The Best Designer Dupes (Valentino, Gucci, Karen Walker, + MORE)

Yo, yo, yo! Happy Sunday! TBH this was supposed to go up on Friday, but life happened and I gave myself grace. Cool? Cool. Now I feel like every style-related post on CUR starts with some sort of disclaimer to how I shop – that I’m a bargain huntah and sale queen to the core. Y’all know this. So it’s also fair to say that I’m ALL for finding the best designer dupes. What’s a designer dupe? It’s a copycat product – a duplicate – that looks like a designer good at a fraction of the price.

Over the past few weeks, I was finding #AllTheDupes in doing my online shopping. And I dunno about you, but why on EARTH wouldja wanna pay as much as $800+ more when you can get something that looks nearly *identical* for less?!? I simply cannot justify it. Granted, there are definitely some situations where quality trumps all, and the designer/more expensive version is just worth it. It’s made better, it’s a one-time purchase that lasts a lifetime, it’s your all time favorite piece that you wear every single day for the rest of forever, yadda yadda yadda. But othertimes, designer dupes are a thousand times more worthwhile. They look the same, and they most likely function/wear nearly the same at least. And…#RealTalk y’all. The only people who can actually tell the difference in normal life situations AND have the nerve to say something and/or silently judge you for it are people you don’t want and/or need in yo’ life anyways.

When there’s a dupe there’s a way.

And these designer dupes are bombdotcom.

The Best Designer Dupes by popular Philadelphia fashion blogger Coming Up Roses

$995 Valentino rockstud pumps versus these $109 studded pumps

$995 Valentino rockstud flats versus these $113 cage flat dupes

$995 Gucci fur loafers versus $89 dupe loafers

$750 Gucci roses loafers versus $36 roses loafers

$280 Karen Walker sunglasses or these $140 Karen Walkers (50% off right now via this sample sale!) versus these dupes from $9.99-17.


$32 classic Baublebar “X” ring versus $7.20 dupe (that comes in gold, too!)

$660 Chloe espadrille wedges versus $160 Marc Fisher espadrille wedges and these $60 dupes (which I just bought and already LOVELOVELOVE).

Marc Fisher espadrille wedge and Chloe espadrille wedge Designer Dupes on Coming Up Roses - The Best Designer Dupes by popular Philadelphia fashion blogger Coming Up Roses

$795 Gucci Marmont pump versus $56 dupe

$381 Chiara Ferragni “flirting” sneakers versus $44 dupe

$49 Lips and Lashes tee versus $11 dupe (this is the exact one that I have!) and $13 long sleeve dupe

Lips and Lashes tee Designer Dupes on Coming Up Roses - The Best Designer Dupes by popular Philadelphia fashion blogger Coming Up Roses

$798 Stuart Weitzman Highland boots versus all of these dupes from $24.98 – $189.

Kate Spade glitter square stud earrings (currently on sale) versus dupe set of two for $10-16

$70 swan float, versus this swan float dupe for $28.

$90 Steve Madden “Carrson” block heels versus $29.99 dupes


What are the best designer dupes you’ve ever found?

If you’ve ever found some designer dupes that are just total copycats for their more expensive counterparts, let a sistah know in a comment below! I’d much rather pay less for something similar than spend an arm and a leg just to say “it’s designer.” Yannnno? 😉

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