Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – Monthly Favorites, April 2019

Can we take a collective moment of silence for the third-and-then-some of 2019 that has already come and GONE?! I mean, I can’t be the only one in lowkey shock over here…right? Right??? I’ve got a feeling time ain’t slowin’ down anytime soon; we already have every single Saturday in May booked (literally), so it’s just a fast track to summertime at this point. With all of our new swimmies and the ADORABLE rose gold flamingo baby float currently en route to our house for Miss Olivia, I’d say we’re just about ready. But until then, here is the Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove this month.

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

1.) Forever Young Med Spa

If you follow along on Instastories you might’ve already caught this, but I recently got my face dermaplaned – and also recently got my eyebrows microbladed! My girl Janine is a literal legend. I kid you not – she was awarded Best in Philly for Microblading, so it’s no joke, yo! She’s one of if not THE best medical aesthetician in the region, and there is literally no one else that I would trust doing something like permanent makeup on my face (which microblading is technically considered). I’m actually headed back at the end of this week for my microblade touch-up, so I’m stoked, and I’ll be doing a full blog post all about my microblading experience once they’re at a place of being “done” (because it does take two trips to get them there!). For now, wanted to give a shoutout to the Med Spa and the girls! Wendy (the owner) is SO sweet, and everyone really pours their soul into the services so that you feel comfortable + confident before, during, and after your procedure. Janine in particular got into permanent makeup as a means to help people, especially cancer survivors post-chemotherapy who might’ve suffered from hair loss, to feel beautiful. She doesn’t want people still looking or feeling sick when the fight has been won! So I think that’s an awesome thing that drives her work, besides her just being bomb at her craft.

For all my local girls, mention my name there and you’ll get 10% off whatever service you’re getting, whether that’s dermaplaning or microblading, or something else entirely like a laser treatment, facial – even botox!


2.) Polka dot swing dress

FULL BLOG POST TO COME. 😉 But for now, you might recognize this piece from my Amazon closet staples post! This gem of a dress is an absolute dreamboat for spring. The swing. The ruffles. The polka dots. The price tag! It’s got the best swing to it, making it fun, flattering, flirty and feminine.

This is a great piece for your spring closet (hence why I included it as a staple from Amazon – ha!) because of it’s wearability for ALL THE THINGS, from desk to drinks. It’s long enough slash modest enough to wear to work, but it’s pretty enough to wear out to a date or girls’ night out. Dress it up with heels and your favorite jewelry, or tone it down with a jean jacket and little white tennis shoes. It’s super versatile, which always wins brownie points in my book!

It’s also made so well, especially for it being under $25; this is something I’d expect to see in a boutique priced near $50, really. I’m tempted to pick it up in at least one other color, too, since it comes in 6 – thoughts on red versus blue???

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


3.) Red pom bikini

As seen in our under $30 Amazon swimsuits haul! This one is a near-perfect designer alternative, and it’s GOOD. Meaning, not only is it a great lookalike in terms of looking like its more expensive counterpart, but it fits + feels just like it, too. The high waist is ultra flattering, and the pom poms are such a cute little detail. And for less than $25, it’s really an unbeatable swim set!

Comes in a few other print/color variations, as well – my girlfriend bought the striped version and looks h-o-t, so they’re all good options for swim season. Runs TTS – I ordered a small!

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


4.) Binxy Baby hammock

This is Olivia’s Target face. 🙂

The Binxy Baby is ~clutch~ right about now for us! We were those obvious first-time parents lugging her car seat around the aisles and taking two carts – one for her in her seat, one for actual things – until this gem entered our lives. You just strap + buckle your babe into the Binxy Baby hammock, and he or she is golden to ride around the store safely without taking up cart space, so there’s still room for the sandals, swimsuit, jumpsuit, three pairs of underwear, organic granola, lavender-scented deodorant, hair vitamins, leopard-print bag, board game, birthday card, and flaming hot Cheetos that somehow ended up in there. 😉

Olivia typically enjoys hanging out in it, too, which makes it easier too since a happy camper makes the whole camp happier, too. Definitely add a Binxy Baby to your baby registry if you’re a mom-to-be, or consider picking up for your girlfriends/sisters/etc. if they’re expecting!


5.) Bath & Body Works Love Rose + Vanilla Pillow Mist

What a little luxury I never knew I needed. And now that I have it, I can’t go without it! Rose oil is said to inspire self-confidence, while vanilla is calming and relaxing. I dunno about you, but that sounds like a totally win-win combo to end the day with when my head hits the pillow at night! This tends to be longer-lasting than a room fragrance mist, from my experience, since those may just circulate and aerate and dissipate before you really get to enjoy its effects. We also have the sage + cedarwood scent and it smells equally fabulous. This sortof thing is great to keep on hand in a little gift closet (or whatever you do to set aside giftables at home for quick birthday or hostess options – closet, shelf, box, anything!). It’s something to easily uplift your nighttime routine and add that little extra something.

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


6.) Nate Bargatze Netflix comedy special 

Lately I’ve been on a KICK for comedy specials! But (and this is a big “but”), I’m suuuuuuper picky with comedy. I’m personally not a fan of anything raunchy or too out-there; I don’t like when people just resort to swearing or inappropriate topics to get a laugh. Granted, I love Jesus but cuss a little myself (ha), but I have so much more respect for comedians who can cleverly make the everyday or random into some hilarious story instead of just saying the things that everyone else is too afraid to say in front of their grandma. You know?

We knew we were in for a treat when we turned on Nate Bargatze’s Netflix special because his six-year-old daughter came onto the stage to introduce him. So like…HAS to be family-friendly, right?  This dude is HILARIOUS. He’s got a *dry* sense of humor and was just so stinkin’ clever with the punch lines, J + I were both in stitches laughing.

Scratch that.

Ginger ale came out my nose.

That’s how funny it was. 😉


7.) Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream

I thought there was no way in heck I’d ever try a moisturizer with this price tag. I’ve got favorites, I’ve got ones in my skincare drawer that do the trick – why on God’s green earth would I need a $100 face cream?!?

I stand corrected.

Huge shoutout to the Tilbury team for sending one over via PR – I’m now addicted. So, thanks. Thanks a lot. 😉 This cream lives up to its name. Truly something magical. I mean, it’s got 10,000 “loves” on Sephora’s website, so that’s quite a few stamps of approval. It’s a super moisturizing cream formulated for all skin types (seriously), with this patented hydrating and youth-boosting ingredient combo inside to wake you up with skin that looks + feels less tired. Inside are some of my faves: hyaluronic acid for moisture, rosehip oil, camellia oil, and Vitamin E to bring out your skin’s youthfulness, and then a BioNymph Peptide Complex to diminish the appearance of wrinkles + fine lines. All great if you’re concerned about any dryness, firmness, or elasticity! And there are NO sulfates or parabens inside (bless up).

Also support your body’s natural collagen production while fighting free radicals and promoting a healthy renewal of skin cells.  So this bad boy does a LOT of work while you sleep! I already have a backup on hand, although I don’t think I’ll be needing it for awhile since a little bit of product goes a LONG way – which definitely makes the price tag a bit easier to digest. Definitely a clutch Mother’s Day giftable if mom’s in the market for some magic. 😉

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


8.) Dr. Scholl’s sandals

Just what the doctor ordered…MORE SHOES. 😉 As seen in our Spring Shoe capsule! Y’all, I’ve got a thing for the Doctor. Dr. Scholl’s shoes have been SO GOOD lately – they’re cute, but they’re as comfortable as you’d think Dr. Scholl’s would be given their reputation for being “grandma’s shoes” ;). First off, these platforms. I was SO pleasantly surprised + impressed. Typically, platforms can be a bit…flat. No arch, no real support, so for someone like me with a high arch, they’re pretty uncomfortable + unrealistic for all-day wear. But NOT THESE. This is the first time I’ve had a pair of platforms that has actual ARCH SUPPORT!

Then, these sandals. They’re under $60 to begin with right now, but you can get an additional discount until May 1st with code GOODVIBES at checkout. They come in black + beige besides the blue, so you can have great neutral options plus the pop of color. A few of you already picked these bad boys up because you messaged me about the discount sale with the code currently happening – it’s so good, yo! Don’t miss it if you’re feeling like pulling a treat yo’self.

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


9.) Door Dash

This might be my new favorite app. I first learned of slash downloaded Door Dash when J + I had an emergency change-of-plans around Valentine’s Day, and my parents had to run to our place to hang out with Olivia while we handled something in the family. We felt bad for crashing on THEIR Valentine’s Day, so I looked up ways to deliver them a nice meal from our fave local restaurant.

Enter, Door Dash.

This thing impressed me from the get go. The order process is super simple – you can view whole menus and just add to cart as you go, and there are specific in-app offers sometimes, too, for cheaper drinks or sides. Once you order and have the delivery address set, it notifies you with approximately how long until delivery. Then, when a pick up driver has been assigned to your order, you get a text message from the app with updates when they pick it up, and when they’re approaching your house.

You tip directly through the app, too, so you literally just open the door, grab your food, and ENJOY.

My once-a-week treat pre-Liv was always picking up a salad, iced green tea, and mini Frosty from Wendy’s; once I discovered that I can grab it still without having to pack up the baby to hit up the drive thru…dangerous.

Get $7 off your first order over $10 when you sign up here!


10.) Marlyn Schiff jewelry

Maryly Schiff is actually local-ish to me, so her brand is near and dear to my heart! I have quite a few of her pieces at this point, and they’re all unique and made so well. I’ve got these cool lucite earrings as well as funky hoops that are still dainty while making a statement, which I lovelovelove. Lovelovelove the beaded set I’m wearing here, and got a snug-fitting bangle for my mom that she flipped out about and promopty shows everyone. Ha! Great giftable for Mother’s Day coming up. Speaking of, there’s a pre-Mother’s-Day 25% off sale happening right now with code MOM25 – go treat yo’self + treat Mom while you’re at it! 😉

(She did so sweetly create a code exclusive to y’all for any other time – ERICAL20)

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Cool Sh*t I Love - April Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Have you tried any of my Monthly Favorites yet?

And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know!

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