2018 Blooper Reel – 50+ BLOOPERS from Coming Up Roses

Happy last day of 2018. What a year. It’s had its high points…and it had some low points. For every glamour shot of life, there’s a whole blooper reel in the background. So without further adieu, let’s bring back THE POST that I anxiously await all. year. long. Namely because it’s by far one of YOUR most favorite posts, and I aim to please. Even if it’s at my own expense. 😉 I look high as a kite, I look drunk as a skunk, and I look…just bad. But last year’s bloopers were one of my most read posts pointblankperiod, so let’s go at it for round three (remember 2016’s?) and all end the year with a solid chuckle.

Cheers to never taking yourself too seriously and always finding the time to laugh in 2019.

Here we go…it’s BLOOPERS TIME!

Bloopers of 2018 - Coming Up Roses Blooper Reel

Cha cha now, y’all.

Original post: Leather Leggings Lookbook – 6 Ways to Style Leather Leggings

When the wind blows and you’re mentally transporting back to bed. #AintNobodyGotTime

When Tyra says “smile with your eyes” but you just look high.

Original post: Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe + LOOKBOOK

American Gothic, New Parents Edition

Original post: IT’S A…

Squat-induced labor.


Original post: Happy Birthday, Coming up Roses – Cheers to 5 years…

Whipped hair back and forth. Head fell off.

Original post: What I Actually Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Clearly Italian.

Original post: #AskE: Combatting Burnout, Not Washing my Hair, Favorite Face Cleanser, etc.

Duck-face off.

Life’s a beach. Especially when one sees your lady parts.

Original post: 5 Things I’m Loveloveloving…

When in doubt, squint it out.

I have to sneeze?

Original post: Trend to Try: T-Shirt Dress

They see me rollin’.

When your popsicle falls in the pool…

Original post: My Summer Bucket List

Don’t. Lose. The. Donut.

When it rains, it pours.

Original post: My Go-To Snack/Drink Pairing for Extra Energy

Now auditioning for hand modeling.

Original post: 12 Tips for Developing Mental Toughness

The hiiiiill’s are alive!

Channeling my inner giraffe.

Original post: 1 Thing, 3 Ways: Gingham Shorts

Talking to a bug? Busting a gut? Who knows! Anything goes!


My eye might be lazy but my ambition is not.

Original post: 9 Questions to Tackle your Closet Cleanout

Not a fan of catcalling asshats.

Original post: The 5 Cardinal Rules of Print Mixing for Spring

When your wind machine does not make you Beyonce.

Original post: Jumpsuit Season + a Big ShopBop Sale

I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake…

Original post: Q2 Playlist + Spring Weekend Wear


Original post: Trend to Try: Overalls

Let’s play “how many neck veins can Erica bulge at once”

Original post: Dressing for Spring when it Feels like Winter



What, is there something on my face?

Original post: 10 Things I’m Practicing + My Favorite Spring Outfit

You know those movies with the one creepy eye staring…?

Original post: 1 Thing, 3 Ways: Ponte Pants

That feeling you get when a gust of wind in 14 degree weather goes up your sleeveless dress and you think you’ve lost your nipples. TMI, but true.

Original post: Love is Personal – Treat Yo’self with LAGOS


Original post: CURRENTLY…

…or come crashing down. Awkward.

Do snowflakes taste like bugs?

Original post: #AskE – (Haircare tips, Best Workout Pants, Fashion Week, etc)

Agh, snow in my socks.

Original post: Trend to Try: Pearl Jeans



DRUNK EYES: The Series



Now let’s play “caption this” in the comments section, and re-caption any of the above bloopers. ? I’ll be spending the rest of the day pondering my actual IRL bloopers of the year, and doing some intense goal-setting + analysis. Also mommying a newborn. Send help. And coffee.

Really tho, I really value the gift of being able to laugh at yourself. So hopefully me making a fool outta myself on the internet is somewhat motivating to help you do the same. Errr – to just laugh at your own bloopers more, and not take life too seriously. ?

What were your biggest “bloopers” of 2018, and what are you most stoked for in 2019?

Let’s make it happen in 2019.


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