A Day in the Life of a Full Time Blogger

One of the Q’s I get asked a lot (like, a lot a lot) is what a “typical day in the life” for me is like now that I’m a full time blogger. Not to be totally cliche, but there really is no typical day in the life. There are some typical tasks that have to get done every day no matter what for a full time blogger, but every single day can (+ does) fluctuate with whatever’s on le plate that day/week/month/season. Personally, that’s what I need. I lovelovelove mixing things up + having a degree of spontaneity in the workplace, so I dig that sorta lifestyle. It can (+ does) get complicated sometimes, tho, if/when things go awry unexpectedly when it’s less than ideal.
So, as best as possible, I compiled a “day in the life of a full time blogger” to represent what my daily schedule might look like. Followed by some under-$50 picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale + a giveaway for $1K (hollah), so let’s dive right in, shall we?
 A Day in the Life of a Full Time Blogger


6-7 am – You know the age-old adage, “But first, coffee“? I don’t know if that was a Ben Franklin original – maybe a US president? – but whoever started the saying knows what’s up. I’m not one for the snooze button (just ask J), so I typically wake up and hop right on my phone (bad, E, bad) to wake up some more before falling out of bed. Moose typically leads the way to the kitchen then cos he’s hyped about breakfast. I feed the kitties and then hit up yonder Keurig to fuel up. #necessary
7:30 am – Get blog post published if it’s MWF. Drink coffee (preferably before it gets cold…the struggle, y’all). Poke through inbox for emergencies, hot button items, or anyone wanting to fly me to the beach ASAP (has happened). Track social media statistics, respond to quick things + comments, and catch up on some daily news across the world wide web. Most days, I’m bundled up in my fluffy pink robe and get so sucked into work that it’s soon noon and I’m still looking like a unicorn hermit. We’re always works in progress around these rosy parts. 😉
8 am – Share le blog across the interwebs. Utilize le social media. This is clutch time to connect with other bloggers and just spread the world about whatever tidbit of value is new on CUR. A key for other bloggers: make sure you’re SHARING your content! If no one knows it, no one reads it. Make sure peeps KNOW if something new is published and ready for reading. Another key: Make sure it’s of actual value. Never publish something just for the sake of publishing something. In order to be shareworthy, it has to be valuable.
8:15 am – Make lunch for J. On a good day I’m all published + promoted around the time when J is getting ready to leave for work. So, I’ll leave my office for a hot sec to whip up a good lunch + breakfast for him. #WifelyDuties
8:30 – 10 am – Resume social sharing, catch up on my favorite blogs, handle outstanding tasks…it’s pretty flexible. I’m at my most productive in the morning usually, so I like taking this time block to whip through the laundry list of to-do’s and crank out as much as possible. This is also a clutch time block for me to pitch like a boss. (A BossPitch, maybe? 😉 ) So while we’re in this time slot, lemme take a hot sec to remind ya that my signature course, BossPitch: Pitching + (Politely) Persisting the Ultimate Brand Partnerships, is closing its doors THIS WEDNESDAY. That’s two days from now, yo. If you’ve been on the fence, I’d recommend getting over said fence ASAP, cos once doors close there are no guarantees if/when they’ll open back up again. This is the course that’s helped students double their rates, triple their income, get on tropical Caribbean vacations and quit their 9-to-5’s to blog full time, so trust – it ain’t no joke. Be sure to check out what alumni had to say here, as well as in the live Q&A that happened last week before jumping in to enroll before door’s slam shut.
10 – 11 am – Inbox Block #1. I set a solid hour aside each day (on most days) to ensure I can get through a good portion of my inbox. Any longer-response-required messages or more in-depth conversations are reserved for this block.
11 – 12 – Creative brainstorming. From upcoming editorial content to my Instagram feed, from future product offerings to potential brand collaborations, I lovelovelove devoting a solid chunk of time where creativity can openly flow. Anything + everything that comes to me gets jotted down, noted, saved for later, the whole nine yards. I’m someone who always has way too many ideas and wants to do #AllTheThings #AllTheTime, so giving myself an hour where it’s a mental free-for-all ends up being totally rejuvenating + a productive kickstart.
12 pm – My phone alarm goes off for lunch – woo! Or Mom texts me saying “EAT LUNCH, DRINK WATER, LOVE U LOTS”. Thanks, ma. 😉 Since I work from home ~real talk~ sometimes  I pregame lunch with Oreo Thins. Not even sorry about it. Typically I lovelovelove leftovers from last night’s dinner, a meat/cheese/hummus/veggies platter, or a Wendy’s salad + Honest iced green tropical tea (straight up addicted).
12:30 – 2 pm – Content Creation. The real meat n’ potatoes of any day. Since I constantly have a deadline to meet, either my own or one set by a brand, I’m churning out content every day without fail. Whether that means a blog post, photo selects, or social media content, some ish has gotta get created. That’s the whole glory behind being a “content creator” for a living, yannnno? 😉 Right after lunch I’m a happy camper, so I like to get a head start on any upcoming posts. I typically strive for the text of a blog post (if not the whole shebang put together + edited + formatted), outline of another , and a photoshoot fully edited all within this block.
2 – 3 pm – I swear I turn into a pumpkin once 2 o’clock hits and my productivity goes down the drain. So, I work around it. I know I’ll get zilch done if I’m in front of my laptop, so I schedule any OOO meetings, errands, or assignments during this time. Running errands for props or shoot supplies, scouting locations for upcoming photoshoots, and re-fueling with at least coffee numero dos (sometimes tres…or cuatro…don’t judge me) happens here.
3 – 3:30 pm – Inbox Block #2. This is a quickie email sesh for quickie responses. Anything that’s a 30-second-or-less response on my end is in this bucket.
3:3o – 5 pm – Calls, meetings, etc. This is where I try to wrap things up for the day. I also typically call my mama here to rehash our days, which typically involves venting on ish like when a company offers to “compensate” me in dog food (that actually happened). LOL WHAT NO.
5 – 7 pm – Writing, editing, emailing, formatting, shooting, etc. This block is typically a leftovers block for anything that wasn’t able to be fully finished earlier on its own respective block. Any outstanding assignments or things to finish up are just lumped here to handle before calling it quasi-quits for the night.
7 pm – Hubs gets home, so we do dinner together! I try to unplug as much as possible when we’re together, so I try to time when I’m done working for the day around when he’s going to be home + done, too. It doesn’t always work like clockwork, but when we both are making that effort it’s definitely a fabulous thing!
Nighttime – More outstanding work. Answer comments across the blog + social media, handle some emails, prep content for the blog, network with peeps…it never really ends. How many hours a day I’m working totally fluctuates depending on whatever else is happening – whether or not I’ve been offline for any reason, if I’ve got specific campaigns coming up, if I’ve got an event in the evening where I’m traveling, if the season calls for more diligence, etc. So I could work anywhere from 8-16 hour days. More often than not, I’d say around 12 is pretty standard for me.

What’s a day in the life of YOUR job like? Are you also a full time blogger?

I’d lovelovelove to hear + see what sortsa similarities + differences we’ve all got goin’ on in the everyday, so drop a comment below!
P.S. ICYMI, I shared 5 easy meals for busy peeps #ontheblog last week, including a KICKASS recipe from a famed chef that you can make fo’ yo’self and taste in person around Philly this summer. So, hop on over there next, cos if ya like food, ya won’t wanna miss it! 😉
P.P.S. Don’t forget: BossPitch doors slam shut this week!! Make sure you enroll, email me with Q’s, hear from past students, and all that jazz before course doors close fo’ good.

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