February CURoundup: Top 10 Bestsellers + THRIVE Episodes!

It’s funny that what feels like the longest month of the year is immediately followed by the shortest. Lots of goodness + stuff to lovelovelove this month, from fan-freakin-tastic podcast episodes online to fun family happenings offline. Per usual, rounding it all up in this month’s CURoundup, with some shoppable moments, four new THRIVE podcasts to add to queue, the top ten bestsellers of February, as well as all of our active discount codes for you to save some dollars while treating yo’self. 😉 



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1.) Goal-Setting Based on Your Enneagram – with Jacki Coban Guess who’s back? Back again…Jackie’s back! Triple-certified Enneagram coach and expert, Jackie Coban, is BACK on THRIVE to dive even deeper into one of my personal favorite topics: the Enneagram. As any sucker for a good personality test knows well, the Enneagram is an incredibly in-depth tool for discovering more about yourself and your relationships with others. Today on THRIVE, Jackie is building upon what we’ve already built to specifically discuss goal-setting based on your Enneagram Type – how to harness your core motivation and intrinsic nature to set better intentions and more realistic goals, starting now.

2.)Where Faith and Mental Health Meet (& Thrive!) – with Brittney Moses“Can I follow Jesus, but also follow science?” “Can I be a good, supportive friend and validate feelings without letting feelings become facts?” ABSOLUTELY YES to all of the above – and Brittney Moses is here on THRIVE to help us make it happen. As a thought leader, content creator and advocate at the intersection of faith and mental health, Brittney is an ideal resource and incredible voice. In this episode, we talk about why therapy is still so stigmatized in some Christian circles (and how to help fix that). We talk about learning to personally differentiate between what is doable versus actually sustainable in your own life – and living accordingly. We talk about expanding beyond “I’ll pray for you!” in an authentic way to provide support via presence, practicality, validation, self-awareness, and resourcefulness. And, we talk about the difference between living “your truth” and THE Truth, and how to validate your (and others’) feelings while ultimately seeking and following Truth as guide.

3.) 6-Day Fiance?! Let’s Talk Thriving in Dating – with Illa LynnToday we’re going from surviving to thriving in love! Transformation coach and relationship mentor Illa Lynn is with us today to talk all about dating with authenticity, confidence, clarity, and self-acceptance. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, looking for Mr. Right, or already in a committed relationship and just looking to keep things healthy and fresh, Illa Lynn is here to help. We talk about overcoming past heartbreaks or even traumas to be able to trust and be vulnerable again, deepening your love and growing TOGETHER instead of apart, and also, we go there with dating apps – Illa walks you through EXACTLY what your bio should say, what photos to include, and a little formula for navigating the initial outreach through the first few dates. ALSO, Illa Lynn got engaged after 6 DATES with her now husband of 16 years – so beyond some super solid, real, raw tips, you’ll also hear a super sweet success story.

4.) Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue? – with Maja Miller So many of us are…tired. We’ve hustled, we’ve grinded, we’ve burned the candle at both ends, and now, we’re exhausted. Beyond feeling fatigued, we might be straight-up burnt out, and we may not know how to get out of the burnout bubble in a way that feels natural, healthy, and sustainable. Metabolic health coach and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner Maja Miller is a PRO at looking at your lifestyle – and labs – and creating a bio-individualized protocol to give you more energy for your own life. Today on THRIVE, Maja gives us the full lowdown on adrenal fatigue: what it is, how it happens, and how to fix it and prevent it if you’re already there. She connects the dots between adrenals and other health issues you may be experiencing and gives us ideas for holistic, healthy, LITTLE lifestyle changes and swaps you can make for big results.



Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) essence mascaraMy FAVORITE drugstore mascara. Lengthening AND volumizing, without clumps, for not even 5 bucks.

2.) Brown Sugar Bear – The most random Amazon find…but a worthy addition to your pantry. Just wet + drop it in your brown sugar to keep it soft!

3.) Maybelline lippy – The most tried-and-true drugstore lip product we’ve ever shared – and still stan.

4.) Abercrombie Curve love slim jeans – I’ve always loveloveLOVED the Curve Love line of Abercrombie denim – it’s never failed me. Hugs all the right places and makes ya feel truly fabulous.

5.) Abercrombie YPB scupltlux tennis dressThis is the tennis dress everyone flipped for in this reel – for good reason. It’s SO stinkin’ cute AND comfy, with awesome built-in shorts + padding for a perfect fit. So flattering, so fun, something to live in this spring!

6.) USB rechargeable lighter – Another Amazon must-have that you’ll use everyday! Safer than a regular flame lighter.

7.) Amazon soft joggerThese are SO buttery soft + comfy – a perfect lounging jogger.

8.) White t-shirtSuper solid white tee, especially for the price – fingers crossed for a restock!

9.) EBY seamless braletteThe bralette we’re all talking about – 6/5 stars. I’ve already bought 3 and it’s skyrocketed to the top of my best wireless bras master list… (code ERICALIGENZA will work for 15% off yours!)

10.) DIME Tinted Wonderscreen SPF 30 – SUCH A GOOD LAUNCH. It’s their cult-classic clean, mineral face SPF, but with added sheer tint for a light, luminous glow. It’s a PERFECT product for no-makeup days or to wear to the beach or pool when you just aren’t feeling foundation (because who the heck is feeling foundation in the middle of summer, like come ON). It was also formulated to work for all skin types + tones, just adding the slightest bit of tint for lightweight, non-greasy SPF coverage that’s more significant than any makeup-product with added SPF, since this is first and foremost sunscreen. (Code THRIVE20 will get you 20% off yours!)


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