My Favorite Tinted SPF (Clean + Non-Toxic!)

I’ve said it before – rare is the day when you’ll see a whole 1,000+ word blog post dedicated to a single product shout-out. But this one? This one is worth it. I’ve sang its praises on Instagram. I’ve explained its benefits on the blog. I’ve shared it with girlfriends and family alike and passed it around at preschool pickup. I’m basically dubbing it THE product of summertime (+ beyond).

To clarify right off the bat – this is not a sponsored post. Of course, I always clearly (+ proudly!) share if/when a post IS sponsored by a favorite brand; while I do work with DIME sometimes for THRIVE and/or Instagram, they have not ever sponsored the blog (yet…but putting it out there again HEYYYY DIME FRIENDS ILYSM). 


DIME Tinted Wonderscreen. The tinted SPF that every gal needs in her skincare slash makeup routine. And when I say “every gal,” I mean it – it’s formulated to work on all skin types AND tones.

Right off the bat, this was probably the #1 Q I was fielding in DMs when I shared its launch – But what about all skin colors?? I didn’t know the answer myself until the algorithm listened in (as it does – LOL) and served me an ad A’ing exactly that Q, showing a video of 4 greatly varying skin colors each applying the DIME Tinted Wonderscreen to see the before-and-after effect. 


So. The scoop on this SPF. 

First thing’s first: DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is a CLEAN, non-toxic, mineral SPF – this is important. Why? Well, many sunscreens are formulated with chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are absorbed into the skin (and therefore, bloodstream). They’re also not great for the environment…….

The main ingredient in DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is Zinc Oxide, which is fabulous as a mineral sunscreen – it’s purpose is to sit on TOP of the skin’s surface and literally BLOCK the UV rays without letting them penetrate your skin and cause damage. Mineral sunscreen is often safer + better for more sensitive skin, it’s non-inflammatory, and mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide specifically can actually be GOOD in helping clear up more acne-prone skin

The biggest challenge with mineral sunscreen is finding one that doesn’t leave you looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost; many create a less-than-ideal white cast on the skin (literally like a shield from the sun). Enter, DIME Tinted Wonderscreen (+ even their original Wonderscreen formula) in being a mineral SPF with a good level of zinc oxide inside (19%) BUT NO WHITE CAST. In fact, DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is lightly tinted (hence the name – ha!), and it gives you juuuust enough of a sheer tint and luminous glow to feel fabulous without makeup while being actively protected against harmful sun rays.

Here’s a quick snapshot of it blending in action – it blends beautifully. I use 1-2 pumps for my entire face (and pull any excess product down onto my neck for added SPF protection).


You can see it blends completely out, no white cast in sight.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL – it’s also got ingredients to help tackle redness, blemishes, fine lines AND wrinkles beyond beating sun damage. ALL ingredients are rated cleanly on the EWG scale (a 1 or 2 rating); besides the zinc oxide, it’s got squalane and beetroot extract. Squalane helps lock in moisture and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it good for reducing any redness or swelling. Beetroot has got loads of vitamins + minerals that work on the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles, and it ALSO is a natural moisturizer (so really, you’ve got at least two additional ingredients in there to hydrate beyond protect and tint…I think it’s a three-in-one product at this point?! Moisturizer, tinted SPF AND foundation substitute??). It’s also LIGHTWEIGHT and not greasy, so it won’t clog your pores or feel like you’re oiled up for the day (which I cannot stand, so that’s v important to me!). Did I mention that besides being clean and non-toxic, it’s a cruelty-free and vegan formula, too?

Friends…do you see why I can’t stop raving about it?!? It’s been my most-used beauty product as of late as such a good multi-purposed, time-saving, effective skincare AND makeup product. It’s been a go-to in my spring makeup routine and any “no makeup” makeup look, a tried and true favorite, and an obvious must for any pool or beach day. 

Here is a completely filter-free, unedited, just copy-paste-from-my-camera-roll side-by-side comparing NO makeup whatsoever (on the left) to adding DIME Tinted Wonderscreen on the right:DIME TINTED WONDERSCREEN SPF REVIEW - on Coming Up Roses

Right away, I notice less redness overall – even some little blemishes masked a bit – and a more even glow and luminosity. Still SUPER natural-looking, nothing crazy, but significant enough to feel the slight shift! Here is the next shot, where I added a touch of liquid bronzer/blush, mascara, brow pencil, and a lip oil for the day:


But it’s not just me, I swear. 😉 It’s one of Mimi’s favorite DIME products. My besties lovelovelove it. Team CUR is also Team Tinted Wonderscreen. It’s got over 1,700+ solid 5-star reviews. I actually filtered to find any 1 or 2 star reviews and out of ALL reviews, only 18 were negative, and handful of THOSE were people whose packages got lost in the postal service. 


My DIME discount code (THRIVE20) will take 20% off (yay!), so it ends up being only $35.20 for a full-size bottle. Literally on the day of penning my thoughts here, I tested a competing product this morning that’s TWICE the price for significantly LESS product…it felt immediately greasy, took 7 pumps to cover my face, had barely any tint at all to it, and the product started pilling on my skin.

Comparatively in the market, this stuff holds its own. 

My next runner up would be this favorite from Ilia – but it does have less SPF protection (12% zinc oxide versus DIME’s 19%) AND costs more than the DIME Tinted Wonderscreen ($50 versus DIME’s $35.20…but also, it’s $50 for a 1 oz bottle while DIME’s is over 1.7 oz. so pretty significant difference there!).

I had tried a sample of this Drunk Elephant option and liked it enough to keep using, BUT it seems like it’s sold out and/or discontinued?? It’s the only option I’ve found so far that’s a clean, mineral formula, tinted, AND a comparable level of sun protection (20% zinc oxide).

On my list to try is the Elta MD tinted SPF since it’s got great reviews and is comparable in size and price, BUT it’s got significantly less zinc oxide (only 9%) AND contains a chemical sunscreen (octinoxate). I’m also eyeing up this bestselling Beautycounter find, but I think I had actually tried it in the past and guessed my shade TOTALLY wrong…it’s one that has shade options to choose from, unlike DIME Tinted Wonderscreen which is made to be more of a one-shade-fits-all formula.

I’ve also heard good things about this tinted SPF – it’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon – BUT it’s not a completely clean SPF (it’s 12% zinc oxide but also 7.5% octinoxate).

So for a tinted mineral SPF that’s ALSO a clean, non-toxic formula AND doesn’t break the bank…bravo, DIME. Bravo.

Again, not sponsored. I’m just seriously impressed and really lovelovelove when brands can create products that do exactly what they say they do without costing an arm and a leg. Code THRIVE20 will take 20% off yours – and I can’t wait to hear what you think. 🙂

% here are more of my DIME favorites in one easy shoppable place!

Are you a fan of tinted SPF products? Have you tried DIME Tinted Wonderscreen as of yet?

If you have, tell me what you think! If you have other favorites that fit the bill of being clean/non-toxic/mineral formulas while also giving a light tint AND not breaking the bank, pleasepleaseplease help us all out in the comments below – the people (ie, me myself and I LOL) need to know!

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