GIFT GUIDE: For Mom (Gift Ideas for the New Mom AND your Own Mom)

Christmas is the best, and so are moms. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend who’s a new mama, or your own mother-in-law, this Gift Guide is all about her: MOM. There are 50+ ideas here, many of which have been personal favorite gifts that I’ve gifted mamas in my own life in the past, or gifts that I’m gifting this year – to mamas and to myself. πŸ˜‰ Hope these gift ideas for mom cross off every mama from your list this year!

A few call-outs:

  • Made by Mary tag necklace – One of my favorite finds of the year. I have one, I got one for my bestie – it’s an awesome woman-owned small shop, and this tag necklace in particular is awesome for mom regardless of how many kids she has. You can get her kiddos’ birth flowers on tags, their initials…anything for a sweet, subtle way to incorporate her whole clan on one chain!
  • Boy mom + girl mom bracelets – This is one of my FAVORITE brands with so many cute word bracelets. You can get “girl mom” or “boy mom” for her, or get her favorite inspirational word or mantra – OR, custom one totally unique to her and/or your relationship! You can also register the bracelets so that if you’re gifting them to multiple people, you can trace where in the world the bracelet goes, which is such a cool, unique thing. πŸ™‚ My favorite new take on them in recent months has been doing my favorite Bible verses! Code CURHOLIDAY will give ya a sweet discount. πŸ™‚
  • The Sam’s Club version of a Barefoot Dreams blanket– It’s not even 30 bucks and feels better + softer than the more expensive counterpart. Grab at LEAST one before they sell out again!!!
  • Simple Modern Quencher dupe – There’s no comparison here – this is BETTER than the perpetually sold out, overhyped Stanley Quencher cup. I shared them side-by-side on Stories (saved to GIFT GUIDE highlight ICYMI!) – the Stanley cup leaks if tipped, but the Simple Modern is spillproof!!!!
  • Custom heart puzzle – A sweet thing to do WITH your kiddos if they’re younger, and something she can glue together and frame/hang after as art!
  • Mejuri diamond letter charm – This is the PRETTIEST splurge for her – and since so many gifts for moms really emphasize her identity AS a mother, this is a sweet way to just celebrate HER with her own initial in a beautiful, dainty diamond charm. 
  • Claw clips – They’re so fetch (+ so good in mom’s stocking).
  • Always pan + Oven pan – The reviews speak for themselves – adding the Oven Pan to my own wishlist. πŸ™‚
  • Brooklinen sheet set – Upgrade her sheets for a good night sleep (finally). We have the Classic Core sheet set, which is a crisp, cooling, hotel-quality sheet great for the hot sleeper trying to nix night sweats. But they have other sets that are warmer if she prefers to be cozier – and they’re all 20% off right now so carpe diem!!!
  • A cleaning service – Full disclosure: We pay $150 twice a month to get the house deeeeep cleaned. And it could not be more worthwhile. If anything, it saves at least one full Saturday of toilet-scrubbing to spend quality time with the fam instead. Mom does so much – give her some days off of the dirty work, literally!

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  1. A THRIVING Collection piece – Especially for the mom who usually reheats her coffee 32 times before finishing it (hi, it me), the CUP is where it’s at. It’ll keep her coffee *hot* for, like, hours and hours and hours. Or, if she’s into iced coffee, the ice will still be frozen after ALL DAY, so no watery iced Americano for mama. She deserves better. πŸ˜‰ ALSO, no supply chain issues here since they ship from my garage and we pride ourselves on being faster than Amazon Prime. Bless up. πŸ™‚
  2. Simple Times mixers – These mixers have been mentioned a few times on CUR gift guides now – they’re all made with six real ingredients or less and have the yummiest flavors for her cocktail or mocktail mixing! (Also great if you’re not quite sure where she’s standing on alcohol – they mix well with or without booze!)
  3. Bum Bum cream set – So it says this stuff is for ya “bum bum,” but it smells too divine to not put literally all over your body. An incredible, luxe-feeling body cream. I covet mine. But on a budget, this body cream smells + works EXACTLY THE SAME for a fraction of the price!
  4. Heated microwavable foot booties – I bought these for my own mama a few years and she loveloveloved! Perfect for the mama with cold feet, especially right before bed; she heats them up and throws them on under the covers to fall asleep!
  5. A personalized book stack – Our family’s is one of my favorite little decor details. This stack would be the perfect gift for a new mama or long-time mama alike! Great way to commemorate the whole fam in a cute stack for the bookshelf. And pets count, too!
  6. Home Chef – BEYOND a perfect gift idea for new mom’s especially. We’ve had our HomeChef subscription for quite some time now and have YET to get a meal we even sortof half like. We loveloveLOVE Home Chef. It saves so much time while still putting an unbelievably yummy home-cooked meal on the table every night. So clutch. Code ERICAL80 will get you $80 off your first 4 orders – snag mom a few boxes to test before she decides if an ongoing subscription is for her/the fam!
  7. Tarte Juicy Lips – STOCK HER STUFFING! They’re such a fabulous glossy balm loaded with good ingredients. I have, like, 7. πŸ˜‰
  8. “Mama” necklace – The prettiest dainty detail from my favorite shop for dainty gold jewelry! Both my “OLIVIA” and “erica” necklaces are from this shop, and I’ve been supporting them for years.
  9. State of Being candles – One of my girlfriends runs this small shop, and her candles are FABULOUS!!! They’re clean-burning positive affirmation candles, and I can’t recommend them enough. (My personal favorite scent is Radiant!) She kindly gave us her BEST discount code ever: put code ERICA15 at checkout!
  10. Downy Infusions in Sparkling Amber – If she’s going to be doing laundry anyway, it should be with this. Thank me later. πŸ˜‰
  11. “Mom Mode” sweatshirt – Have it – it’s a lighter weight, terry material sweatshirt versus a heavier cotton. Easy Amazon find!
  12. Google Hub – A great hub for the house.
  13. Baby face mug – My FAVORITE gift given a few years ago – gifted them left and right. πŸ˜‰ And she’s got TRAVEL MUGS! Put her baby’s face on it!
  14. Colleen Rothschild restorative hand cream – A totally luxe hand cream – great for the mama who’s constantly washing her hands and needs some R&R at her fingertips (literally). My Colleen Rothschild code will get you 20% off: ERICA20
  15. Acrylic family calendar – This is one of our collective favorite pieces in our home. It’s functional but beautiful and keeps us all on the same page in a chic way. And a small shop find!
  16. Heated sports chair – For the sports mom cheerleading on the sidelines!
  17. Revlon One-Step hair dryer – Saves SO much time, blowing dry + straightening in one. This is the best price I’ve seen on it, too!
  18. Devotional – One of my favorite devotionals for some quality Jesus time + reflection.
  19. Lululemon belt bag – Something from my own wishlist this year!
  20. Barefoot Dreams anything (+ the leopard blanket here!) – It’s like the ultimate gift for ANY mama! The cardigans are always clutch, but I strongly recommend a CozyChic Throw – she won’t give it up ever!
  21. Calm essential oil roll-on blend – Because if there’s anything mama needs, it’s more calm. πŸ˜‰
  22. MacKenzie-Childs spoon rest – If she’s always in the kitchen, upgrade her spoon rest!
  23. Family portrait – HOW COOL THOUGH?!
  24. THE CUP – You’ve only seen me share it 298375 times…are you convinced yet? πŸ˜‰ And make it a THRIVING cup!
  25. Gold initial necklace – This is a beautifully made necklace that I picked up during the NSALE – it’s a bit more of a statement while still feeling like a dainty gold favorite.
  26. Custom family stationary – A really cool, more unique idea for the mom on top of thank you notes! πŸ˜‰
  27. Monogram hand towels – A beautiful personalized option for the mom who likes a chic home detail.
  28. Gluten free cookbook – YUMMY looking recipes for the gluten-free fam!
  29. Roses rolling pin – If she loveloveloves to bake, make her rolling pin coming up roses. πŸ˜‰
  30. Laneige lip sleeping mask – The best overnight lip mask. Mom’s got enough to worry about already – chapped lips isn’t one of them. This may look pricy at first glance, but one tub lasts months. I feel like I haven’t even put a dent in mine and I’ve had it forever!
  31. Leopard mama sweatshirt – One of my personal faves! And code ERICA15 gets ya 15% off.
  32. Victoria Emerson bracelets – These are a fun accessory that’s especially good around kids since they’re, like, IMPOSSIBLE to break. Liv literally chewed on my wrap ones when she was younger and all parties involved were okay. πŸ˜‰ The wrap ones are basically indestructible, and the magnetic cuffs are easy on/off with one hand, so whichever way you stir it, moms got it goin’ on. There’s a style for everyone, too! I have maybe 7 or 8 at this point in my own collection, and my own mom has a bunch since I got her hooked, too. πŸ˜‰ 
  33. Cool reading glasses – For the funky mama aging with pizazz!
  34. A wine subscription – If someone wants to hook this mama up… πŸ˜‰ Get her a gift that keeps on giving by keeping her glass full! You get 4 bottles delivered to your doorstep after taking a little quiz so that they can determine what wine you’ll like best. Then a box comes with 4 bottles every month I think – SO COOL.
  35. Strong Coffee, Strong Mama mug (+ Fur Mama mug) – This was my superstar coffee mug gift from a few years ago – Awesome Like my Daughter works for any mama new or not-so-new, and Fur Mama works for every mama of a four-legged baby! Code INSTA15 should get you a lil’ discount. πŸ™‚
  36. Pajama Sets:
    • Short sleeve – This brand has RAVE REVIEWS – I lovelovelove it. They’re so squishy soft, and the buttons are great for nursing mamas, too!
    • Leopard long sleeve – This long-sleeve pair is great for any pregnant mama to take to the hospital.
    • Black set – Nordstrom lookalike alert! I have this pair from Amazon and they feel just like (if not better than) a pair from Nordstrom that costs 3x the price. Bless up. Also great like the pairs above for nursing mamas especially!
    • Tommy John – SO breathable, lightweight, squishy soft, high quality…a favorite of both mine AND J’s if you need a gift for a guy while you’re at it!
    • Soma Cool Nights – Mine and Mimi’s FAVORITE! Cooling and fabulous – no more night sweats!!! 
  37. “Best Mom Ever” candle – Because you’re the best mom!
  38. Round key ring – SO HANDY. I have one on my key ring and could not lovelovelove more – and could also not imagine running errands with my toddler without it. Ha! Lets mom loop her keys to her wrist so she’s got hands free for the most important things in life (like her kids – ha!).
  39. Amazon slippers – Lovelovelove these UGG slipper lookalikes from Amazon – and they’ve been a bestseller with CUR readers for years now since I first blogged them! They’re truly fabulous – cozy, soft, and stay on your feet when you’re walking.
  40. Human+Kind Body Souffle –  This is one of my personal favorite body lotions ever. It’s a natural, vegan formula that’s cruelty-free and doesn’t have sulfates, either. Smells like a DREAM – I actually learned about it from readers and I’m SO GLAD I listened and gave it a go. It’s SO luxe – and an Amazon find!
  41. Mama bear mug – Put a bag of her favorite grounds in it (I lovelovelove this one!) and a bow on top!
  42. Instant Pot – Dinner in a jif! Like a crockpot on steroids!
  43. Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm – Another CRB favorite – great for nightly double cleansing! (Code is ERICA20 for a discount!)
  44. Lip Slip lip balm – Another fabulous overnight lip option, but not limited to that – it’s a thicker balm with a SLIGHT shimmer and feels truly fabulous on (I personally alternate between this one + the Laneige one at nighttime!)
  45. Verb Energy bars – These cute little bars are only 90 calories but packed with as much caffeine as an espresso – but from green tea, so she won’t get jittery! We all know moms could use ALL the energy they can get, so Verbs have been my own afternoon pickmeup for months now. HIGHLY recommend grabbing the limited edition pumpkin spice flavor while you can – it tastes straight up like a pumpkin muffin. For 90 calories AND an energy boost. ALSO on super sale right now…a $25 starter kit is in pre-Black Friday deal for only $9!!!!
  46. Urban Stems flower delivery – A regular pickmeup delivered right to her doorstep.
  47. Mama baseball hat – For the dry shampoo days. πŸ˜‰
  48. Massager – For when she finally gets to Netflix and chill (we’re talkin’ sitting on the couch with Bridgerton, obviously).
  49. Equilibria CBD – I’ve used Equilibria’s CBD for months and months and months – I keep Daily Drops at my desk + in my fridge for quick pickmeups and moments of relaxation. Whether you’re wanting to try CBD for increasing relaxation, lessening anxiety, bettering sleep, reducing inflammation or something else altogether, I can’t recommend Equilibria enough as a company and brand. Every single customer also gets access to a free dosage specialist + consultation to have them help you personalize your CBD intake to your own routine, which was INVALUABLE to me with mine. My mom is starting to get into it now, too! Some personal favorites I recommend for gifting especially… (You can get 15% off anything with code ERICALIGENZA, too!)
    • The Mindful Mineral Soak β€“ SO lovely in baths – they’re CBD mineral salts infused with jasmine + gardenia essential oils.
    • Relief Balm β€“ Great for everything from inflamed joints to period cramps. A fast-acting topical cream that works wonders!
    • Daily gummies – 10 mg CBD per gummy – pineapple passionfruit flavor!
    • The Dynamic Roller Duo β€“ Two CBD rollerballs so you can split for two stockings if you want! Give the gift of CBD on the go for quick relief.
    • Balance Bath Bombs β€“ A huuuuge seller of theirs that constantly sells out – perfect stocking stuffer.
  50. Name stacking rings – SO sweet – get all of her kiddos in a neat little stack!
  51. Lavender hand sanitizer – Calming AND sanitizing!
  52. Memory foam slippers – SUCH GOOD SLIPPERS!!! Not even $20 on Amazon but so comfortable. They don’t fly off your feet (bless up), and they feel snug in the best sense around your feet.
  53. Name necklace – A cute, personalized Amazon find!
  54. Fitbit – For the fit mom with her life on her wrist!
  55. Tula  – Tula is obvi no stranger to CUR. I recommend literally ANY Tula goodies as a Christmas gift for any lady, but especially for mamas. All Tula products work to regain balance for your skin, which is especially good after all of the hormonal changes motherhood can bring! Or stress. Or the environment. Or a lack of sleep. πŸ˜‰ A few specific product callout recommendations below, but code COMINGUPROSES will take 15% off your entire order! 
    • Tula overnight repair treatment – A totally luxe moisturizer to wear while she sleeps! It’s an anti-aging treatment with concentrated probiotics inside, as well as natural peptides to help reduce the look of fine lines or wrinkles.
    • Tula Mess-Free exfoliating mask – Because she doesn’t have time to clean up another mess. πŸ˜‰
    • Tula Rose Glow & Get It Eye Balm – THE EYE BALM. Put it in mom’s stocking! It’s cool, brightening, and no anti-aging! It’s got probiotics + superfoods inside (caffeine, aloe, blueberry, + hyaluronic acid), and also rosehip oil, which is a plant-based retinol alternative, as well as hydrating rosewater.
    • 24/7 Power Swipe Nighttime eye balm β€“ My *favorite* undereye treatment for nighttime – one of the few I’ve ever tried (ever) that don’t irritate my skin! Full review of the Tula 24/7 eye balm here!
    • Holiday sugar scrub β€“ They *just* released three limited edition sugar scrubs (my faves) in Sugar Plum, Chocolate Peppermint, + Gingerbread!
    • Tula KitsAs mentioned above – this is my TOP Tula recommendation for gifting. It’s an entire skincare routine’s worth of goodies that are all bestsellers and truly top-notch.
  56. Shutterfly photo book – I’ve shared my photo book tradition before and always recommend as a really personal, unique, + re-giftable idea for your man if he’s the sentimental type. But it makes just as great a gift for mom, too! Whether you’re going all out with photos + text or just sharing one favorite photo per page, it’s a great way to scrapbook FOR her – since we all know she’s so busy taking care of everyone else to be expected to be on top of that, too!
  57. Wine glasses – Our wine glasses are a hit in our house!
  58. Agate cheeseboard – I splurged on this two years ago and keep it as a little centerpiece on our kitchen island! Doesn’t even need to be for cheese – would also look beautiful on her countertop with a festive candle burning. But it also obviously does double as an actual cheese board. πŸ˜‰
  59. Tartelette in bloom palette – The perfect everyday eye palette! All of my personal favorite colors for an easy, quick look.
  60. It Cosmetics CC Cream – My fave CC cream – it’s a great mix of skincare + makeup so it does double duty and saves mom precious time! It’s a hydrating serum formula with SPF inside, too.
  61. Portable stroller speaker – Mama needs her jams…and not just Cocomelon for the 300th time. πŸ˜‰
  62. iRobot Roomba – We lovelovelove our Roomba! Take vacuuming off her to-do list, because ain’t nobody got time.
  63. Mother definition mug – For the mom who does ALL THE THINGS.
  64. Mama Bear slippers – How cute?! I had these for a past Christmas season + the Baby Bear ones for Liv. Cute for mommy-and-me matching!
  65. Beaded tassel napkin rings – If she’s a hostess, too!
  66. Personalized mom notepad – The cutest way to send notes in to school. 

Mamas, what’s on your wishlist this year? Which gift ideas for mom are your favorite?

Hope these gift ideas for mom are helpful forall of  the mamas in your life!