The Best Things I Own That I Would 100% Recommend as Gifts

I’ll have you know it’s truly taking ALL of my effort to not start every single blog post from hereonout with “it’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeaaaaar!” πŸ˜‰ But it’s true – ’tis the season, folks! And we’re kicking off GIFT GUIDES GALORE today, so your girl is stoked. This first gift guide of the lot felt fitting to start the party, because it’s all things that I personally OWN that I would 100% recommend as gifts. The idea came to me last year in seeing so many gift guides online sharing product collages from this store or that store, and always wondering…but does she actually use that product herself to recommend it? Anyone can do a quick Google search for top-rated products or just pull together what everyone else and her mother is loveloveloving for the season, so I wanted to make a *special* gift guide solely focused on the things that I have personally used + recommended for YEARS that would be fabulous giftables for any lady in your life. (Of course, since it’s things that are mine, it’s girls only today – but MEN ARE COMING πŸ˜‰ ).

Basically, this is like Oprah’s Favorite Things, but from me. πŸ˜‰

The Best Things I Own that I'd 100% Recommend as Gifts - GIFT GUIDE ON COMING UP ROSES


  1. Wubby pullover THE WUBBY! Really, any cozy AF sherpa pullover will do. πŸ˜‰ But I have a few of the original wubbies and they really are the comfiest things on the planet. Like snuggling up to an alpaca, really. (It’s also ON SALE NOW!)
  2. TULA I KNOW, I KNOW, SHUT UP WITH THE TULA, ERICA. πŸ˜‰ But HEY…if it’s Erica’s Favorite Things, Tula is obviously on that list. I’m breaking it down, though, with a few Tula products in particular that would be greatest for gifting, in my humble opinion. (My Tula discount code is COMINGUPROSES for 20% off + free shipping on anything!)
    • Gift sets Tula did gift sets RIGHT this year. You can choose a set based on whatever your (or your recipient’s) skin type or concerns are, or whatever products you want inside.
    • Glow & Get It Eye balm – There are two eye balms to choose from – the OG blue tube, and the rose option. The original is better if your skin has cooler undertones, while the rose is better for warmer undertones. I personally prefer the rose on myself! (The rose also has rosehip oil inside which acts like a natural retinol to help with anti-aging!) BOTH eye balms are cooling + brightening – I’ve recommended them many a time before, in Monthly Favorites posts (actually ALL of these Tula products have been in favorites roundsup before – ha!), and also in this post on how to cover dark circles on your undereyes!
    • Purifying Cleanser – The rebranded tubes say “cult classic” on them, and for good reason. It’s my all-time favorite cleanser and has been a GAME CHANGER by itself for so many of you who have tried + told me your results! A gentle gel cleanser that removes makeup, as well as giving you a deep (but gentle) cleanse.
    • Exfoliating treatment mask – This is one of my all-time favorite face masks. You might’ve caught this on my Instagram stories, but I’ve shared before how it paired with the pH resurfacing gel toner is my go-to combination for battling a breakout that very second. Literally heals reactions overnight, if my breakout is in response to something (ie, not cystic or deeply rooted but more of a surface-level reaction, if that makes sense!)
  3. Barefoot Dreams anything + everything – LITERALLY. But, if you have to break it down, a Barefoot Dreams blanket is my #1 recommendation from the brand. You just can’t go wrong. (I’ve got a few on hand to gift but can’t say to who in case they read this post. HA)
  4. Ember mug – The coolest invention! This is perfect for the coffee snob in your life who needs their espresso at *precisely* a certain temperature. πŸ˜‰ Because the Ember mug lets you do that! It connects to an app on your phone that lets you heat your coffee to an exact temp (or will just tell you when it’s hot enough to drink, versus too hot or too cool). It acts as a warmer then, too, to maintain that perfect drinking temp!
  5. Coffee warmer – If you’re more on a budget but want the same sorta effect of not needing to reheat your coffee 32 times a morning (just me? HA), this is GREAT. I have one on my desk and highly recommend for any other desk, too! Easy Amazon find, would also make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for a coffeeholic!
  6. Gucci card holder – Definitely a bigger ticket item, but something worth recommending to your partner or using as your own TREAT YO’SELF. I RARELY used a regular wallet since having my card holder, since I’m most often just needing my driver’s license and a debit or credit card to run an errand.
  7. SisKiss customized name necklace – I realized in making this guide that this doesn’t actually work as a Christmas gift recommendation since unfortunately the customization deadline to make it in time for Christmas already passed – SO SORRY. But, wanted to still include since it’s just SUCH a good option as a giftable!
  8. Sweetmint handmade mugs – My FAVORITE place to order unique, fun mugs from. I always get the 15oz. option – it’s bigger + sturdier and the perfect size!
  9. Loopycase Once I first put a Loopycase on my phone, I knew there was no going back! I’ve had one one for years at this point. It eliminates the dropped-phone-on-face syndrome when you’re laying in bed and lazily scrolling your newsfeed. πŸ˜‰ But also SO good for anyone frequently carrying #AllTheThings (so, mamas!) – you can just hook your phone loop onto your pinky and have free hands for other stuff. I do this all the time so that I can hold Liv comfortably while running about! (They gave me code eligenza10 for 10% off a case if you’d like one for yourself!)
  10. UGG slippers or moccasins – Seriously, two of the BEST gifts. I now own two pairs of the slippers and two pairs of the moccasins, with another pair of the slippers hopefully on the way (*cough J cough*). I bought my first UGG moccasins last winter when we were in the NICU, because with traveling every single day in the cold, I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Then, my brother gifted me another pair for Christmas which was FABULOUS. They’re especially great because they’ve got hard soles, so you can wear them out and about besides just in the house. I bought my first UGG slippers during this past year’s Nordstrom Sale and was LIVING in them at home – so much so that I just snagged this pair on super sale and have another on my own wishlist!
  11. Soft Surroundings blanket – While a Barefoot Dreams Blanket is ridiculously soft + warm, it’s on the thinner side in terms of bulk of fabric. This Soft Surroundings blanket is thicker + heavier! I gifted this to my mother-in-law last year and she loveloveLOVED it. It’s really luxe-feeling and looks beautiful out on a couch or chair, too.
  12. Yeti mug or Tervis tumbler – Both keep your drink the temperature it was when you first put it inside, hot OR cold!
  13. Shutterfly photo books – This is mine + J’s FAVORITE gift every single year. Since we first started dating, I made J a book as a gift at the end of the year summing up all of our dates together. On each page, I have pictures from the date and a little “Remember when…” note talking about what we did, what we ate, etc – a fun way to immediately remember the most fun moments of a year together, especially after years pass. It’s J’s FAVORITE gift every year hans down – he’s frequently said he doesn’t need anything else but that. It’s so fabulous since it’s personal, but also a great keepsake. We can frequently look back on past year’s books and have memories flood back of little moments and dates we might otherwise have forgotten without the reminder!
  14. Typeleague Press face mug – MY FAMILY, STOP READING THIS ONE NOW. πŸ˜‰ When this came in the mail recently I just about lost my mind. It made my WEEK. Just click and you’ll see why. I promptly ordered one for every single member of my family with Olivia’s face smack dab front and center. πŸ˜‰ It’s also a great Secret Santa or White Elephant gift option; I know J is getting one for his Secret Santa coming up! You could put someone’s kid, partner, or even pet’s face on it!
  15. Vera Bradley duffel/travel set I have so many different duffels and weekender bags, and I ALWAYS go back to my Vera Bradleys. They’re SO incredibly sturdy and well-made…I’ve had my oldest one for YEARS upon years and you still can’t see any signs of wear, and I wear it hard. They’re fabulous for travel, and you can get her a set with 2 or even 3 bags in the same print for an entire travel set – perfect for the jetsetter!
  16. Physicians Formula Murumuru Collection I just recently sang the praises of this collection on Instagram; if you’re going to get a beauty set this year, I recommend this one. Why? Well. WELL. It’s 8 butter bronzers, 7 butter highlights, 7 butter blushes. 12 butter lippies, 24 butter eyeshadows, and a mirror. All for…not even 40 bucks. It’s no secret that these are some of my *favorite* drugstore formulas, so to have this entire line in a compact collection like this – unreal. Definitely a wow-worthy gift for the beauty lover in your life!
  17. Pillow talk lip kit – Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all-time favorite luxury makeup lines, and this lippy shade is the BEST. It’s perfect for everyday wear, and a great shade for work – it’s neutral without being bland, with beautiful mauve-y undertones.
  18. Spanx leather leggings – You know I lovelovelove ’em…definitely worthwhile addition to your own fall/winter closet, and a great idea for any girlfriends living in colder climates, too.
  19. Revlon hair volumizer/straightener – A perfect two-in-one tool to save her time and work a little magic at the same time.
  20. Customizable reusable Starbucks cup – Such a fun, easy, affordable option while still being cute and meaningful! Get it customized with her name, or do what I did: mine says “Olivia’s Mama” and then another that says “Mommy Fuel”!
  21. Colleen Rothschild products – Always a FABULOUS option for a little luxury for her! I’ve blogged SO many of Ccolleen’s products in the past, so just search “Colleen Rothschild” in my search bar and there are so many options depending on skin type, concerns, etc – also things like restorative hand cream make great stocking stuffers! (Get 20% off any CRB products with code ERICA20 at checkout!)
  22. Karen Walker sunglasses – Definitely a splurge, but a worthwhile one if you lovelovelove this particular shape/style of sunnies like I do! But otherwise, I also have this pair from Amazon that’s a great lookalike for under 10 bucks. πŸ™‚
  23. Pearl-sleeve jean jacket – Another splurgier piece, but one that is worth every penny. I wear mine constantly and am stopped and complimented ALWAYS. It’s great for travel, and also great as a dressier jean jacket option. Total showstopper, and so unique!
  24. Louis Vuitton Neverfull from KeeksOf course, this is the splurgiest of them all – ha! BUT, if you ARE in the market for something designer this holiday season, I recommend checking out Keeks first. They have super gently used, authenticated pre-owned pieces at a fraction of the original price, so it’s a great way to get the designer piece for less. (Both of my LV Neverfulls are from Keeks – I cannot say enough good things about them!)
  25. Roomba – Give her the gift of never having to vacuum again. πŸ˜‰ Our Roomba goes off at 5 am every morning so the house is vacuumed and clean before the day has begun. Bless up.
  26. Amazon pajamas/Nordstrom’s PJ’s – Comfy PJ’s can never go wrong! I have both of these – the Nordstrom pair and an Amazon lookalike. Honestly, the Amazon pair is just as good if not better than my Nordstrom pair, AND less expensive. But since this Nordstrom pair is SO dang popular, I wanted to include both so you can have your pick!
  27. Wrist key-ring holder – Another CLUTCH find for the girl on the go – because ain’t nobody got time to fumble around with keys and phones and all the things. I just slip my key wring onto my wrist for getting in/out of the car or house and it makes life a little easier.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? Thoughts on this first gift guide?

I WANNA KNOW – let me know in a comment below!

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