COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, May 2022

It’s gonna be…June? HOW. I’ve been so discombobulated this week alone, throw in a new month and I’m a wreck. I’d blame “mom brain,” but I admittedly don’t know the statute of limitations on that one. Like, is it just for newborn parents, or can we all collectively agree that once you’re responsible for another human’s survival it’s anyone’s guess how your brain gets by on a daily basis? It’s like the running monologue in my head sounds like “make Liv’s eye appointment, did I email that person back yet? Man, I really need to organize this cabinet, OH HEY LUCY, where was I? Did I switch over the towels in the washer yet? What’s for dinner today, oh right, add ketchup to the grocery list, when can I run to Target this week? set to the tune of the Peanuts teacher and running on a loop. What fun. 😉 Speaking of Lucy…mom brain has probably been on overload this month thanks to the new fur baby under our roof: LUCY, the goodest Labradoodle girl. To say she’d a favorite of the month is an understatement – and it’s also hilariously ironic, coming from this girl who swore she was a.) not a dog person, and b.) never getting a dog. Here we are. 😉

1.) Bissell wet vac

Although we’ve been using + loveloveloving this vacuum for over a year now already, it has been our literal saving grace since bringing Lucy into our home. It works SO well at sucking up spots, stains, messes…truly works wonders. It’s literally designed to remove tough pet stains specifically, so it’s been an actual godsend while puppy potty training and SO MUCH CHEAPER than having to get a professional carpet cleaning. It’s a portable carpet + upholstery cleaner that’s lightweight enough for quick carrying without sacrificing in its efficacy. 

With over 37,000 4.5-star ratings, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner worth adding to your cleaning closet. AND, purchases support the BISSELL Pet Foundation, which works to help save homeless pets. Amazing.

BISSELL wet vac for pet stains - on Coming Up Roses


2.) Ilia super serum skin tint SPF 40

After seeing a few folks sing this skin tint’s praises, I grabbed it on my girls’ trip to St. Louis last month – actually, we all did! I was initially intrigued because it’s a clean foundation, and I’m slowly but surely becoming more educated on clean beauty and making easy swaps where possible in my routine. This stuff is clean, but it’s also got mineral SPF and is praised for its light, dewy coverage and skincare ingredients – heck, it’s award-winning.

Right off the bat, I was IMPRESSED. (As was Taylor, per our group chat – ha!)


It feels like it ~melts~ into your skin. While it’s not FULL coverage, it’s fuller than I was expecting and a truly beautiful light tint for summer/light makeup days. I’ve worn it and ONLY it since opening it about two weeks ago!

Beyond that, it’s got plant-based squalane inside to hydrate + tighten without clogging pores.

It’s got niacinamide to smooth texture and refine any unevenness in your complexion.

It’s got hyaluronic acid for plumping + moisture replenishment.

And it’s got non-nano zinc oxide to shield from free radicals, blue light, and pollution damage.

A beautiful, dewy, glowy finish that feels radiant, and a product that I will absolutely a.) repurchase, and b.) wear on repeat all season long. (I wear shade Ora, if that helps!)

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 - on Coming Up Roses Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 - on Coming Up Roses


3.) Altar’d State 

While I’ve passed Altar’d State in my mall before, I don’t think I had ever really gone in and explored. T & C & I did a deep dive on our STL mall expedition and came out hundreds of dollars poorer, because it’s just that kinda store. EVERYTHING IS DARLING. We each got the oversized smiley tees because how could you not?

I also picked up this bodysuit, because as my girlfriends said, IT IS JUST ME. It’s like a “me” piece that just belonged in my closet. Also grabbed this Apple watch band because one of my 2022 goals is to finally learn how to actually USE my Apple Watch, so a cute band is solid motivation. 😉 

It’s also a Christian store, and I lovelovelove seeing shops put faith at the forefront of their mission and do good with it – they’ve donated millions to charity over the years. Bless up.


4.) Amazon suitcase coffee holder

Such a handy lil’ thing! This holder slips onto your suitcase and holds your coffee cup or tumbler for hands free travel; it’s also got a third pocket to slip in your passport, ID, etc. 

Amazon suitcase coffee holder - on Coming Up Roses


5.) Smiley jammies

These just make me SMILE – and clearly, I’m on a trend kick this season. 😉 Katie found these while perusing Etsy and I INSTANTLY added to cart – they just make me so happy.



6.) Tula eye recharge treatment

This is Tula’s latest launch which I got to try a few weeks before it officially debuted, and man oh man – it’s gooooood. It’s a RICH overnight treatment for your undereyes to help prevent + treat fine lines and wrinkles – and it’s one of the best nighttime eye products I’ve ever tried. It’s SUPER hydrating without feeling greasy. It’s formulated with plant-based retinol alternatives, so if you’ve been previously afraid of retinol or had bad experiences with it being too intense, irritating, etc – this is for you. It’s also got Pro-Ferm™ overnight complex and chamomile inside which helps tackle crow’s feet; overall, a really pillowy cream that works overtime for your overnight. ALSO, it’s got a nice germ-free applicator which I dig, so you’re not putting your fingers back into the same container continuously, and a little bit goes a long way…I only use HALF of one full pump to do both of my eye areas fully. You’ll get bang for your buck!

Speaking of buck, you can use code COMINGUPROSES to get it for under $50 with free shipping!

TULA overnight eye treatment


7.) Dark chocolate & almond toffee wafers

One of the best random Target finds of the month, without a doubt. I found these in the cracker aisle – which is completely misleading and blatantly wrong, given that they’re not crackers. They’re dark chocolate + almond toffee wafers, and they’re a total treat. Eat one with your afternoon coffee and thank me later. 🙂

Dark chocolate almond toffee wafers

Dark chocolate almond toffee wafers


8.) Therabreath spray

This stuff is SO COOL and especially great for keeping up your immune system! It’s an immunity support oral spray – you just spritz it into your mouth/throat everyday and you get a blend of elderberry extract, acerola cherry, zinc, copper, as well as Vitamins C & E that are designed to sit in the back of your throat and prevent viruses from multipying back there (gross, I know). What I lovelovelove so much is that it actually tastes GOOD – it’s an “elderberry lemonade” flavor, so it doesn’t taste like you’re taking medicine and you can easily, happily spritz it throughout the day as needed. (But no artificial flavors or colors, so yay!)

Just a great way to pack an immunity punch, and keep your system up to snuff!

Therabreath spray for immunity support - on Coming Up Roses


9.) Monogram hand towels

HOW PRETTY. I’m all about finding little ways to elevate your space affordable, and these monogram hand towels do exactly that. It’s a two-pack of certified organic cotton hand towels perfect for a powder room, with beautiful monogramming. The towels are SOFT – they feel luxurious, like a hotel or spa towel!

Would also make a perfect wedding or housewarming gift!


10.) Ross

Rounding things out here with a random love – Ross. Now, I’ve been shopping at Ross for YEARS – I have distinct, vivid memories of laughing way too hard in the dressing room with my mom in high school when we’d essentially RAID the racks for the best finds and stock our closets with our wins. Recently we both started doing regular drop-in’s to check out new arrivals, and for some reason BOTH of our respective Ross stores have been *killing it* lately. I have to actively stop myself from going weekly because I end up finding too many things. HA. But really, if you have a store near you…it’s worth the treasure hunt.

Lately I’ve gotten a chair for my office (for 50% off), Liv’s new favorite pajamas (on sale for $7), toys for Lucy for not even $5 (compared to Target dog toys which are $20 – crazy!)…the list goes on.


And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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