a real pair myself!

The main gist of Golden Goose sneakers is the iconic star on the side of the shoe – hence why you’ve likely seen star sneakers popping up left and RIGHT lately. It’s all playing off of this hothothot brand + trend.

I know I always say that LOOK FOR LESS will *only* feature side-by-side comparisons of replicas with their “real” counterpart to really compare quality, etc. BUT…today is an exception. You guys, it will be a cold day in hell before this girl drops HALF OF A THOUSAND DOLLARS on one pair of dirty, scuffed sneakers. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. And I’d feel bad buying them to take a picture and then return them because I just don’t do that, so today we’re going to have to use our imaginations. OK? OK. 😉

That being said, I’ve got one of the *closest* dang things I could find on the internet arriving on my doorstep any day now, so I’ve included that below, too! 

Because of how popular these shoes are, they sell out so dang fast. I’ve updated this post with in stock options and will continue to do so! You can shop some in stock styles below:

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

My exact color is sold out already, but these are super similar! WOO! They come in snake print, black, + tie dye and you obviously cannot beat the price – especially since they’re dang good Golden Goose lookalikes.

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

This sparkly black pair is sold out now, BUT here is another similar pair for under $25 by the same brand. These run a bit big I’d say, so if you’re in-between sizes, size down!

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

These Steve Maddens + the Dr. Scholl’s below are the most COMFORTABLE of the bunch. They’re the two I’d pick up to take on a trip to somewhere like Disney since they’ve got super supportive soles and are made for walkin’! And they’re still 1/4 the price of the designer pair, so I’d say they’re totally worthwhile Golden Goose lookalikes.

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

RT the above comment – these and the Rezza’s are the most comfortable of the lot. These Dr. Scholl’s don’t have a star logo on the side, but they do have cute gold foil text that says “Be You” and the arrow design is a bit unique, so they’re a good option if you want hella COMFORTABLE kicks and aren’t really feelin’ the whole star thing.

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

These are SO INCREDIBLY CLOSE to the real deal – probably one of the best pairs of Golden Goose lookalikes I’ve come across, down to the text on the shoe itself. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. I did find another *distressed* shoe if you want a comparable look.

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

I’ve had both of these sparkly sneakers for well over a year now – here they are in gold (the silver is no longer available)! 12-year-old E is SO STOKED that glitter-everything is back in style. There’s just something about a chunky glitter that brings a smile to your face, amiright? These are special to me because I wore them at my first RISE conference when I met Rachel Hollis, and I wore them for my own first gig as a motivational speaker! #sentimental

The Best GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES - on Coming Up Roses

These are the latest pair of Golden Goose lookalikes to make it into my collection, and I’m SO INTO THEM. I mean, I get it…they’re so extra. But so am I, so I think we’re a perfect fit. 😉 Ha! But really, I know they may look like a lot by themselves, but paired with an otherwise simple outfit, they’re actually the cutest statement shoe!




Which pair of Golden Goose lookalikes is your favorite?

Have you seen any on the web that aren’t mentioned above that you lovelovelove? And what do you want to see me compare side-by-side next in an upcoming edition of LOOK FOR LESS? Let me know in a comment below!