Affordable Buffalo Plaid Decor for Fall (+ our Fall Entryway!)

HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL – have you decked the halls??? I’m a real sucker for buffalo plaid decor. While I’d lovelovelove to have my halls decked with Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check – she ain’t cheap. And she also ain’t toddler-proof. 😉 I’ve been making it a quasi-tradition of sorts to pull a treat yo’self on one piece a season if I’m able and find THE ONE, and for now, that feels special. (Here’s what I got this year!). In the meantime, I’m all about buffalo plaid pieces as a classic print for really any season, and since our home has quite a bit of black and white going on…it works.

One of my personal favorites decorating tips when you want to feel festive is to adopt one space in your home that’s like a little highlight reel of the season. This is especially helpful if/when you don’t have a huge home, or if/when you don’t have the time (or energy) to give your entire space a decor turnover every few months. I lovelovelove doing this in the entryway; especially since it’s the first space guests see upon entering your home, it’s like a big fat timely hug, sets the mood, and is probably much more noticeable (and maintainable) than if you were putting random odds and ends on surfaces everywhere.

Last year’s fall entryway had quite a bit of buffalo plaid decor incorporated; this year’s is a *bit* more subtle with it, but still consistent so that it feels intentionally thematic and pulled together. 

Affordable BUFFALO PLAID DECOR for fall! - on Coming Up Roses

Affordable BUFFALO PLAID DECOR for fall! - on Coming Up Roses

First, I wanted to share a few more hot tips for decorating a console table like this, in case you’re hoping to do something similar for your own home.

  • Balance heights. While nothing is perfectly symmetrical or even all around, try to prevent things from feeling lopsided if one side of the shelf has your tallest pieces while the other has none. Layering pieces on top of one another – like the woven pumpkin on top of the books – is an easy way to add height where needed.
  • Mix textures. Obviously I’ve got quite a few goin’ on here – woven, glitter, metal, burlap, paper, etc. But beyond the actual fabrics or materials, feel free to add texture when layering pieces, too – like how I placed the beaded garland (a CLUTCH $10 Amazon home find, I might add!) on top of the Hello Fall sign (which is another Amazon find and reversible – it says “Merry Christmas” on the back!) for an interesting touch.
  • Add a few personalized pieces. To prevent things from looking like a HomeGoods display, I like to add a few personal touches for your family – especially if your console table is similarly positioned in your entryway. I loveloveLOVE the that have gained popularity on Etsy (mine is from a small shop that’s no longer in business, but !). You can add the names of everyone in your crew, or layer “the” “last name” “family” as an option, too – and it’s a great housewarming or hostess gift idea! On last year’s fall entryway I also had a little black-and-white photo of J and I, so of course, something sentimental like that would also make a great personalized addition.

Now, here are a few favorite buffalo plaid decor finds for fall. The collage is shoppable, so feel free to click on whatever finds ya fancy! 😉

Are you a fan of buffalo plaid decor for fall, or any season?

Would lovelovelove to hear + see how you style it in your own home!

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