COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, November 2023

If I had to pick a theme to sum up last month’s ten favorites, it’d be “little luxuries.” Basically, lots of things that elevated my everyday and brought JOY! From my favorite read to a new non-toxic body wash, a chic Amazon Apple watch band to designer lookalike sneakers, there’s been a lot on repeat around these rosy parts. 🙂 Let’s get right into it…


1.) Iron Flame

THIS. SERIES. Y’ALL. Worth every single second of hype. I am so emotionally attached to these characters at this point and cried multiple times. Rebecca Yarros is an INSANELY talented writer. If you’re into stellar world building + character development, this series is where it’s at. Just be warned, you’ll end up in a book hangover!

IRON FLAME book - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses


2.) Athena Club body wash

I’ve been using Athena Club razors for a hot sec now and wanted to give their clean body wash a go; this was the Rose Vanilla, and let me tell you, it’s probably one of the best-smelling body washes I’ve ever smelled ever. I would not be able to describe it well without having first read the scent description – I probably would’ve said it’s just a very creamy, clean smell. But apparently it’s a blend of rose, peony, and geranium with warm vanilla, lychee and citrus. Funny, because it was not giving intense floral to me at all – but a blend of light florals with warm creams makes sense.

It’s loaded with lots of hydrating, softening, and protective ingredients, vitamins, omegas, antioxidants and healthy oxidants. I literally finished my bottle this morning, so it’ll be coming to a Beauty Empties near you soon…time for a restock!

BONUS: Their ingredients are great AND transparent. I was reaaaally impressed the longer I scrolled here since they list out errr’thaaang AND include the EWG scale score of each individual ingredient.

Athena Club Body Wash - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses


3.) Liv’s Brite brush

Kudos to my girl Kallie for first recommending this – I grabbed one on Amazon for Olivia and it is SO STINKIN’ COOL! Essentially, it’s an electric toothbrush that helps teach kids how to brush, via fun games and sounds that are activated by brushing movements. It keeps them brushing longer and says when to switch sides and such, while making it a fun game – and there are something like 8 games to choose from! The only thing I’d say is we still have to watch the OG to make sure she gets brushing surfaces well enough (it says “switch sides but not an instruction on which side of the tooth itself to get – ha!). But definitely a fun, worthwhile tool to try to make teethbrushing time more enjoyable and less stressful for all!

Brite Brush - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses


4.) Divi scalp serum

I was admittedly skeptical to try this stuff…but y’all, I was desperate. My postpartum hair loss with Jonah was ROUGH and ya girl has had bald spots from around 3.5 months onward. I’ve been honestly shocked at how well this seems to be working, but most impressively, how well it works WITHOUT making my hair look or feel greasy. It seems to really absorb, it smells fabulous, and it works great at encouraging regrowth while also detoxifying the scalp and helping your hair’s thickness and scalp’s health.

Nearly 13,000 4.5-5 star reviews speak for themselves!

But beyond that, here’s my own before and after – the first two photos were from October 13th when I was about three months postpartum and my hair loss was BAAAAD. I mean, obvious bald spots.

The second set is from today – December 4th – and I’m so pleased with the regrowth thus far. Still have a bit to go obviously, but for still actively losing hair and having only been using the serum for two-ish months, I’m stoked!

Divi Scalp Serum - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses

Divi Scalp Serum - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses

Divi Scalp Serum - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses


5.) Amazon Apple watch band

One of my literal resolutions this year was to become an Apple Watch girlie. Ha! I have had one for a hot second and for the life of me, could not get into it. I’m just not that high tech of a person – but I wanted to use it with walks and workouts to get those 10K steps in everyday and see how else it might make life a bit easier. I definitely don’t text on it or use other fancy functionalities, but I figured a cute AF watch band may incentivize me to wear it more. 😉

This one is SO cute and under $15 on Amazon – and it was super straightforward to remove links and adjust size (I have really tiny wrists and always need smaller bracelet sizes!)

Gold Amazon Apple Watch Band - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses



6.) @brunchwithbabs

Babs’ Instagram account just brings me so much joy. She’s like everyone’s favorite Insta-grandma with recipes + cleaning tips that I find myself saving constantly. She keeps it simple and is just so dang endearing – I have her cookbook on my wishlist


7.) Bose headphones

I treated myself to new wireless headphones last Prime Day because I wanted an incredible noise cancelling ~experience~ for workouts. These are so soft on my head but have a noise cancelling toggle (so you don’t HAVE to have them on noise cancelling mode if you don’t want to and/or can’t for whatever reason…like needing to hear your kids present LOL). 

Bonus: They’re on sale now! THINK CHRISTMAS! 😉

Please enjoy this very un-aesthetic iPhone snap from my un-together office during this floor reno circus – ha!


8.) Paragon reluna set

Paragon Fitwear is one of my FAVORITE places to get affordable workout wear. In my opinion, it rivals Lululemon quality – if not better – for a fraction of the price. So buttery soft + stretchy and made well, doesn’t pill, doesn’t collect fuzz…checks all my boxes. Their sculpt lines make your booty pop. 😉

BONUS – they so sweetly offered code ERICAL10 to get you 10% off your order! Woo!


9.) Nike Dunk dupes

If you lovelovelove the look of Nike Dunks but don’t want the $120+ price tag – I’m so high on these. Not even $25 and they look near-identical (minus the swoosh, of course). They’re super comfy AND cute to give you the ultimate look for less! And they truly do pass the test; Olivia’s ear doc/surgeon saw us in the hospital cafeteria this week and shouted across to me – “Whoa, are those pink Dunks?! They’re SICK!” When I told him they’re $23 at Walmart, he was shocked.

I recommend sizing up 1/2!


Nike Dunk dupes - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites for November on Coming Up Roses


10.) Woodloch

Ending this month with how it began – at Woodloch Resort. One of our family’s favorite places! Such a joy to bring Jonah man there for the first time this year, and somewhere we will most definitely be back!

Our Woodloch Resort review - 3 day itinerary with recommendations! Gigi's Coffee House at Woodloch Resort - on Coming Up Roses



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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