Today. Today’s the day. You’ll always be my baby, Olivia Grace, but today you’re not my baby anymore – you’re my big girl. My beautiful, bold, bubbly, believer of a big girl, who shines so much sunshine in my life (and really, wherever you go). Our OG girlie pop is five & fabulous today – so I’ll be wiping tears and celebrating her all day long. Her birthday party with her Pre-K girlies was this past weekend, and girlfriend partied hard; we’re still recovering from the cupcake comas and pink explosions. Little does she know we’ve got a dinner date tonight at her favorite restaurant and five presents for our favorite five-year-old. 😉

Olivia Grace,

I look at you and see such a spark of sunshine – and I pray you never let the world put it out, as it will try. You’re easy to excite and fun to surprise, and you’re always (always) ready for another “adventure.” You are so genuinely hilarious, occasionally savage, and perpetually down to delight in something “fancy” in life – especially the Dollar Tree.

You have the funniest catch phrases. “That’s my jam!” “I’m freaking out!!!” “For the Lord of my life!” Your epitaph will someday read “I have something to say!”

You inspire with the most spontaneous, sincere prayers. You even pray for Jesus – and I just think that Jesus is getting a real kick outta that one. 

You are the biggest social butterfly – I swear you could make friends with a rock. Wherever we go you ask “to make a friend,” and your heart is so pure in it. 

You say the most randomly profound things that honestly freak me out – and then just leave me marveling at your mind and wondering if kids really do have that heavenly connection.

  • “Take a video of the thunderstorm so that when I’m in Heaven by myself you can see the thunderstorm and think of me.”
  • “God said to the Lord Look at this baby, he belongs in Olivia’s family!”
  • “I’m gonna put your phone numbers in my sunroom so that when I’m 90 and you’re up in Heaven I can call you and say ”I have to tell you something!” and then I can say ‘God, send me up!” And I can take the elevator to Heaven.

You can negotiate anything with anyone, and somehow it makes perfect sense. Sometimes it’s the biggest bane of my existence, trying to not throw a “because I said so” at you, but also a challenge I happily accept (on most days LOL) because I just know it’s going to be your Elle Woods superpower someday.

You do a hilarious Donald Duck impression and called your first Pre-K homework assignment “boring.”

You use “secondly” correctly in a sentence and requested four olives to go with breakfast. 😂

You’re a total t-ball slugger and you’re going to have your black belt before aging into the next taekwondo class, so I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with you…

You’re also a great singer. Like, a really great singer. You won a “Superstar Singer” Pre-K award and totally nailed your first talent show performance, which was a completely improptu rendition of “King of the Road” duetted with daddy, after which you waved, bowed, and said “I had happy tears!!!”

You have such genuine awe of natural beauty around you, which makes me remember the good stuff – the real stuff. Like double rainbows and glowy sunsets and counting planets in the night sky.

You legitimately asked me if I can sing “Made you Look” at church, which was the highlight of my worship career thus far.


You always say “Mommy, can I ask you something?” And I pray you always know the answer is “Anything.”

I pray you never lose your love of matching mommy and drive thru dates for chocolate Munchkins while we play Questions about Life.

I pray you always remember to try your best, and more importantly, that you can try again. That bad moments don’t make bad days, and that how you show up in the world should have nothing to do with how anyone else expects you to show up.

And I pray you always remember who you are, Whose you are, and how very, very loved you are.

You’ll always be the OG. And you’ll always be my bestie.

I love you to Pluto! I love you to Jupiter! I love you to the sky…and back.

Forever and always,



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