A Love Letter to YOU, from my Husband (For our First Wedding Anniversary!)

We’ve made it! We’ve crossed the threshold! September 17th is our wedding anniversary. So as of yesterday, J + I have been married for one year. How the heck. I feel like it’s a running theme around these rosy parts that “time flies.” And you’re probably sitting there time and time again, with your cuppa coffee thinking, “No sh*t, Sherlock, that’s how time works.” But really tho, maybe it’s just a wedding thing, but I can remember those moments like it was literally yesterday. There have been high highs and low lows, and here we are – a year of marriage in the books. And this coming weekend, it’ll be five years together pointblankperiod. 

J has taken over CUR a few times in the past (like here, here, and here), and I think he’s more popular than me. HA.

SO, in the spirit of “give the people what they want,” J is taking over for a special anniversary post.

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At 10 pm last night he was hard at work, with literally zero direction from me – just to “go for it” with whatever floated his boat. (This was an unpaid project, so beggers can’t be choosers 😉 ). I’m #blessed with a creative hubs, so I was just stoked to see what the heck he’d come up with.

Then he wrote the below.

A wedding anniversary love letter to y-o-u.


Read every word. Then re-read. Then copy + paste the URL and share with a friend. Share it on Facebook. Share it somewhere. Because I swear to you, someone somewhere needs to read this.

Take it away, my love.

First Wedding Anniversary - Love Letter to YOU

One year has passed since Erica and I had gotten married in a big church with lots of family and friends.  Without sounding cliché – oh, what the heck, I’ll still sound cliché: it was the best wedding… not because it was the most extravagant or drowning in desserts, but because love was there.  Pure, happy, can’t fake it, love.  Love from Erica.  Love from our family.  Love from our closest friends.  Even love from the photographer.  And that’s why I’m writing this post: to spread that love through my computer screen to you and your life.

This is my future love letter to you, you and you (and your cats).

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Dear You,

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life and definitely during this past year of marriage, it’s that time will pass quickly.  How you spend that time matters, if only because you will never get it back.  (You will never be that age again!) You don’t want to waste it worrying about what ifs in life a.k.a. regrets.  If you love someone, tell them.  If you want to learn how to play the piano, then begin learning.  Tomorrow may not be as graceful as today.

Weddings are a good reminder of that.  People at weddings usually dance… be like those people.

I’m also adapting to the proverbial “enjoy the journey, not the finish line.”  This matters always, but being married puts it into perspective because movies usually end with a wedding and not begin with one, so there weren’t directions waiting for me.  Wine on Tuesdays.  Holding hands.  Surprise notes.  Netflix nights.  Whatever you choose, these little actions equal big actions and big actions equal life.  You are who you spend your most time trying to be.

Weddings are a good reminder of that.  People don’t usually try to leave as soon as the event happens, they enjoy themselves.

It’s hard writing this post because I keep deleting what I’m about to say because I want to write perfectly.  But life will never be perfect.  I also learned that… more so in marriage because two being one is hard.  Think about it.  Try parking two cars into one spot or two wardrobes into one master closet (yeah, men lose here all the time).  But there’s beauty in imperfection because I’ve learned what is worth it to me and what is not.  I need to develop more here, but I tend to overwork myself and working late hurts my relationships because I’m not spending that time with them.  But, hey, I’m not perfect – I’m trying to be better.

Weddings are a good reminder of that. When have you ever been to a wedding where everything went perfectly?

Which leads to me to my next point: be willing and open to change.  I am who I am and Erica is who she is, but together we’re evolving together.  A wise friend recently told me that me and Erica are toddlers in our marriage – we need time to learn how to be together.  Think about that with any type of relationship.  Your relationships are a growth of each other over time.  You will change.  They will too.  Change for both of you will happen at different times.  Be supportive and remember the other points in this letter!

Weddings are a good reminder of that.  There’s always someone served before or after you, but you all get there eventually.

And lastly, stay humble and learn how to apologize even if you weren’t wrong.  What I’m learning is that I love Erica more than I love being right.  I don’t always remember that but I want to.  Who cares if she didn’t pick up her clothes off the floor?  I married her because I love her, not her clothes or whether they’re on the ground.  This is a hard one, though, just for reference.  Apply this to any relationship and think about who may still be in your life?  

(For added reference, this doesn’t mean to let someone wrong you in life – it just means choose your battles!)

Weddings are a good reminder of that.   Remember this advice when someone had way too many drinks and bumps into you.  What matters more?

I hope this letter finds you in life when you need it most whether it be your first year or 58th year of marriage or friendship.  


First Wedding Anniversary - Love Letter to YOU


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Can I just brag on my hubby for a hot sec????? Like DAYUM. DID I WIN THE JACKPOT OR WHAT. What a gem. I friggin’ lovelovelove this man with all of my heart. And with all of my butt, cos my butt is bigger than my heart. 😉

Have you celebrated a wedding anniversary lately?

Or an anniversary at all, for that matter? Or, for any unmarried/single/engaged chicas in the house, what do you want in a life partner? What matters the most to you?

P.S. There’s still time to enter to win $650 to Amazon – so get on that, sistah! Christmas is right around the corner… 😉

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