Slowly but surely, we’re closing out the 2020 chapter and running full force into 2021. One of the last 2020-related posts is December’s roundup of the usual – all shoppable Instagrams, podcast episodes, bestselling favorites, + stuff on sale! Diving right in…


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1.) How to Look Better, Feel Better, & Show Up Better by Loving Yourself – with Leks Vecko Leks Vucko spent years training her own body before training others – and now she helps train minds. After building a thriving business by using the free tools on the Internet, she transitioned to mindset coaching, where she now helps hundreds of women feel better, look better, and show up better every single day by loving themselves better. 

2.) Assessing Risk, Embracing Small Growth, & Opting OUT to Lead a More Intentional Life – with Cait Flanders – Best-selling author Cait Flanders knows what it takes to summit a mountain – and it’s the same sorta thing it takes to actively and intentionally choose a different path in your own life. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to turn your negative inner monologue into an empowered dialogue, the power in “just one more,” and the difference an attitude of self-love over self-loathe will make. Cait shares practical ways to assess risk as you consider your own “opt outs” in life, as well as how to handle the challenges it may uncover in relationships along the way.

3.) How to THRIVE Because of Your Circumstances, not Despite Them – with Cris Ramos Greene – It happened…so now what? After getting through her twenties and a quarter life crisis, Cris Ramos Greene learned some important lessons while learning to embrace “that girl” – and she authored her first book during the pandemic with those insights inside. Cris’ conversation on THRIVE is so empowering and enlightening as she sheds light on important truths on shifting your perspective, declaring your successes, surrendering in faith, and prioritizing your dreams. Because whether you believe it’s for your detriment or for your benefit, life is gonna life. How are you gonna live it?



Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon slippers – The UGG look for less – under $30 instead of $85, for a warmer, cozier slipper that stays on your foot better! A CURowd favorite for MONTHS now!!!

2.) Amazon cup – Another CURowd staple – THE cup that’s better than a Yeti, more affordable, and comes with two interchangeable, leak-free lids to keep your hot drinks hot or your cold drinks COLD (we’re talkin’ ice still frozen the next morning…).

3.) Maybelline lippy – This is the $7 drugstore dupe to the $34 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick – lovelovelove this formula!!

4.) Acrylic song sign – These precious acrylic song signs were a HIT for the holidays – and I totally see why. Such a sweet, sentimental keepsake for only $20, and supporting a small shop while you’re at it!

5.) Caffeinate Your Soul – A year’s worth of inspiration and encouragement, to make your Mondays more manageable and meaningful!

6.) Name Bookstacks – Another small shop winner winner chicken dinner – these are such an awesome gift for a housewarming or family to commemorate the whole gang!

7.) $5 Essence mascara – This mascara is volumizing AND lengthening – works better than a $27 Marc Jacobs one I tried, for not even 5 bucks. Worth snagging!

8.) Colorfulkoala leggings – My #1 favorite pair of Lululemon-esque leggings…for not even $30 (instead of $98).

9.) Scalp massaging shampoo brush – TREAT YO’SELF to this little shower gizmo that’s not even 10 bucks – it’s like bringing the gift of a stylist’s blowout on your head into your own shower at home. Your hair wash days will never be the same.

10.) SPANX leggings – Tried and true, a winter staple in my closet. A must – worth the price tag!!!



Soma – Semi Annual sale with an extra 25% off! 

Victoria Emerson – 40% off

ItCosmetics – 30% off the entire ByeBye Collection



Bows by E: ERICA (for 10% off)

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Home Chef: ERICAL80 ($80 off your first 4 orders!)

Loopycases: eligenza10 (for 10% off)

PinkLily Boutique: ERICA15 (for 15% off)

Smooch by kdbERICA20 (for 20% off)

Sweetmint Handmade Mugs: INSTA15 (for 15% off)

TAO Clean: ERICAL62 (62% off your order!!! Get a $149 UV-sanitized facial cleansing brush system for only $56.62!)

Taylor Wolfe Shop: ERICA (for 15% off)

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Tula: COMINGUPROSES (15% off + free shipping!)

Verb Energy Bars: Use the link to get a full sized Starter Kit PLUS 4 FREE bars for HALF PRICE ($11!)


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