Ayyoooooo WEEKEND READING – it’s been a hot sec! Welcome back to Weekend Reading, where every weekend, we give you some reading materials to start the next few days laughing, crying, pondering, shopping + then some. ICYMI…some big things have been happening around these rosy parts. Namely, the whole having-a-baby thing. So Weekend Reading took a quick hiatus as I got my ish together after giving birth. And it might have to take another quick hiatus in le future when Miss Olivia finally comes home, if I need to get my ish together again. ūüėČ But until then…let some solid weekend reading commence.

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 12 on Coming Up Roses

  1. Why do we hate people who try so hard?
  2. Sign this mama up for an apple cider margarita...
  3. Kevin Hart + Robert Irwin + Jimmy Fallon = #YoureWelcome
  4. Added to my cart – it’s under $40!
  5. …And added to my closet.
  6. What the heck is intermittent fasting? Here’s what the hype is all about…
  7. How much of a responsibility is on influencers to “keep it real”?
  8. I just added to my closet (again) РI now own it in 3 colors in long-sleeve and 5 colors . Obsessed? Yup.
  9. Lovelovelove this simple trick that doubles your chances for success.
  10. Do you suffer from catastrophizing?
  11. Can we talk about that’s a total lookalike for ??? #shook
  12. I am not responsible for how others see me” (and neither are YOU)
  13. A quick read on managing stress like a fighter pilot
  14. Does my baby ? I mean…yes.
  15. 21 moments where total strangers had each other’s backs

Happy weekend reading!

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