I typed “FOUR” and promptly burst into tears. Feeling all the feels about our miracle baby being a big girl – really, I am unwell. Spoiler alert, the cliches are all true…you blink and they’re big. We had the best birthday weekend celebrating the OG with her preschool friends and our family, complete with a FOUR-ozen fiesta (birthday party blog post to come!) and a bouncehouse and so much sugar we’re all in a cake coma still. So very stoked to celebrate our four-year-old today.

I want to grow up and be a boss.” – Olivia, age 3.5


To “my best friend Olivia,”

You are our sunshine, our only sunshine – and you certainly make everyone happier when skies are grey. You have always been the brightest little light and the strongest little girl, and we are all so much better for having you in our lives.

You’re so freaking FUNNY. And clever. You’re a wicked negotiator, not unlike your mommy, and you’ve got really bad (but funny) jokes, not unlike your daddy. 😉 But you’re also so quick-witted and sassy with the best punch lines and delivery, which is equal parts scary and impressive. 

Everyone is “your best friend,” and I pray you always carry that heart of inclusion and warmth that makes everyone feel like they’ve got a friend in you.

You have a heart of gold and are so thoughtful, like when you got $2 in a Halloween card and said “I can put this in the basket at church next week!” So far, your favorite jobs are to be line leader and calendar helper at preschool, and your career aspirations include being a teacher “to teach words” and/or a bumble bee. And “the boss.” Also a Princess.

Speaking of princesses, your choice movies are anything with “a girl and animals, but no bad guys,” and you sincerely prayed that the Blessed Mother would make you “a magical princess like Mirabel or Cinderella.”

You spontaneously burst into prayer and song, and you make up jokes that make no sense but get good laughs. (“What’s a ghost’s favorite breakfast? …WAFFLES!!!”). Really, you make everything a song, and life is more beautiful when it’s a musical. 

You’ve got such a sense of style and self.

You’ve got the best taste in music (still). Everything from Adele to Moana, Cece Wynan to Roger Miller. 

You’ve got such a fierce, try-hard attitude that doesn’t quit, which you’ve had since the day you were born.

You’ve got such appreciation for God’s little miracles, like the first hint of sunrise and fireflies lighting up a yard.

You’ve got solutions for everything. No time? No problem. “I’ve got an idea!” you say. 

You’ve got a spirit of encouragement and gratitude, from singing to mommy to “try, try again!” or telling Mimi you “appreciate you getting me a donut!” 

Four comes with big feelings all around, but at the end of the day, I’m so lucky to have you and so grateful that God picked me to be your mommy.

All of my love(lovelove),






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