COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, September 2022

September was a blur. Really, 2022 is a blur. Here we are hitting it again with some cool sh*t to lovelovelove – and it was hard to narrow down this month’s favorite things. All the fun finds! All the new releases! All the five stars! You deserve to treat yo’self, so I hope you find a new favorite to heart eye and #AddToCart. 🙂


1.) Floral corduroy overalls

These fun floral overalls are my favorite fall find so far. I bought them from the woman-owned boutique that my bestie Chelsie works at called My Sister’s Closet; really, I did some damage. I was scrolling new arrivals one day and just kept adding to cart, and $300+ later I had found SO MANY freaking cute things that were a little more unique for the season. I legit GASPED trying everything on because was lovelovelove at first try on – and these corduroy overalls were such a winner. They’re squishy soft and lightweight than your usual corduroy, which I like to not get overheated. I wore them 3x in one week, they’re that good. AND they’re under $50 with my discount code, which speaking of…

Chelsie got us the code hookup for you to get 10% off your entire order (bless up) – just drop code ERICA10 at checkout! YAY for shopping small! Here’s everything I hauled…

FLORAL CORDUROY OVERALLS from My Sister's Closet Boutique - on Coming Up Roses


2.) 21 Pilots Icy Tour

This was our second time seeing Twenty One Pilots on tour, and let me tell you…WHAT A TOUR. This was probably the best concert we’ve ever seen, ever. J said it was his favorite, hands down. For me, it was right up there with Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and Gaga – Coldplay because they were my bucket list band to see, and then T. Swift and Gaga because those girls know how to throw a SHOW. The Icy Tour was everything we hoped it would be and then some. It was a spectacle yet intimate with new and old songs alike, and it was just such an experience. Chels saw it in Utah and agreed – she cried LOL. It’s just SO FREAKING GOOD – if you’re a 21 Pilots fan and they’re coming near you, get tickets.


3.) Sulfur acne treatment mask

IDK what it was exactly, but my skin lost its MIND this month. Yay, hormones! I felt like I was back in high school with how many breakouts I was battling, and let me tell you, did not love that journey for me. But I dug this sulfur mask out of my skincare drawer and started using it reguarly to try and kick it, and sure enough, it started working great. It’s a medicated mask with maximum-strength Sulfur, as well as Kaolin clay + bentonite Clay to help clear up acne and prevent their return by killing breakout-inducing bacteria. Beyond just clearing acne, it’s formulated to gently exfoliate, absorb excess oil, purify clogged pores, and ALSO has aloe vera to help soothe your skin while cleaning it out, so you’re not just stripping without soothing.

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


4.) Room Service jammies

I discovered this fun pajama brand after their PR team reached out to get them on my radar, and I was stoked to try the Gramercy pair in a fun autumnal floral (here’s the top, here’s the bottom!). They’re lightweight, breathable, and SO CHIC – they just feel like grownup jammies and I’m here for it. I’ve been wearing them on repeat!

Room Service jammies - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


5.) Custom Bible verse bracelets

You know my lovelovelove for Little Words Project bracelets runs deeeeeep – my collection just keeps growing. I’m all about their mission and think they’re just the cutest thing, both for yourself and for gifting to girlfriends for something small but super meaningful.

I had the idea recently to make custom bracelets with some of my personal favorite Bible verses that I want to always keep top of mind – and I am OBSESSED with how they turned out. Aren’t they so cute?!? You can use code CUR15 for 15% off your own order this month! WOO!

Nehemiah 8:10 – The joy of the Lord is my strength

Philippians 1:6 – And I am certain, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Romans 12:2 – Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.



6.) Kid-friendly timer

One of our bigger challenges around this age with the OG is transitioning tasks at home. I don’t blame her – at preschool they’re on somebody else’s schedule, so it can be tough to come home and…still be on somebody else’s schedule. We try to give her as much time for free play + as much independence as possible, but sometimes, you still have to do certain things at certain times. I found this kid-friendly timer on my girlfriend Kallie’s recommendation since it’s nice and big for little fingers with a fun color and easy ticking to help them countdown to next task. Naturally, got my girl’s favorite PINK and she’s into it. 

Kid-friendly Amazon timer - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


7.) Lesser Evil popcorn

I found Lesser Evil popcorn on a quest for more gluten-free, “healthier” snack options since your girl is a BIG snacker. Turns out…this stuff is addicting. (And their brand story is super cool!) I grabbed a bag of their spicy popcorn at Ross of all places, because the checkout queues get me every time. It was AWESOME – great flavor, not TOO hot, lightweight and not greasy, etc. Then I found Watermelon Hibiscus and tried it because why the heck not, and holy moly…phenomenal. (The price is inflated on Amazon right now since it’s not showing available anywhere else – keep your eyes peeled at Whole Foods, Target, and places like Ross, TJMaxx, etc!). I will now need to try every flavor in the lineup, thankyoukindly.

Lesser Evil Popcorn - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


8.) Book Lovers

So proud to say I’ve been ON IT with my pleasure reading lately! I’ve been sticking to 30 minutes of more personal developmental reading during my workday (typically – although sometimes a break with pure fiction is just necessary), and then some reading for fun before bed. I’ve gotten through everything from fantasies to psychological thrillers, but Book Lovers is 100% rom com. I’d be shocked if it’s not made into a movie someday in the not-too-distant future given the book’s bestseller success. It’s a sweet-but-spicy read that you’ll get through quickly, and if you lovelovelove phenomenal chemistry between main characters, it’s one to add to your reading list.

BOOK LOVERS by Emily Henry - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


9.) Tommy John Second Skin underwear

Ever since finding Soma’s Vanishing Edge undies I refuse to wear thongs ever again. In the name of comfort for womankind, I just cannot. Who enjoys feeling like there’s a rubber band right up your bum all day?? I mean, am I missing something?? Instead, I’m all for finding cute-but-practical panties that don’t show lines under leggings, etc, but are actually comfy. I saw these come *highly* recommended with five-star ratings, so I grabbed a few to try and they’re gooooood, yo. 

AND they’re currently on sale!!! Grab them NOW because the sale price is 100% better than full price, obviously.

Tommy John Second Skin Underwear - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses Tommy John Second Skin Underwear - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


10.) Sweater Weather clean candle

In the name of health, I also now cannot burn candles that are not clean. I will never not be shocked at the amount of products, food, drinks etc that are sold in America that are straight up TOXIC to our bodies…it’s mindblowing, and honestly horrifying. If you fall down that rabbit hole, good luck coming out without a lifestyle overhaul. 😉 While I’ve been avoiding losing my mind over it all, I’ve been making small, easy shifts + swaps wherever possible. Candles being one of them – there’s just no need to burn blatant cancer-causing chemicals in your home, especially if you’ve got kids, pets, etc…no need! This brand makes clean-burning soy candles and I’ve always loveloveloved her scents; I’ve been buying them since she was a legit small business and now she’s selling all over Amazon and in so many boutiques + shops all over. Currently burning: Sweater Weather! But really, any of her fall scents are fabulous.

Sweet Water Decor Sweater Weather Clean Candle - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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