COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, February 2023

It feels like the ball just dropped and it’s already March. 🤪 I mean, it’s not often I’m hitting publish on a favorites roundup and it’s already the first week of the next month AND without our usual photoshoot (since we like to shoot everything on the fancy schmancy camera for ya!). But ’tis the season, apparently – and here we are. 😉 In the spirit of the month of lovelovelove, there were a lot of things that I (+ team CUR + y’all in the CURowd!) were totally loving, but we narrowed it down to the tippy-top ten for the coolest of Cool Sh*t. BUT, honorable mention to these two favorites that only didn’t make the cut because seasonally, we’re all seeing spring in our brains. 😉 This is INSANELY soft + comfy and reaaaaaally high quality (here’s how I wore it – I sized up one for a more oversized fit!). If it’s chilly near you still, it’s still worth grabbing since the color is a fun pop for the season! (+ code ERICA20 will getcha 20% off!). Then these flannels sheets from Amazon are CLUTCH; they were actually a recommendation from Mimi (because moms always know best, right?). J and I are both obsessed – J especially. They’re cozy and soft and fabulous and everything you’d want in a good flannel sheet.

NOW, onto more Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove…


1.) EBY bralettes

Maybe you saw us test out these bralettes/undies in real time on Instagram? ICYMI, we filmed some first impressions straight-outta-the-package and were hella impressed across the board. You know I’m a big fan of wireless bras and always looking for the best of the best, so I was all on board to try Eby’s bras/bralettes since they’re so highly rated and raved about online. Straight up, probably the most COMFORTABLE bra I’ve ever put on my body. No wires, no seams, no gaping, great support in well-shaped cups, adjustable straps, moisture-wicking material – just 10/10 all around. VERY clear why they’ve got 300+ solid five-star reviews and counting.

I’ve since added two more to my collection. Have YET to hear any complaints/negative reviews about them. They’re just that good (for all cup sizes, yay!). And sizing runs from XS-4X with a 100% fit guarantee where they’ll work with you if for any reason you don’t lovelovelove the size you buy, so bless up.

They ALSO have an awesome brand mission; Eby donates 10% of all proceeds to fund microfinance loans to help women get out of povery and start their own businesses. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. 

AND lastly, they so kindly gave us code ERICALIGENZA so that you can get 15% off your own order (yes, the code will stack on sale, too!).

BEST WIRELESS BRAS - the five-star-rated Eby Seamless Bralette, on Coming Up Roses BEST WIRELESS BRAS - the five-star-rated Eby Seamless Bralette, on Coming Up Roses


2.) Pink Lily +

I am all about a good matching set. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to get dressed without second thought, I’ll give you a matching set. Especially as the weather starts to warm up, I always find myself reaching for quick, easy sets that I can layer later if need be with a light jacket for preschool pickup. Somehow every season, I end up adding a set or two from Pink Lily to cart – I’ve had good luck with them in the past, and this one was no different.

Lovelovelove that it’s a breathable waffle knit; it’s actually light enough to be a good swimsuit cover (even is a TAD see through, so keep that in mind if you don’t want, like, a hot pink bra showing through you know?). It’s bump friendly with an adjustable drawstring waistband and pockets in the shorts, and the shorts are long enough to feel a bit more modest for running around.

P.S. Code ERICA20 will take 20% off your Pink Lily order. 🙂

Pink Lily waffle knit set - matching set on Coming Up Roses


3.) DIME tinted Wonderscreen

Probably my most-used beauty launch as of late! Again, no stranger or surprise if you’re in the Instagram fam. 🙂 But DIME’s new Tinted version of their bestselling clean sunscreen is *chef’s kiss* good. It’s still a clean formula with SPF 30, but it’s got a great tint to give you a really sunkissed glow. Beyond that, it’s formulated for all skin types/tones so it actually looks good on all – it’s skincare first, not makeup, so it’s a much stronger/better sunscreen than just using a makeup that has some SPF in it. It’s also got ingredients to help tackle redness, and also blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles…beyond just protecting against sun damage. 

I’ve been reaching for it over any other foundation lately, especially for no-makeup days – and I know it’ll be my regular come summer for any pool or beach day!

P.S. Code THRIVE20 will get you 20% off your whole DIME order with free ship over $49. 🙂

DIME Tinted Wonderscreen with SPF 30 - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses DIME Tinted Wonderscreen with SPF 30 - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses DIME Tinted Wonderscreen with SPF 30 - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

You can see how beautifully/flawlessly it blends into skin!


4.) Lululemon full zip scuba jacket dupe

I’ve always been a big fan of Lululemon (who isn’t?!), but not the biggest fan of the price tags (…especially given how much I like it LOL). So anytime I find a more affordable alternative, I’m here for it. Granted, NOT all so-called “dupes” are created equal – I’ve seen some called that and tried them, only to be sorely disappointed at how much it…was not a “dupe.” I’ve seen SO MANY PEOPLE rave about this scuba zip alternative from Amazon; I bought this one for myself, and then my girl Chelsie surprised me with this one as a Prime pickmeup on a particularly not-great week (best friends are just the best, aren’t they?). 

I’ve reached for both all month long; they’re so soft and comfortable and a perfect layer for an easy transitional athleisure look.

Since the Lululamon scuba zips are $128, finding these for not even $40 is clutch.


5.) Goodles

Goodles are gooooood. 🙂 Have you tried them yet?! Think boujee mac n’ cheese for grown ups that tastes BOMB and is so much healthier than the 99 cent box at the store. They’ve got protein + fiber and the most incredible flavors (truffle parm? cacio e pepe?). This ain’t your grandma’s Kraft mac, folks! For a “healthier” alternative that’s kid-friendly, too


6.) Abercrombie athletic dress

Every single thing I’ve tried from the SculptLux line has been SO. FREAKING. GOOD. Your girl is *picky* with athletic dresses; after trying (and returning) probably 7+ last season, I had only found one or two that fit my criteria and ended up on repeat. I grabbed this one from Abercrombie for the season and was SO pleasantly surprised when I tried it on – it checks off every box. It’s got great built-in shorts and padding up top (makes your boobs look GREAT TBH) and is just so comfy in all the right places. I bought another on the spot! Also a fan of the thicker shoulder straps.

Abercrombie athletic dress - sculptLux tennis dress on Coming Up Roses Abercrombie athletic dress - sculptLux tennis dress on Coming Up Roses


7.) Tartelette tubing mascara

At this point, it takes a lot for a mascara to really wow me. No pressure but…it kinda has to do it all. Volume, check. Length, check. No clumps, checkity check check. Most fall short in one category or another, or the price point just hurts for a mascara (especially since my usual go-to is not even 5 bucks at the drugstore). But I tried Tarte’s new tubing mascara and was literally wowed. 

If you grab one TODAY, code FAM30 will take 30% off because their Friends & Family Sale is happening/ending tonight. 🙂 BUT, if it’s any other day/time, no problemo – code ERICA will take 15% off for ya still.

TARTELETTE TUBING MASCARA - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


8.) Amazon plant protein bars 

Especially being pregnant, I’ve really needed to up my protein intake. I’m trying to put on muscle and keep as healthy as possible for this pregnancy, and one of my doctors recommended…a freaking lot of protein daily to keep levels in an ideal spot. I went down a Google rabbit hole on a hunt for protein bars that were highly rated and actually healthy (because so many of them aren’t?!)…and ones that didn’t taste like cardboard. That’s a biggy. We’ve all tried them…cardboard in a wrapper.

These piqued my interest right away since it’s 15g of plant-based protein in each bar, and their ratings really emphasized yummy taste. They’re also vegan and kosher, gluten-free, soy free, dairy free…and so far, I’ve yet to try a flavor I don’t like.

Plant protein bars - on Coming Up Roses


9.) MSC black/white striped top

MSC is a boutique whose website I frequent to check in on new arrivals, especially since Chels works there (and lovelovelove to support!). I snagged this short-sleeve sweater the second I saw it; it fits all the criteria for a spring sweater and makes for a perfect transitional look, paired with denim, leggings, whatever. It’s breezy and bump-friendly at a great price point (and bonus, code ERICA10 should still get you an extra 10% off at checkout!).

Exact one sold out. Similar linked above.


10.) Target santal + ginger candle

One of my favorite bloggers, Katey, raved about this candle on Instagram so I grabbed on a Target run – and she was right. It makes your home smell like a fancy spa or boutique – a perfect springy scent for opening the windows and letting a light breeze blow through.



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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