If you’re not Double Cleansing yet…this post is for you.

Double cleansing. No, I don’t mean cleansing once in the morning + once at night (although both are important).

I mean double cleansing…in the same skincare session.

WHOA NOW, what is this witchcraft? It is, my friends, a hot new skincare rage that we all should be all about – especially those of us chicas who don a full face of makeup, or are particularly prone to free radicals or air pollutants. The gist of double cleansing is first using a cleansing balm, oil, or type of micellar water (aka the champagne of my skincare shelf) to start breaking down any of the makeup, sunscreen, or sebum (the natural oil on your face) from the day. The goal is the deepest possible cleanse, so that every single bad anything is good and gone by the time you’re done, so that explains why double cleansing is particularly effective on heavier makeup days, when you’re outside with SPF all day (which you always should be wearing anyways, right? 😉 ). And while you’re potentially using something oil-based for that first cleanse, the second cleanse in the lineup should be water-based to make sure you’re all pure by the end.

Double cleansing is especially beneficial at nighttime, since your cleanest face will ensure that your entire lineup of nighttime skincare sinks into your pores and works its magic. From serums to moisturizers and any overnight treatments (think, retinol), they’ll work MUCH better (and lessen any chance of reaction or irritation) if there’s nothing there to interfere with their effectiveness.

SO, if your nighttime skincare routine has previously consisted of a quick wipe down with your makeup wipe and a splash of water with some facewash…no more, sister. Time to up your game so you’re your glowiest self!

If you're not Double Cleansing yet...this post is for you. - On Coming Up Roses

If you're not Double Cleansing yet...this post is for you. - On Coming Up Roses

First: Choose a cleansing balm or oil.

Like we said, your first step in double cleansing can be (actually SHOULD be) oil-based, so don’t shy away from something heavier here! It’s #science – water + oil don’t mix. So to REALLY clean off all the day’s gunk (including natural oils that build up on your skin, or makeup that could have oils in it), oil on oil it is.

Colleen Rothschild has a few great cleansing balm options (we talked about CR products + double cleansing before here!) that work to remove makeup, clean pores, + work on your skin’s outer skin cell layer in a renewal process to leave you brighter + glowier.

Tula has a great cleansing oil (my discount code works on it, so if you’re looking to try, drop COMINGUPROSES at checkout for 20% off!), as does L’Occitane (a little bit goes a LONG way here, so it’s waaaaaay worth the price – it’s also available here on Prime!). For another cleansing balm, Pixi’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm is a good drugstore option. And Lancome has a great makeup remover that feels like a cleansing oil + works beautifully, so I’d recommend that one, as well. (These are all options I have in my own skincare collection, so I can recommend from firsthand experience – they’re my faves!) All of the ones I’m showing look barely used because a little bit goes a loooooong way! So you really get your money’s worth, since literally one pump works your entire face.

If you're not Double Cleansing yet...this post is for you. - On Coming Up Roses

Second: Cleanse #1.

Whichever cleansing balm you’re using should be applied directly onto your dry face (over any makeup), gently massaged in, and then wiped off clean with a warm washcloth or makeup removing towel. Feel free to gently (EMPHASIS ON GENTLY) make circular motions with your washcloth for a light massage, to help boost circulation (which helps with healing, which works on scarring, etc). The key here is really in the gentle massage – you can’t just apply it quickly, and then take it right off! Let your skin get the full effect of double cleansing by really working the product onto the surface of your skin, to start the removal of makeup, pollutants, and any other ish that may be on your face by the day’s end.

Third: Cleanse #2.

When double cleansing, your second cleanse step can be with any lighter cleanser that’s more specially formulated for any specific skin needs or concerns. I’ve talked about it only thirty two times before, but Tula’s Purifying Cleanser is one of my all-time favorites on Planet Earth, and it’s good for literally all skin types (seriously). I have five of these (literally five) on stock in my house in case GOD FORBID I RUN OUT – ha! (My code works on them, as well for a 20% discount!) Otherwise, insert whatever cleanser here is in line with your skin’s current needs – redness, acne, hydration, etc. Since you’ve likely already manually exfoliated in some way to remove the first cleansing balm or oil (via a warm washcloth or makeup removing towel), no need to use a tool again – especially if your skin is on the more sensitive side. Instead, use your hands and give it a good 30 seconds at minimum of just gently circling the cleanser around again, finishing up what the first cleanse started.

Last: Rest of skincare routine!

Finish off with toner, serum for whatever your skin is currently experiencing, moisturzier, eye cream, the whole nine yards. (Here is the correct order to apply your skincare products, and here are two slightly different skincare routines of mine – here + here!)

Are you double cleansing yet?

If so, how has it impacted your skin overall? Would lovelovelove to hear in a comment below.


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