Color Meanings in your Closet – How Color Affects Mood

“Live in Color, Make It Happen.” It’s in my Instagram bio, so it should basically be on a t-shirt or mug already amiright?? HA. 😉 Y’all know I am NOT afraid of color. I’m also not afraid of wearing all black and only black for a week straight, but who’s counting? My own style shifts with the weather, my mood, whatever’s in my closet – it’s a chameleon, I tell ya. I tend to dress intuitively, letting my mood dictate what I wear so that it’s always a total representation of me and how I’m feeling in a moment. That being said, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my ideal outfit (heck, wardrobe) is equal parts girly and edgy (with some prep thrown in justbecause). I’ll mix brights with blacks and call it a day anyday. But sometimes, there’s nothing I like (+ need) more than a lil’ challenge to mix things up and really be bold + bright in my clothes.

When it comes to my personal style, one of my all-time fave things is colorblocking bold hues together. I lovelovelove taking one bright n’ bold tone in the middle, and sandwiching it between another bright n’ bold pick on top and bottom. SO, that’s what I’m planning on doing allllll spring + summer long.

FUN FACT: When I shot this post, it was 19 degrees outside. YUP, 19. We had to shoot against this wall simply because every other setting had SNOW on the ground. Welcome to early spring in Philadelphia, folks.

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

The key to making multiple bold colors work together? Make sure ya tie the look together top to bottom! That’s where “sandwiching” comes into play – sandwich one bold hue in the middle with a secondary color that appears above and below that first bright color. Here, I’ve got pink on top + pink on the bottom (and pink in my bag) sandwiching the jade tealish color. It helps keep things cohesive and less I-just-threw-the-rainbow-on-today when it’s got a flair of clear intentionality to it.

SO, colors.

Specifically, color meanings.

And even more specifically, color meanings in yo’ closet.

Color is fascinating to me cos it’s such a psychological thing. The branding + marketing side o’ me geeks out totally when it comes to the psychology of color, since it’s such a huge component in creating advertisements that subconsciously trigger certain emotions, etc. Certain colors can help/change your mood and make ya feel different feels – colors are even used as trick in weight loss, since the more colorful your plate, the more diverse nutrients you’re likely intaking! Really, it’s all #science.


I lovelovelove this article from Vogue describing some of the supposed effects of wearing certain colors over others and how your clothes coloring can affect…well…everything. The author interviewed a color therapy expert (how cool is that? Can I have that job tho?), so that + this HuffPo article gleaned…

Pink – The color of lovelovelove and kindness. Also makes ya happier! I read a study once about a psychologist in the 70’s that said that prison detainees staring at pink walls + ceilings experienced decreases in aggression.

Red – Energizer! It’s a flaming color that literally flames passion, excitement, confidence, and lovelovelove. 😉 Gives off an “I’m in charge” vibe. Even if you’re not feelin’ confident currently…fake it ’til ya make it!

Burgundy – Makes you feel grounded, stable, and centered, and helps with decision-making.

Yellow – A “joy ray” bringing happiness and stimulating mental clarity, supposedly helping with concentration. So clearly, I need more yellow in my life. HA.

Orange – Best color for helping you adapt to change, and helps you be social and come out of your shell! It represents confidence, creativity, and ambition.

Green – Helps bridge the gap between self and others, representing security, balance, and luck (duh).

Blue – Exudes relaxation, openness + supposedly ups creativity levels, so it’s recommended to wear blue if you’ve got a big brainstorming sesh ahead, or anything that requires some calmed nerves + added creative spark.

Navy blue – Helps build intuition and exude power.

Purple – Sophistication, spirituality, and prosperity abound. Also leadership. I mean, it’s the combo of red + blue, the two biggest leadership/power colors, so it’s a way to be subtley powerful + confident when ya walk into a room.

In case ya need more color in yo’ life now…

Colorful clothes:

Colorful accessories:

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

How to Feel Confident in Color - Color Meanings in your Closet

A few things on my look:

1.) This dress. How friggin’ cute amiright????? I loveloveLOVE me a good shift dress – always a classic! This one in particular is from my friend Lindzi’s boutique, The Trendy Sparrow, and it’s the cutest. A.) The back. That lil’ criss-cross action is just a fun touch. B.) The color. I’d be remiss in a post all about bold colors to not call out this gorgeous teal hue – I think it’s universally flattering on literally every skin tone. C.) The lining. Cos bless up to any + every skirt/dress that is lined. And D.) There are pockets. Enough said.

2.) This bag. A good quality leather bag is timeless in my opinion, and a total closet staple. I got this one last season, and it’s still in mint condition. I have multiple bags from this brand now in all different bag shapes + colors, and I’m equally obsessed with all – all made SO well. A perfect gift, if you’re looking to splurge on something timeless for yo’ mama or bestie (or if ya wanna treat yo’self…;) ).

3.) These pom pom sandals. These are just SO DANG FUN! You can snag ’em for $32.40 if you use code COMINGUPROSES at checkout (actually, get 10% off whatever ya want with code COMINGUPROSES! #BlessUp). I’d also recommend these sparkly rose gold kicks, this fiesta-ready dress for summer, this white maxi for any bride-to-be’s, and these super cute bow flip flops – they come in yellow and black and are under $13 with your code! 😉

Also, if ya loveloveloved my leopard heels in this post, the boutique has a near exact lookalike for literally a third of the price, and code COMINGUPROSES will work on those, too!

Why I Believe in Community Over Competition (+ why you should, too!)

My exact heels are here, but the leopard print is from last season and is sold out now! So I lovelovelove these as an alternative – they’re UNDER $45 with code COMINGUPROSES


Do color meanings have an impact on your wardrobe choices?

Do you feel confident in color (yet)? What’s your favorite color to wear? Do your color choices change seasonally? Monthly? Daily with yo’ mood? SO MANY Q’s! Sound off in the comments below, wouldja?

Hope ya live in color today.

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