Everything My Assistant Has Bought Because of me (& What She Thinks…)

*Quick note from me (Erica) before passing the mic to Sarah today! Sarah has been working with me for basically all of 2023 so far, and she’s simply fabulous. She helps make SO MUCH happen for CUR (+ THRIVE, too!), and especially now with little man here…she’s a godsend. 😉 This kind of post was so fun when Katie shared her thoughts before, but that was two years ago already – and there have been some changes behind-the-scenes! Enter, Sarah – and stay tuned for similar-style posts from Taylor on the team, too, AND everyone’s favorite Mimi! 😉 Today, give a warm welcome to Sarah as she shares things she’s bought on my recommendation before…and what we really, truly thinks. Take it away, Sar!

Hi! Sarah here! While I’ve only been a part of the CUR team for about 6 months, I’ve followed the blog + Erica for years. During that time, I’ve bought a few things that I’ve found out about through Erica and CUR! Here are some of the things I’ve purchased over the years that I lovelovelove 😉 

3 PACK OF WORKOUT TANKS (seen on Erica pre-bump here + with a bump here

I bought these years ago, and they are still one of my all-time favorite workout tanks to pull on. Whether it’s for an Orangetheory class, going for a walk with the fam, or just lounging around the house, these are perfect! They are really lightweight but not see-through, and they have large armholes to make it easy to lift weights or do yoga, but they don’t show too much skin. Plus, there are multiple color options – I went neutral with the pink, black, and grey set, but if you want bright colors, this set has got you covered! 


As a mom of two kids and one dog, stains happen in our household. This stuff works! I found 3 mystery stains on the carpet in my daughter’s room (I’m guessing a science experiment gone wrong…but could very well be slime residue…), and I texted Erica to get the link. After a couple rounds of this stuff, the stains are hardly noticeable! I’ve also used it on old carpet stains with decent success. If you are a mom, dog mom, or clumsy, this stuff is 100% worth a purchase!


Getting sleeves wet while washing your face is suuuuper annoying, but so is stretching out your shirt sleeves by rolling them up. After seeing Erica sport these on social media, I ditched my wet sleeves and purchased a set. I might feel a little silly slipping them on every night before washing my makeup off, but MAN, I love not having to stretch out my sleeves by rolling them up or dealing with damp sleeves. I bought a big set and am planning on giving these as gifts to help my friends and family out! 


Ok, look. I’m a skeptic. Like my literal enneagram is “Type 6: Skeptic.” So when Erica told me about this tinted sunscreen that came in only one tint, I was like “hmmm…pass” because my Italian/German skin (pale, but olive undertones) makes “one tone fits all” makeup pretty close to impossible. I mentioned this hesitancy to Erica, and she sent me a video of people of ALL skin tones using the tinted Wonderscreen. I figured it was worth a shot (plus you get 20% off with the code THRIVE20).

Y’all. It’s magic. The first morning I used it, we had a Zoom CUR team meeting, and Erica told me a looked all bronzed and glowy! Crazy part was, I was wearing less makeup than normal, but started my day with some Wonderscreen. I love the untinted version too, but when you want a little coverage + glow but don’t feel like putting on foundation, grab the tinted Wonderscreen! 

*Note from E: We actually did a full DIME Tinted Wonderscreen review on CUR since it’s such a favorite – it’s got before/after pics and the full scoop on why we all lovelovelove so much, so check it out ICYMI!

INDOORSY TEE (seen on Erica here – sold out, similar graphic tees here

This was a pandemic purchase for me and is one of my FAVORITE t-shirts! It’s super soft and has a great loose fit that has me reaching for it again and again. This exact tee is sold out now, but Pink Lily has a huge selection of cute and comfy graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts. I love this stars + stripes one for the 4th of July. Planning on getting this one for my kids’ teachers next school year! I’ve got this one in my cart for summer ‘fits. Don’t forget to use code ERICA20 at Pink Lily for 20% off!


After “CUPGATE,” I finally made the leap and ordered THE cup. Guys. It doesn’t leak. I throw it in my bag on my way out the door this morning full of ice water, iced coffee, Liquid IV, you name it, and it doesn’t spill. (Note – I take the straw out before tossing it in and keep the straws – it comes with 2! – in a Ziploc in my bag.) PLUS, whatever drink is in there, it stays nice and cold all day long! 


After doing some thinking and listening to this episode of THRIVE, I decided that this summer I wanted to cut down on my alcohol consumption. That being said, I don’t love not having a fun drink at a backyard BBQ or just sipping water poolside. So I was excited when Erica shared this great beer alternative. I’ve tried the Blonde and the Copper, and they are delicious! It’s nice enjoying something that isn’t alcoholic, but still tastes good AND isn’t super in high calories. I can’t wait to try these canned mocktails next! 


I’ve loved finding out about new products through Erica’s recommendations over the past few years. I genuinely appreciate that Erica never makes me feel like a product is a “must” or that I can’t live without a certain clothing item or pair of shoes. As a reader of CUR for the past 5+ years, I’m grateful for Erica’s honesty and transparency in product reviews and life in general. I can’t wait to see what fun new products Erica introduces me to in the future, and I’m excited to CURowd-source new findings through The CURowd Facebook group (consider this your invite if you haven’t joined yet!).