Every year one of the MOST requested Gift Guides is for the MEN in our lives – and understandably so. They can be h-a-r-d to shop for since half the time they don’t even know what they want for dinner, let alone Christmas. 😉 In the past, J has taken over the blog for this day to offer his two cents, but this year I kept the sleigh reins myself since I end up buying him quite a few things from this list – ha! There are options here in this gift guide for men for every guy on your list, whether it’s your significant other or spouse, your dad, brother-in-law, or third cousin Bob twice removed.

A few call-outs worth spotlighting…

  • THE CUP – It’s gender neutral, yo! You’ve only seen me share my lovelovelove for THE CUP about a bajillion and one times (were you influenced yet? 😉 ), but for dang good reason. Makes a great stocking stuffer for your guy since it fills up the whole stocking! Comes with two interchangeable, leak-free lids for both hot and cold drinks. It’ll keep his ice frozen ALL DAY LONG or his coffee piping hot. Also…
  • Simple Modern team tumbler – Because this is truly perfect for the sports fanatic – it’s the cup, but in tumbler form, branded with his team.
  • Shutterfly photo books. I talked about this in-depth on my Instastories recently so maybe you saw? But every year I make J a photo book to roundup all of our dates from the year. I write “Remember when…” on each page with another note describing what we did, who we saw, what we talked about, etc. It’s hands DOWN his favorite gift every single year. He’s said before that it’s really the only gift he cares about. Ha! But HIGHLY recommend if you’ve got a guy in your life who’s the sentimental type!
  • Tommy John – This is J’s *favorite* brand for comfies – and honestly one of mine, too. Tommy John pieces are SO squishy soft, breathable, and comfortable. Many are labeled “second skin” which really speaks to how well they fit + feel. Upgrade his basic tees, grab a new golf polo, or put some underwear in his stocking – P.S. I’m trying to get another discount code for y’all here, so stay tuned + come back for an update ASAP!
  • Mizzen + Main dress shirts. If you’ve got a guy who wears dress shirts for work on the reg and/or has #taste, Mizzen + Main is where it’s at. They’re J’s FAVORITE dress shirt – you can feel the difference in quality, and they’re still soft + breathable for long days/nights at the office. More on them below.
  • Brumate – Great for the guy who loveloveloves a good brew! Brumates are big in our house – they’re like double-insulated steel koozies that keep your drink cooler longer than any of those cheap ones in your junk drawer that you got from a promotional event or still have from college. 😉 They come in sizes for everything from seltzers to beers and make awesome sets, too!
  • Equilibria CBD – OK OK so it says “Equilibria Women” but actually anyone can take it – it’s just made for women by women with the female body/hormones in mind. BUT the CBD is just as effective for the dudes in da house! AND you can score an extra 15% off first time purchases with code ericaligenza. Bless up.

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Simply click the products in the collage to shop – or, you can shop through the links below with the accompanying products descriptions and my own two cents. 😉

  1. Charging hub – The perfect gift for the connected guy! This hub can sit on his nightstand and simultaneously charges an iPhone, Apple Watch, AND AirPods.
  2. MLB baseball bat bottle openers I MEAN HOW FREAKING COOL is this?!?! If you’ve got a baseball fan in your life, this is it. Super sentimental + meaningful, too – I got my dad one last Christmas with his favorite team and he loveloveloved.
  3. Custom face socks I MEAN. For your partner, get YOUR face on them as a funny gift. For your dad, get your face on them – or your mom’s. For a new dad, get his baby’s. So many options!
  4. Waterproof bluetooth speaker – So he can jam out in the shower. Also great for rainy gameday tailgates!
  5. Anatomy of sports coastersAnother gem for the fan, be it for his man cave or bachelor pad!
  6. Bloody Mary cocktail branchesThese are SO COOL if he’s into Bloody Mary’s – I might grab this for my brother since he *just* discovered the art of layering stuff onto/into a Bloody!
  7. Putting greenMay or may not have gotten one for J’s office. Don’t tell him. 😉
  8. Half-zip cashmere sweater – Can never go wrong with a classic cashmere pullover.
  9. Tech winter glovesI feel like every guy is losing gloves left and right (and also me, ha!). These are SO good for winter, and he can still scroll + check Fantasy Football while keeping cozy, too.
  10. OculusThese are WILD – it’s a virtual reality headset that literally immerses you within the VR world. I got to test out my neighbors’ last summer and MAN – totally wild. A unique gift idea for the big kid at heart!
  11. FitbitAlways good for anyone getting back into (or already into) their fitness!
  12. Bourbon infused teaIf he likes tea to relax, but with a kick. 😉
  13. Earbud cord organizerSO CLUTCH, especially if his earbuds currently look like my man’s collection. IE, an indeterminable number of earbuds all lumped together as a mass of cords. HA.
  14. Nest thermostat – Pricier, but a sweet gift for the guy always nerding out over the temperature of the house.
  15. Custom face golf balls – Great for gifting the new dad for first golf outing with the boys post-baby!
  16. Beer/beverage fridgeFor the man cave or garage – JUST for his beverages of choice. BONUS: Fill it with his favorite beer and leave it under the tree like that!
  17. LEGO mug – For the caffeinated engineer (or any LEGO lover)
  18. Pac-Man arcade game I gifted J this one year in his stocking to keep in his desk at work for any particularly stressful day that just needed a hot sec 5-minute Pac-Man break.
  19. Wireless headsetA splurge for him, but WHOA HOW COOL – wireless sound-blocking Bose headphones. He’ll lovelovelove ya forever. 😉
  20. Mizzen+Main button down shirtsI CANNOT RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH!!! I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on one for J a few years ago after hearing quite a few bloggers *rave* about how much their boyfriends or husbands loveloveloved these shirts. J freaked out when he saw how much I spent on a dress shirt thinking there was NO WAY this was any better than his favorite dress shirts from Target. Now…it’s hands DOWN his favorite. He has formally requested at least one Mizzen + Main shirt  for every gift-giving occasion.
  21. Crosley turntable – A cool idea for the vintage-loving guy – pair with an old record for a sentimental gift.
  22. Hopsulater BOTT’L bottle cooler How cool is this – literally??? Great for the guy who wants/needs his beer at the perfect temp in a bottle versus pouring into a glass (ew).
  23. Spikeball set – A fun backyard game or tailgate activity!
  24. Monogrammed cuff linksFor the classy gent – such a beautiful personal touch, especially if he’s often wearing a suit for work.
  25. Card caseI have a card case myself that I’ve shared often before and obviously lovelovelove. If he’s someone who doesn’t need/like having cash on him and just wants to carry his credit or debit cards, this is a classic way to make it happen!
  26. UGG slippersBECAUSE UGGS. HELLO.
  27. Custom bobblehead SO FUNNY, especially if you’re doing a White Elephant or need a gift that will get a laugh!
  28. Smokehouse seasoning set – For the grillmaster guy!
  29. Ice ball set – For the perfect frozen sphere every time.
  30. Herschel duffel bag – A classic, timeless duffel for all of his traveling needs.

What’s your favorite thing on this gift guide for men?

What’s on your list for your men? Let me know what you lovelovelove from this list, and/or what you need more inspiration for!